King of Trios 2008 Night III


Philadelphia, PA – 3.2.2008

Commentary is provided by Leonard F. Chikarason, UltraMantis Black, Bryce Remsburg, Mike Quackenbush, and Larry Sweeney.

F.I.S.T is backstage. Gran Akuma says last year they made it all the way to the semi-finals. Only two teams in the 2008 installment have carried over from last years King of Trios; The Colony and themselves. The Colony have picked up some fluke wins over them lately, but that all changes tonight. Chuck Taylor didn’t come all the way from Racoon City to lose. He’s going to squash the ants in the ring. Icarus promises they will make it to the finals and take home the tournament.

King of Trios 2008 Quarter-Final Round Match
Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C} & Worker Ant {C} vs. Icarus {F}, Gran Akuma {F} & Chuck Taylor {F}

Taylor shoulder blocks Worker Ant to the mat. He lands a hip toss but Worker Ant kicks him away. He armdrags Taylor from the apron. Taylor responds in kind. Worker Ant gets two with a second rope crossbody. Fire Ant and Icarus tag in. Fire Ant puts on an Octopus Stretch, transitioning into a headscissors. He follows up with the Stop, Drop, and Roll. Icarus places Fire Ant on the top rope, but Fire Ant sends him to the apron with a fireman’s carry. Akuma and Soldier Ant tag in. Soldier Ant maneuvers Akuma into a salute. He monkey flips him out of the corner but Akuma lands on his feet. Soldier Ant reverse monkey flips Akuma out of a victory roll. He also lands a Frankensteiner. Icarus kicks Soldier Ant in the back from the apron. Akuma gives him a fallaway kick, beginning F.I.S.T.’s beat down on Soldier Ant in their corner. He escapes when slipping out of Icarus’ suplex attempt and attempting a pin. Icarus kicks out, sending Soldier Ant to his own corner where he tags in Worker Ant. He comes in with forearms. F.I.S.T. stomp him down to the mat. Fire Ant missile dropkick Taylor and Icarus. He goes for a headscissors on Akuma. Akums pops him off. He then catches Fire Ant with an electric chair facebuster. Soldier Ant gives Akuma a saluting TKO. Icarus drops him with the EVO. Worker Ant breaks the pin. Vin Gerard makes his way ringside as Worker Ant powerslams Icarus. He headscissors Taylor out of the corner. Taylor gives him Sole Food off the second rope. Icarus German suplexes Worker Ant, as does Akuma. Taylor hits the Sick Kick for two. Soldier Ant accidentally dives onto Worker Ant on the floor. Taylor and Icarus dive onto both of them. Fire Ant heads up top. Akuma crotches him on the top rope and brings him down with a spider suplex. Fire Ant rolls through. He tries a reverse spike huracanrana but it doesn’t turn the right way. Despite that, the Colony successfully pull off the Ant Hill for the pin at 12:49. As is typical for these teams they had a really good back and forth match. The flub with Akuma took a little wind out of the fans sails, but the Ant Hill helped things recover and give a satisfying finish after all. Vin walks around ringside and then out the entrance. ***

King of Trios 2008 Quarter-Final Round Match
Mike Quackenbush, Shane Storm & Jorge “Skayde” Rivera vs. Lince Dorado, El Pantera & Incognito

