ROH: Bedlam in Beantown


Boston, MA – 4.11.2008

Sara Del Rey and Daizee Haze were set to have a match. That is until Larry Sweeney (with Shane Hagadorn) made his way to ringside. Sara’s contract is with Sweet n Sour Inc., not ROH, and since Sweeney didn’t negotiate this match, he threatens litigation if the match takes place. He sends Sara to the back and tries to get Daizee to join SnS Inc. Daizee ignores his plea and demands Sweeney grant her an opponent, suggesting she gets to wrestle Sweeney. Sweeney intimidates her by bringing out his partners for his match tonight, Chris Hero and Brent Albright. Hero grabs Haze by her hair, prompting Delirious to hit the ring. Sweeney hits him with a clothesline and everyone stomps on him. Claudio Castagnoli and Pelle Primeau come out to even the odds, and our scheduled six man tag is on.

Elimination Match
Larry Sweeney, Chris Hero & Brent Albright vs. Claudio Castagnoli, Delirious & Pelle Primeau

Delirious freaks out at the bell and chases Sweeney around the ring. Hero easily overpowers Primeau and stomps him into the mat. Primeau gets his knees up to block a senton. He slingshots into a headscissors before tagging in Delirious. Hero elbows Delirious and stomps his head into the canvas. Delirious blocks a back body drop with a headscissors. He delivers a back senton. Hero gets in some strikes but gets a headbutt in the stomach. A distraction from Sweeney allows Albright to attack Delirious from behind. Delirious however snaps his neck across the top rope and hits a leaping lariat. Claudio cranks on a side headlock. Albright shoves him to the corner. Sweeney distracts the referee so Hero can get in some strikes from the apron. Claudio backdrops him. Primeau delivers an axe handle to Hero’s arm. Hero catches him in the corner with a slam off of the shoulders. Sweet N’ Sour Inc. isolates and wears Primeau. It looks like Primeau is about to escape when he neck-tie headscissors Hero, but Albright cuts him off. A wheelbarrow suplex and half-nelson suplex look to give Albright a pin, but Sweeney tags himself in to steal the glory of pinning Primeau at 9:23. Sweeney immediately tags back out when Claudio hits the ring. Claudio then finds himself at the mercy of Hero and Albright, with Sweeney getting in an occasional shot. Claudio is able to leapfrog over Albright’s backdrop attempt and tag in Delirious. He catches Hero coming off the second rope with a headbutt to the stomach. He hits the Panic Attack and heads to the top rope. Sweeney distracts Delirious. Albright gives him a half nelson suplex. Albright butterflies Delirious’ arms and repeatedly lays in knee strikes. Referee Todd Sinclair calls for the bell at 13:07, eliminating Delirious and leaving Claudio to fend for himself. Claudio dives after Albright and Hero elbows him in the forehead. Sweeney and Hero do some damage in the corner. Claudio fights back and hits Hero with the Ricola Bomb to eliminate him at 15:37. Sweeney hides on the floor while Claudio uppercuts Albright. Albright responds with a neckbreaker. Sweeney and Hagadorn head backstage leaving Albright by himself. Albright throws a series of forearms but eats a diving European Uppercut. After some more uppercuts, Claudio goes for the Giant Swing. Albright grabs the ropes so Claudio slingshots him throat first into the bottom rope. Albright stops Claudio from hitting a second rope legdrop and brings him down with a swinging neckbreaker for two. Claudio blocks a crab with the Big Swing. A running European Uppercut gets him a two count. Albright comes back with an Air Raid Crash for two. Claudio uppercuts him to stop another backdrop. Albright catches him coming off the top rope with a cross armbreaker. Claudio counters with a roll up for two. Albright locks his leg and shoves his foot against the side of Claudio’s face. Claudio gets the ropes to break it. He enzuigiri’s Albright to the floor and follows with a suicide dive. In the ring he tries the Ricola Bomb. Albright turns it into the half-nelson suplex. Claudio grabs the ropes to stop the count. Albright goes for another. Claudio counters it with the Match Killer. The Ricola Bomb eliminates Albright and gets Claudio the win at 23:47. The ending with Claudio/Albright went a little long, but this was a fun chapter in the SnS Inc vs Claudio and friends feud. They were doing some clever stuff keeping Sweney and Claudio separated at this time, thought it ultimately didn’t lead to much. ***


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