CZW: Lights, Camera, CZW

Philadelphia, PA – 3.8.2008

The story here is that Danny Havoc wants to get his hands on “Hollywood” Dylan Summers (better known as Necro Butcher). Dylan and his manager Nicky Benz come out, and they have lined up three people for a gauntlet to take out Danny Havoc. The first person is…Shane Storm? An odd choice for an Ultraviolent Gauntlet, but let’s see what he can do.

Ultraviolent Gauntlet
Danny Havoc vs. Shane Storm

Storm picks up a toy wheelbarrow covered in barbed wire and dumps thumbtacks onto the mat. Storm and Havoc engage in a Lucha sequence, ending with Storm sending Havoc to the floor. Storm throws a traffic cone at Havoc and suicide dives out onto him. Storm throws Havoc back into the ring for a two count. Havoc boots Storm right in the chin. Havoc slams a toaster into Storm’s head. Havoc suplexes Storm onto a pile of plunder. Havoc cracks Storm in the head with a cookie sheet. Havoc sets up four chairs next to each other in their upright position. Havoc throws a chair covered in barbed wire to the floor. Havoc chases Storm around the ring. Storm holds up a STOP sign and slams it on Havoc’s face. Storm smashes a glass plaque holder onto his head as well. Storm digs a barbed wire bat into Havoc’s head. Havoc slams the bat into Storm’s back twice. Havoc headbutts Storm with a Jason Vorhees mask on. Storm responds with a series of headbutts, including one of the flying variety. Storm German suplexes Havoc into some of the thumbtacks. Havoc evades That Japanese Move. Havoc drops Storm with a modified Jackhammer onto a bird cage for the pin at 6:15. It was very odd seeing Storm using weapons, but I’ll be damned if he wasn’t just as comfortable as any other deathmatch wrestler in there. This was quite an entertaining six minutes. **1/2

Just for historical purposes, the other two wrestlers in the gauntlet were Freakshow and Ian Rotten. Havoc defeated them both.


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