IWA Mid-South: April Bloodshowers 2008


Joliet, IL – 4.12.2008

Fire Ant, Hydra, Jimmy Olsen & Vin Gerard vs. Ricochet, Scotty Vortekz, Dustin Lee & OMG

Vin Gerard stands in a different corner the . Ricochet and Fire Ant start off with a Lucha sequence. Fire Ant holds onto Ricochet’s leg while grounded, turning it into a pendulum stretch. Ricochet uses the ropes for an armdrag. Fire Ant forearm smashes Ricochet in the corner. Ricochet cartwheels out of a fireman’s carry but takes it on Fire Ant’s second try. Hydra shoulder tackles Ricochet to the floor. Hydra and Lee pose off, leading to Hydra asking for a test of strength. He stomps on Lee’s foot. Lee pie faces him down. He resists Hydra’s shoulder tackles. Lee shoulder tackles him from behind. Hydra armdrags out of a powerslam attempt. He goes for the Hydralock. Lee spins around until Hydra lets go. Lee then gives Hydra a full nelson backbreaker. Vortekz and Lee attempt a double hip toss but Hydra bounces off the ropes and counters with double armdrags! Olsen and Vortekz trade armdrag variations and reach a stalemate. Olsen suckers Vortekz into getting his hand stomped on. Gerard blind tags in and demands the masked OMG. Gerard mocks his partners by doing his their moves. He misses a diving clothesline and gets taken over by an armdrag. OMG pulls off a quesadora and a headscissors after awkwardly being thrown to the ropes. Gerard gets mad when he catches himself doing a kip-up. Gerard lays down trying to purposefully get pinned. His partners have to break up the pins. Fire Ant shoves him out to legally tag himself in. A suplex chain is formed in the ring, won by the IWA-MS team since Gerard won’t participate. Gerard finds himself surrounded by the IWA-MS team. They refuse to pin him and rather toss him out onto team CHIKARA who toss Gerard to the ground. Ricochet then dives onto all of them. Fire Ant gets beaten down by the IWA-MS team for awhile. He catches Vortekz and OMG with a London Bridge. Lee accidentally spears Ricochet, allowing Fire Ant to antzuigiri Lee away. Gerard tosses Fire Ant out and gives Vortekz a running knee to the face. Same to OMG. He drops Ricochet with a running STO. Fire Ant antzuigiri’s Gerard and gives him the Beach Break! Olsen then gives Gerard the Overbomb. Hydra gives him a running hooking clothesline. OMG hits a Codebreaker. Ricochet comes down with Chocolate Rain. Vortekz lands double knees, then everyone (but Hydra for some reason) pins Gerard at 14:52. As a CHIKARA fan, I appreciate the story they told with Gerard, but in IWA-MS and in the context of the match it was sort of odd. Gerard probably should have purposefully attempted to lose much sooner. Also why wouldn’t the IWA-MS team take the pin when all the CHIKARA guys were on the floor and couldn’t break it up? Moments of flawed logic aside and OMG sloppiness this was fun. **½


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