PWG: Scared Straight


Reseda, CA – 3.7.2008

Eddie Kingston vs. Necro Butcher

Kingston jumps Necro at the bell. They trade shots to the mid-section. Necro clotheslines Kingston to the floor. He rakes Kingston’s eyes as he brings him around ringside before throwing him into a ring post. He tries suffocating Kingston with a plastic bag. Necro has a couple fans hold a chair for him to whip Kingston into. Necro tosses some chairs in the ring. They end up on the stage. Necro gives Kingston a Tiger Driver! He then creates a pile of chairs in the crowd. Both guys try tossing the other off of the stage. Kingston ends up suplexing Necro onto the chairs! He brings Necro back into the ring for a two count. Kingston delivers a headbutt. He gets another two count with a low kick to the face. He gets the same result with a rolling forearm strike. He comes off the second rope. Necro catches him with a chair to the stomach. He then chokeslams Kingston neck first on to a couple of chairs. Kingston kicks out. Necro sets up two chairs back to back. Kingston gives Necro an Ace Crusher on the chairs and takes him out with a clothesline for two. He goes for the Backfist to the Future. Necro blocks it with a punch. He takes down Kingston with jabs and stomps in the corner. He throws a chair into Kingston’s stomach. Necro bulldogs him onto some chairs. Human Tornado pulls referee Rick Knox out of the ring to stop the count. Necro goes to attack Tornado. Kingston rolls up Necro from behind for the pin at 12:09. The big spots were cool but the finish was weak and the ending portion of the match wasn’t terribly exciting. While the Tornado/Hero feud was excellent, not all the stuff with the ancillary characters was. **

Fun fact, true story: Eddie Kingston and Claudio were booked to face The Dynasty after this; twice. The match never happened. Don’t worry, Kingston would be back in the Summer.


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