Dorado headscissors Storm to the corner. Dorado rolls through a sunset flip but Storm avoids his dropkick and pins him for two. Dorado headscissors him into a two count. They go for a few more pin attempts and then tag out to Quackenbush and Incognito. Quackenbush takes him over with a neckmare. Incognito puts on an armbar variation which Quackenbush armdrags out of. Incognito utilizes one himself. Quackenbush’s monkey flip attempts are for naught. He does however use the ropes to pull off a Frankensteiner to send him to the floor. Skayde and Pantera tag in. Pantera spins Skayde into a neck-tie headscissors on the mat, then putting on a modified parachute stretch. They trade pinfalls in various pinning combinations and reach a stalemate. Pantera locks Skayde’s legs up and stretches out his arms. He turns him onto his shoulders for a two count. Skayde applies a courting hold which Pantera escapes. Skayde rolls him into a half crab. Pantera escapes and we have another stalemate. Pantera hits Quackenbush with a spin kick. Incognito and Pantera team up on him. Skayde helps out by coming in with a headscissors to Pantera. Incognito backdrops Skayde but he helps Quackenbush take both Pantera and Incognito down in a London Bridge and a double knuckle drag. Quackenbush and Skayde each fake a dive after sending Pantera and Incognito to the floor. Storm slams Dorado out of an Atlantida for two. Dorado becomes trapped in Team Quackenbush’s corner where they focus their attack on his legs. Dorado reverses out of Storm’s suplex and drops him with an X-Factor. Skayde legdrops Incognito almost as soon as he tags in. Incognito suicide dives onto Skayde when Skayde hits the floor. Quackenbush and Dorado go back and forth. Quackenbush drops him with a reverse brainbuster for two. He goes for it again but Pantera hits him with a spinwheel kick. Pantera blocks Storm’s That Japanese Move and answers with one of his own. Quackenbush makes the save. He goes for the Black Tornado Slam. Pantera rolls out of it. He armdrags Quackenbush into the Skayde schoolboy for the pin at 19:06. A lot of people seemed surprised by that fall, but it accomplished two things: it set up the Lucha team as the forerunners given that they defeated the team in which 2/3rds comprised of last years Trios tournament winners, and it set up a match for next month as we would soon find out. Shane Storm looked incredibly sloppy here. The rest of the match was the Luchariffic stuff you expect. **¾

In Spanish, Pantera challenges Quackenbush for his NWA Jr. Heavyweight Championship. Quackenbush shakes his hand and accepts the challenge.

King of Trios 2008 Quarter-Final Round Match
KUDO {DDT}, MIYAWAKI {KD} & SUSUMU vs. Eddie Kingston {BO}, Ruckus {BO} & Joker {BO}

BLK Out jump Team Japan right at the bell. An all out brawl ensues on the floor. MIYAWAKI wins a shoulder block exchange with Joker. Ruckus armdrags and dropkicks SUSUMU. KUDO drop toe holds Ruckus and holds him in a clutch so SUSUMU can hit a dropkick. SUSUMU gets two with a legdrop. MIYAWAKI stomps him down in the corner and hits a running elbow drop for two. KUDO snapmares him into a back kick. Ruckus clobbers him with an enzuigiri. Kingston throws some strikes and gets two with a back elbow. MIYAWAKI saves KUDO from being pinned after a brainbuster from Joker. KUDO escapes BLK Out’s wrath after firing up from Kingston’s punt to his head and knocking him down with a spin kick. MIYAWAKI slams all three members of BLK Out. Joker ducks a lariat and holds MIYAWAKI. Kingston accidentally forearms Joker. MIYAWAKI slams Kingston onto Joker for two. Ruckus takes the Sidewinder from MIYAWAKI and SUSUMU for two. MIYAWAKI then puts him in a half crab. SUSUMU and and KUDO put Kingston and Joker in submissions as well. Joker picks up SUSUMU and rams him into his partners to break the holds. KUDO suicide dives onto Kingston and Joker. Ruckus follows with a cartwheel splash. Kingston trips SUSUMU down from the apron to stop his dive. However, he’s able to hit a tumble weed senton off the guardrails onto all of BLK Out. In the ring, MIYAWAKI suplexes Kingston onto his head while SUSUMU and KUDO hit him with stereo missile dropkicks. SUSUMU takes Kingston down with a Torbellino. Joker breaks the pin. He savate kicks SUSUMU and hits the Last Ride. KUDO comes in with double knees. Ruckus Bank Rolls KUDO. MIYAWAKI drops Ruckus in a reverse DDT. Kingston peppers MIYAWAKI with slaps after a yakuza kick. MIYAWAKI drops him on the second rope with a Complete Shot and follows up with a German suplex. Kingston Saito suplexes him. MIYAWAKI fires up. Kingston nails the Backfist to the Future leaving all six men laying. KUDO kicks out Kingston’s legs and kicks him in the side of the head. Joker lays in some chops. KUDO rolls over his lariat but takes a release Regalplex. SUSUMU spikes Joker with a spinning Yoshi Tonic. Kingston gut wrenches SUSUMU onto his shoulders. Ruckus knee drops SUSUMU into a Dominator. The other four fight on the floor as Kingston and SUSUMU trade strikes. SUSUMU tries the Yoshi Tonic. Kingston Mad Scientist Bombs his way free then hits the Backfist to the Future for the pin at 13:44. I am really happy Team Japan got to have this match because I was beginning to think their trip was all for naught. This was a lot of fun. Strike exchanges, awesome looking offense, people flying all over the place; a recipe for success. ***½

