IWA Mid-South: Bloody Road Ahead


Indianapolis, IN – 4.11.2008

Fire Ant & Ricochet vs. Cheech & Cloudy vs. Devon Moore & Jaysen Strife vs. Troy Walters & Jason Hades

Ricochet and Moore go back and forth, ending with Ricochet pulling off a headscissors. Cloudy and Walters fight over a quick pin. They each snap off an armdrag and reach a stalemate throwing stereo dropkicks. Fire Ant puts Cheech in an Octopus stretch, transitioning into a headscissors. He goes up Cheech’s shoulders but gets caught in a Gory Special backslide. He turns that into a reverse parachute stretch. Fire Ant escapes and gets two with a prawn hold. He dropkicks Cheech to the floor and feigns a dive. Strife and Hades trade forearms. Hades and Strife trade pins. Hades hits an enzuigir and puts on a grounded overhead wristlock. Moore breaks it with a slingshot senton. All the teams take turns beating on Hades, with Walters occasionally having to save him from being pinned. Hades is able to get his knees up to avoid a standing moonsault from Strife. Walters tags in and fights off both Cheech and Cloudy. Cheech hits him with a Superman spear and the Oklahoma Stampede for two. Fire Ant dropkicks Walters in a spin-out Cobra Clutch slam from Ricochet. Ricochet gets two with a lionsault. Cheech and Cloudy give Walters a double Russian Leg Sweep. The Tidal Wave would have had the win but Strife breaks the cover. Walters sends Cheech to the floor and suicide dives after him. Moore gives Hades a Michinoku Driver. Strife follows up with a fighserman’s suplex. Cloudy shoves Moore into the pin to break it up. Cheech and Cloudy dive out onto Moore, Strife, and Hades. Fire Ant then dives onto all of them. Ricochet does a cancun tornado press off the top rope onto the pile. Moore cues up for a dive but is cut off by a superkick from his own partner?! Back in the ring, Fire Ant tosses Cloudy off the top with a fireman’s carry. Ricochet follows up with a shooting star press for two. Vin Gerard attacks Fire Ant, taking him out of the match. Hades gives Ricochet a double underhook backcracker. Cheech and Cloudy give Hades a double full nelson suplex. Walters eats Partly Cloudy with a chance of Cheech. Death By Knee gets them the win at 15:17. This was a lot of moves and whatnot which was fun and all, but the Gerard thing and Strife turning on Moore was confusing and halted the momentum. It could have been a much better exhibition. **¼

Hydra vs. Sexxxy Eddy

Hydra upstages Eddy in a pose off. He shoves Eddy out of a lock-up. Eddy claims his abs are fake. Hydra sack taps him and delivers a hip toss. He armdrags Eddy to the corner and backdrops him. Eddy goes to the floor. Hydra looks to dive at first, but then pulls Eddy to the apron by his ear and slingshots him back in. Eddy throws Hydra face first into the second turnbuckle and chokes him on the ropes. He stretches out Hydra’s arms. When Hydra looks to escape, Eddy throws him head first into the mat. Eddy strings a knee strike, face breaker, and superkick together. Eddy pulls Hydra up before the three count. His chops have no effect! Hydra responds with chops of his own. Eddy gives him a backbreaker. Hydra escapes a headlock and schoolboys Eddy for two. Eddy clotheslines him right down. He hits Total Sextacy for two. He gives Hydra a double titty twister but he doesn’t feel it. Hydra then gives a titty twister to Eddy. He turns it into an atomic drop. He gets two with a hooking clothesline. Eddy kicks Hydra low to avoid the Hydralock, which isn’t a DQ? Way to go Bryce. Eddy misses a corner splash but makes it to the apron. He goes up top and Hydra throws him down. Hydra tells Eddy that “he’s sorry, I love you” in his own language. Eddy avoids the superkick. He twists Hydra’s mask around and puts his feet on the ropes to get the pin at 8:36. The crowd had no idea what to make of this. It wasn’t as humorous as one would expect, and Eddy got in so much offense that it got boring. Very disappointing. ¼*

Vin Gerard vs. Josh Abercrombie

Abercrombie ends the opening exchange by taunting Gerard with his mustache. Gerard tries a hip toss but Abercrombie counters with an armdrag. He forearms Gerard in the corner and snapmares him across the ring. Abercrombie puts the Equinox mask on Gerard, making Gerard angry and causing him to roll outside. Gerard tries to get Abercrombie to chase him. Abercrombie avoids the bait but gets snapped neck first across the top rope. Gerard chokes him with his shin. He puts the Equinox mask on Abercrombie and chokes him in the corner. He gets two with a suplex. He drops Abercrombie with a choke STO and slams his head into the mat repeatedly. Gerard slams him into a senton splash. He hits a running knee in the corner. Abercrombie fires up with forearms. He lariats Gerard and gives him a rolling neckbreaker for two. He tackles Gerard to the corner. He sets up for the Taliban Backpack. Gerard fish hooks his mouth. He gets two with a Rude Awakening. Gerard goes for another running knee but Abercrombie catches him mid-run with a side suplex. Abercrombie tries a sunset flip. Gerard sits down on it and grabs the rope but the referee catches him. Gerard trips Abercrombie into the STF. Abercrombie gets the ropes before it can be fully applied. Abercrombie kicks Gerard as he charges in the corner. The Taliban Backpack leads to a modified crossface, causing Gerard to tap at 8:04. These guys’ different personalities made for a fun dynamic. They worked together well and teased the Backpack which got the win. I was also surprised how some fans actually seemed to understand Gerard’s backstory which helped the energy level somewhat. Fun stuff. **½


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