FIP: Unfinished Business 2008


Crystal River, FL – 3.22.2008

ROH World Championship
Nigel McGuinness (Champion) vs. Larry Sweeney

Sweeney stalls on the floor. McGuinness gets tired of waiting for him and tosses him back in the ring. Sweeney rolls right back out to the floor. McGuinness follows him back out and knocks him down with an uppercut. He grabs a cravat and slams Sweeney into the guardrail. Back in the ring McGuinness throws more uppercuts. He tosses Sweeney to the corner, causing Sweeney to fall back to the floor. He wants a time out and claims McGuinness used a closed fist. He comes back in and trades wristlocks with McGuinness. McGuinness ends the exchange with an armdrag. Sweeney goes to the apron. McGuinness calls him a chicken and the crowd mocks him. He offers Sweeney a free headlock. Sweeney takes the bait. McGuinness headstands in the corner. Sweeney scouts the boots but gets O’Conner Rolled for two. McGuinness goes back to the headstand. He rolls up Sweeney for two. Sweeney gets on a wristlock which McGuinness forearms his way out of. McGuinness short-arm lariats Sweeney to the floor. McGuinness chases him, but gets caught by Sweeney with some forearms to the back as he slides into the ring. He sends McGuinness shoulder first into the ring post. Of course, Sweeney now focuses his offense on the newly injured shoulder. He ties up McGuinness’s arm in front of the same fans McGuinness threw in the cravat earlier. McGuinness throws some knife edge chops but Sweeney goes to the eyes and drives McGuinness shoulder first into the ring post to keep control. Back in the ring Sweeney uses his feet on the ropes for a two count. McGuinness avoids a corner attack and finally pulls off his headstand mule kick. He kicks Sweeney in the back and clotheslines him into the canvas. An uppercut and lariat get a two count. Sweeney trips McGuinness face first into the turnbuckle. He hits a spinebuster for two. He pulls down the straps and goes for a piledriver. McGuinness avoids that. Sweeney then gets two with a Perfectplex. McGuinness responds with a short-arm lariat. He tries a backdrop. Sweeney counters with the ‘68 Comeback Special. He hits the 12 Large Elbow for two. Sweeney goes for it again. McGuinness trips him and brings him down with the Tower of London. A lariat puts Sweeney away at 16:22. This was a fun dynamic, and while not the usual Nigel ROH title defense, certainly a good story told and something the crowd really liked. Even Nigel’s shoulder being weakened gave them the excuse to have Sweeney kick out of more lariats than he probably should have (since he’s just a manager in ROH). It wasn’t a classic by any means but the right match in front of the right crowd. **¾


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