The Golden Trio are hanging out. Incoherence of course speak in a language we can’t understand. Helios says the sun is shining off all of their gold, just like their skills are going to shine all over Philadelphia. Delirious steals the microphone. He and Hallowicked speak, then Helios ends the promo with his own gibberish.

King of Trios 2008 Quarter-Final Round Match
Delirious {I}, Hallowicked {I} & Helios vs. Larry Sweeney {FT}, Mitch Ryder {FT} & Shayne Hawke {FT}

Helios is wearing Delirious’ mask and gear. Both he and Delirious freak out at the bell. Helios controls Hawke by his arm. Hawke holds onto a side headlock. He mows down Helios with a running shoulder block and goes back to the headlock. Helios hits one of his own diving shoulder blocks and a powerslam. He gives him a fist drop. Hawke tags in Ryder who takes an armdrag right away. Hallowicked and Ryder trade wristlocks. Hallowicked holds onto Ryder’s arm after a hip toss and armdrag. He yakuza kicks Ryder to the floor. Delirious stomps on Sweeney’s foot. He gives him a couple armdrags and a senton to the back. Hawke delivers a chop but Delirious scares him to the floor. Sweeney and Ryder distract Delirious so Hawke can attack him from behind. Delirious however is able to get in some overhand chops on Sweeney. Ryder knees Delirious from the apron and Sweeney hits him with a double axe handle to the chest. The Fabulous Three take control by isolating Delirious. Delirious fights out of Sweeney’s side headlock and gives him a belly-to-back suplex. Helios fights off all of Fabulous Three. Hallowicked comes in to lend a hand. Hallowicked hits Ryder with a step-up enzuigiri. Meanwhile Helios Tiger walks up Hawke and Delirious hits Sweeney with the Panic Attack. Delirious then hits Shadows Over Heck. Helios puts the exclamation mark on it with Heliocentricity for the pin at 12:40. The finish made sense but it did seem to come out of nowhere. The action was good but it had the tough task of following the excellent match that preceded it. **½

The Fabulous Three attack The Golden Trio after the match. Hawke and Sweeney send Incoherence into the ring posts. Ryder suplexes Helios on the floor. As The Golden Trio is laying, F.I.S.T. make their way down the aisle. Icarus thanks Incoherence for keeping their Campeones de Parejas warm for them. Since he and Akuma have a title rematch in their back pocket, and given that Incoherence are seemingly down down and out, they will cash in that rematch next month.

Tag Team Gauntlet

Darin Corbin {NSE} & Ryan Cruz {NSE} vs. Immortal White & Immortal Black

Cruz ducks a leapfrogs over White and gives him a hip toss. He sends White out with a headscissors. He follows with a Bermuda Triangle. Black gets two with a spinebuster on Corbin. Corbin suicide dives onto White. Cruz high crossbody’s onto Black for two. The North Star Express hits the Everlasting Gobstopper on Black. Cruz Control gets them the pin at 2:33.

Darin Corbin {NSE} & Ryan Cruz {NSE} vs. Sha Samuels & Derek Frazier

While Frazier and Samuels are too busy exchanging words with the crowd, Cruz dives onto them both. Corbin clotheslines Samuels while Frazier and Cruz fight on the floor. Corbin misses a tackle, sending himself shoulder first into the ring post. Samuels drops an elbow on Cruz’s back. Frazier boots Cruz into a uranage from Samuels. Samuels puts Cruz in a Boston Crab while Frazier has Corbin in a crossface. Both of them tap at 5:56.

