GEAR Wrestling: First Gear


Brooksville, FL – 3.21.2008

Larry Sweeney vs. Erick Stevens

Sweeney bails to the floor before Stevens can make a move. The fans relentlessly call him a chicken, which coaxes him back into the ring. Stevens throws Sweeney down in a lock-up, causing Sweeney to go to the apron. Sweeney claims Stevens pulled his hair, which is simply untrue! Stevens throws Sweeney down once more, and again Sweeney hits the floor. Sweeney comes back and looks for a handshake. Stevens agrees, but gives Sweeney one that is so firm it causes Sweeney to scream. Stevens sends Sweeney to the floor with a back elbow. Sweeney heads to the backstage area, but Stevens cuts him off and throws him back into the ring. Sweeney goes back to the floor, but Stevens pulls him up to the apron and back into the ring by Sweeney’s hair. Stevens chops Sweeney in the corner and delivers a forearm to the back. Stevens follows up with a side slam for two. Sweeney side steps the choo-choo splash and clips Stevens’ knee. Sweeney wastes no time targeting his attack on Stevens’ knee. Sweeney illegally chokes Stevens with his wrist tape behind the referee’s back as well. Sweeney drops an elbow off the second rope for two. Sweeney covers Stevens and puts his feet on the ropes. Even with the extra leverage, Stevens kicks out. Sweeney snapmares Stevens into a sleeper. Stevens fires up and elbows Sweeney in the stomach to free himself. Stevens gives Sweeney a big belly-to-back suplex. Stevens lights up Sweeney with three right hands and an axe handle to the chest. He whips Sweeney to the corner and hits the choo-choo splash. Stevens follows up with a jumping shoulder tackle for two. Stevens chops Sweeney against the ropes. Sweeney hits a running knee lift and a gourd buster for two. Stevens hits a jackhammer for two. Sweeney blocks another choo-choo and uses the ropes to pin Stevens for two. Stevens hits a lariat and the Doctor Bomb for the pin at 13:18. Pretty basic stuff from each guy, but the finishing stretch was pretty fun. The fans kept with them the entire time and really played into Sweeney’s schtick. **1/2


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