Marcus O’Neal & Shawn Reed vs. Sha Samuels & Derek Frazier

All four men fight in the aisle and around ringside. Frazier and O’Neal end up in the crowd. Samuels suplexes Reed on the floor. O’Neal whips Frazier into the wall and hits a clothesline. Back in the ring, O’Neal blind sides Samuels with a kick to the back. He superkicks Samuels. Samuels gives O’Neal a spinebuster for two. O’Neal gets his feet up to block a corner attack. He gets the pin with a sloppy dragonrana at 8:38.

Chiva III & Chiva IV vs. Marcus O’Neal & Shawn Reed

Las Chivas headbutt the Saints in their stomachs. They set up O’Neal for a Doomsday Device. Reed shoves IV to the floor and O’Neal spikes III with a reverse Frankensteiner. Derek Sabato notices O’Neal putting his feet on the ropes during the pin. The Saints double backdrop III. O’Neal hits a Sick Kick for two. They set up IV for a double team. IV slides out of the ring to tag in III before damage can be done. III delivers an enzuigiri. Both Chivas spit in his face. A Doomsday elbow smash gets the pin at 12:08.

Chiva III & Chiva IV vs. Player Uno {SSB} & Stupefied {SSB}

III is sent to the floor almost immediately. IV eats a running knee/enzuigiri combo, then a tornado kick/enzuigiri combo. IV attacks from behind. He tries a double Irish whip. He instead gets his legs kicked out. Uno hits a Shining Wizard while Stupefied dropkicks him. IV blocks Stupefied’s Frankensteiner. Uno brushes away a tornado headscissors but eats a spinwheel kick. Stupefied drops him with a reverse DDT. The Smash Brothers hit a waterwheel slam/back cracker combo. III headbutts Stupefied as he comes off the top rope. Uno goes for the Game Genie on IV but III pauses Uno. They headbutt Uno repeatedly while he’s paused. When they unpause him, Uno falls like a tree. They pin him at 15:29.

Chiva III & Chiva IV vs. Mototsugu Shimizu {T2P} & Go {DG}

Go and Shimizu waste no time attacking Las Chivas. Go tosses III into a gutbuster from Shimizu. Go gives IV an elbow smash. Shimizu gives him a sit-out leg cradle Gourd Buster. Go follows with a lariat. IV tries sneaking out. Shimizu tosses III to the floor while Go brings IV back in for the Last Ride. III breaks the pin. Go disposes of III. IV huracanrana’s Shimizu. Go breaks the pin. IV goes for a moonsault. He misses and lands on his back. Shimizu dropkicks him and puts on the Marshmallow Hedgehog (Cattle Mutilation). IV taps at 18:39.

Sara Del Rey & Bobby Dempsey {ROH} vs. vs. Mototsugu Shimizu {T2P} & Go {DG}

Go and Shimizu stomp down Sara in the corner. Dempsey clotheslines them both. He shoulder tackles them to the mat. Sara headbutts Go and forearms him in the corner. Dempsey whips Shimizu into Go and splashes both of them. Sara German suplexes Shimizu. Go spears her. Dempsey gives him an overhead suplex for two. Sara axe kicks Go into a Death Valley Driver for the pin at 20:47.

Sara Del Rey & Bobby Dempsey {ROH} vs. Hydra {ONT} & Crossbones {ONT}

Mantis is in Crossbones and Hydra’s corner. Hydra mocks Sara for being female. Sara shows him up by easily winning a test of strength. Crossbones attacks her from behind and pitches her out. Dempsey comes in. Hydra puts on the Hydralock while Dempsey puts up his dukes toward Crossbones. Crossbones throws kicks to the chest as Hydra has on the hold. Dempsey submits (I think?) and the bell is called at 23:17.

Demolition Smash & Demolition Ax vs. Hydra {ONT} & Crossbones {ONT}

Ax throws Hydra and Mantis together head first on the floor. He clotheslines Crossbones in the ring. Demolition knock him down with stereo back elbows. Smash manages a belly-to-back suplex. He clotheslines Crossbones to the floor. Ax tosses in Hydra who flexes in their direction. Smash clotheslines him down. The Demolition Decapitation puts Hydra away and gives Demolition one point at 25:37. This is the most sloppy tag gauntlet CHIKARA has ever done. Almost every team looked awful losing in such quick fashion and occasionally looking foolish or inept in being defeated. The Demolition pay off was pretty great but that’s the only thing this entire gauntlet had going for it. ¼*

King of Trios 2008 Semi-Final Round Match
Delirious {I}, Hallowicked {I} & Helios vs. Eddie Kingston {BO}, Ruckus {BO} & Joker {BO}

Helios is now donning Hallowicked’s gear. The Golden Trio is visibly hurt after the Fabulous Three’s assault. Joker knees Helios in the stomach. Kingston and Ruckus immediately knock Incoherence off the apron. Helios takes the Razzle Dazzle, a yakuza kick, and a cannonball senton all in a row. Already worn down, BLK Out easily pick Helios apart. Joker and Ruckus bust out an awesome lungblower into a powerbomb on the knees combo. After quite a beating, Helios spikes Kingston on his head in a Frankensteiner. Hallowicked cleans house. Helios Tiger walks up Joker. Hallowicked hits the step-up enzuigiri and Delirious follows with the Panic Attack. Ruckus breaks the cover. Delirious ducks a spin kick and chokeslams him. Joker then chokeslams Delirious. Hallowicked chokeslams Joker. Kingston tosses Hallowicked to the floor. Helios foolishly tries a chokeslam on Kingston and gets a short-arm lariat. Hallowicked and Kingston trade yakuza kicks and slap each other silly. Hallowicked hits Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Helios uses the ropes for a tornado DDT. Joker makes the save. Hallowicked big boots him. Delirious hits Shadows Over Heck. Helios hits Heliocentricity. Ruckus stops the count. Delirious dives off the apron onto Kingston. Helios tope con hilo’s onto Ruckus. While Bryce is turned around, Joker falls and grabs his groin. Bryce falls for the gag and calls for a DQ at 10:32. BLK Out’s beatdown on Helios was maybe the best of the tournament. The finish was a little unsatisfying, but it does make BLK Out look pretty reprehensible as they head to the finals. **¾

King of Trios 2008 Semi-Final Round Match
Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C} & Worker Ant {C} vs. Lince Dorado, El Pantera & Incognito

Pantera stretches out Soldier Ant’s arms. He headscissors Soldier Ant to the ropes. Pantera drops him out of a figure four position. Soldier Ant blocks some offense and salutes. He headscissors Pantera and gives him a saluting elbow strike. Fire Ant and Dorado tag in. Fire Ant ends a Lucha exchange by crossing Dorado’s legs. Fire Ant armdrags him across the ring, then sends him across in a bodyscissors. He takes him over with a fireman’s carry. Incognito back suplexes Worker Ant. Incognito drags him down into an armbar. Worker Ant armdrags Incognito away. Incognito puts him in the Gory Gallows, bending him down on his shoulders. Worker Ant powers up to his shoulders and scores a huracanrana for two. He takes Incognito down with a bit of offense. Incognito fights off a headscissors. He slams Worker Ant. Pantera comes in with a top rope senton for two. The Luchadores isolate the “rookie” ant. Vin Gerard makes his presence known, bringing a chair and watching the action from ringside. Worker Ant avoids a senton from Dorado. Soldier Ant takes down all the Luchadores with armdrags. Fire Ant dropkicks them all to the floor. He is then Antapulted onto the Luchadores. In the ring Incognito gets two on Worker Ant with the Tiger Driver. Soldier Ant slams Incognito off of his shoulders. He nails a diving headbutt off the top rope for two. He tries a super Frankensteiner on Pantera. Pantera counters with a powerbomb. Fire Ant makes the save. He prawn holds Pantera but Dorado breaks it up. Dorado goes up top. Fire Ant tosses him off with a fireman’s carry. He calls for the Beach Break. Dorado rolls him into a submission which Soldier Ant breaks. The Colony catch Dorado and set up for the Ant Hill. Gerard makes his way ringside. Fire Ant instead of finishing the Ant Hill dives onto Gerard! Pantera dropkicks Soldier Ant to the floor. Dorado suicide dives after him. Worker Ant missile dropkicks Pantera. He uses one leg for a dropkick on Incognito. Incognito slams him. He hits a springboard senton/lionsault combo for the pin at 13:10. The fans seem really devastated by the Colony losing. Them vs. BLK Out would have been a great finale, especially after some weak offense from Team Mexico. There was a really brutal screw up from Incognito when he and Pantera were trying to make a wheelbarrow maneuver work. Worker Ant especially looked awesome and worked really hard. Hindsight is what it is, but the match itself wasn’t anything terribly interesting anyhow. The Colony get their comeuppance by shoving Gerard into a trashcan. **½

Elimination Match
Vin Gerard vs. Glacier vs. Martin Stone vs. Reno Diamond

Diamond falls while stretching. Stone turns down his handshake. He shoulder blocks Diamond to the ropes. Stone shoulder blocks Diamond again. Diamond hits a dropkick for two. Stone misses a splash and gets taken down with an armdrag. Stone throws a couple hard punches before tagging in Gerard. Diamond hits him with a spin kick. He holds onto an armdrag and tags in Glacier. Gerard avoids locking up with him. He chokes Glacier in the corner and slaps him in the face. Gerard bails to the floor when he notices how angry he made Glacier. Stone Russian leg sweeps Diamond. Diamond comes off the top with a Swanton Bomb for two. Stone lariats Diamond in the corner, then pulls him into a short-arm lariat. He uses the top rope for a DDT, eliminating Diamond at 5:36. Stone and Glacier trade punches. Stone avoids the Cryonic Kick. Gerard punches Stone from the apron. Glacier hits double overhand chops to eliminate Stone at 6:22. Stone spits in Glacier’s face as he leaves. Gerard chop blocks Glacier’s leg out. Stone attacks Glacier’s leg while Gerard ties up referee PJ Drummond. Glacier thrusts Stone in the throat to send him packing. Glacier lets a young fan in the front row hit Gerard. Back in the ring Gerard heel trips Glacier’s bad leg and focuses his attack on it. Glacier fires back with chops. Gerard again chop blocks his knee out. Glacier gets his boot up to block some of Gerard’s corner attacks. Gerard trips Glacier into a crossface. Glacier fights his way free. He double chops Gerard and sets up for the Cryonic Kick. Gerard catches his leg and rolls him up. He holds the tights and gets the pin at 12:01. This was fine but nothing more than a way to kill time before the main event. *¼

m.c. KZ {DG} vs. Michael Nakazawa {DDT}

This is the only singles contest of the weekend. Nakazawa is covered in baby oil. Go is in his corner. KZ has trouble locking up. He gets a waistlock but Nakazawa slides his way out of it with ease. KZ hits a leg lariat. He ducks a clothesline and brings Nakazawa down into the B-Boy stance. He dropkicks Nakazawa in the back of the head and applies a chinlock. Nakazawa sprays baby oil on his chin so KZ can’t hold a grip. Nakazawa double axe handles him repeatedly in the back and drives his hip into the side of his head. He slides KZ’s crotch along the top rope before bringing him down with a belly-to-back suplex. KZ comes back with a high crossbody for two. He leg lariats Nakazawa in the corner. He hits the B-Boy for two. Nakazawa blocks a corner attack and spears KZ for two. He tries for the Angle slam. KZ escapes but takes a spinebuster. Nakazawa then hits the Angle Slam for two. He takes off KZ’s Eagles jersey. He covers him in oil, which backfires on his German suplex attempt. KZ climbs the top rope. Go holds onto his leg so Nakazawa has time to knock him down. Nakazawa accidentally spits baby oil in Go’s face. KZ rolls Nakazawa up for two. He hits the Beat Boom and KZ Time for the pin at 7:11. It’s too bad KZ said the F word twice, because I always enjoy him in Dragon Gate and he did a good job here. The crowd wasn’t into it, so just like the last match, this was just filler. *¾

Tim Donst, Arik Cannon, Create-A-Wrestler & Chiva II vs. Amasis {OP}, Ophidian {OP}, El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC} & Ice Cream Jr. {IC}

Ophidian has the silliest looking mask. I don’t think he ever wore it after this match, and that’s a good thing. II steps on his foot to stop him from slithering around. He gets two with a Gedo Clutch. He uses his flag to mimmick a bullfight, then catches Ophidian with a kick to the face. Amasis jumps in with a forearm. Ophidian hypnotizes II into a stunned state. It turns out he was playing possum as he schoolboys Ophidian for two. Cannon puts Hijo in a wristlock. Hijo gets the ropes. Cannon decks him with a haymaker in the corner. Hijp inches his buttocks and gives him an overhand chop. Cannon chops him back and uses the ropes to armdrag Hijo to the floor. Donst catches Amasis in an amateur roll-up for two. He throws him down into a waistlock pin. Amasis rakes his eyes and throws him to the floor. He follows with a pescado. Wrestler and Jr. engage in a Lucha sequence. Jr. pokes him in the eye with his cone. Wrestler drop toe holds him to the corner and hits a dropkick from the apron. He puts on a sleeper. This leads to all eight participants forming a sleeper hold chain. Everyone falls asleep except for Donst whose at the end of the chain, so his team technically wins at 5:37. That was a match that happened. *


King of Trios 2008 Final Round
Lince Dorado, El Pantera & Incognito vs. Eddie Kingston {BO}, Ruckus {BO} & Joker {BO}

BLK Out jump the Luchadores before the bell. Incognito whips Joker into the guardrails. Dorado huracanrana’s Kingston for two. Pantera headscissors Ruckus and gives him a double underbook backbreaker. Incognito avoids Joker’s offense which great finesse. He catches Joker with a hip toss an dropkick. Dorado and Kingston bring their fight back into the ring. Kingston whips him into Ruckus who drops him with a Gory Gallows Complete Shot for two. Dorado gets bullied by the BLK Out, including Kingston mocking Dorado’s seizure he suffered at “Chapter 11.” Joker goes for a super brainbuster. Dorado reverses it into a super tornado DDT. Incognito comes in with a high crossbody to Kingston. He hits Ruckus with a quebrada press. He gives Kingston a backbreaker and Dorado legdrops him. Dorado and Pantera hit Ruckus with stereo 619’s. Joker breaks the pin. He gives Dorado a big spinebuster.He Giant Swings Dorado into a dropkick from Ruckus. Incognito belly-to-belly suplexes Joker. Ruckus hits a hammerlock DDT. Pantera comes off the second rope with a diving headbutt. He headscissors Kingston. Kingston kicks Pantera to the floor. Dorado hits Kingston in the back of the head with a springboard spinwheel kick. Joker tries suplexing Dorado. Dorado armdrags him away. Dorado lands on his feet to avoid a German suplex. Joker tries feigning a low blow again. Bryce Remsburg doesn’t buy it this time. Incognito dives onto Ruckus on the floor. Kingston peppers Dorado with slaps and chops. He tries a superplex. Dorado headbutts him down. He hits a shooting star press for two. He then puts Kingston in the CHIKARA Special. Kingston taps out at 14:45. Los Luchadores de Mexico are the 2008 King of Trios. Given Dorado’s pretty large push he’s received lately this didn’t come as a major surprise after the Colony was eliminated. The right guy submitted the right opponent, setting things up for the future. BLK Out are awesome Rudos and watching them wear down Dorado was great. I was also surprised how well the two teams meshed. The Luchadores may be lame duck Trios winners in retrospect, but at the time it was acceptable given what CHIKARA was hoping to accomplish. ***


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