IWA Mid-South: The 500th Show


Joliet, IL – 3.1.2008

IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship
Eddie Kingston (Champion) vs. 2 Cold Scorpio

Scorpio breaks a lock-up against the ropes and dances away. A more aggressive lock-up has to be broken up by referee Brian Gory in the corner. Scorpio applies a headscissors. Kingston escapes but Scorpio slides through his legs before Kingston can retaliate. Scorpio goes after Kingston’s left arm on the mat. Kingston rolls away from him frustrated. He gets on a side headlock. It takes some time, but Scorpio fights Kingston off and hits a dropkick. He throws some knee lifts and an enzuigiri sending Kingston to the floor. He comes back in after Scorpio fakes a dive. Kingston re-applies the side headlock. Scorpio takes Kingston the ropes and elbows him in the stomach. Kingston responds with a jumping back elbow. Scorpio takes a breather on the floor. Back in the ring he and Kingston exchange strikes. They knock each other down with boots repeatedly. Scorpio keeps Kingston down with a spinwheel kick. Kingston yakuza kicks Scorpio to the floor. They continue the strike exchange outside the ring. Scorpio tosses Kingston back into the ring but gets a boot to the side of the head as he re-enters the ring. Kingston gets two with a belly-to-belly suplex. Same goes for a tiger suplex. He goes right back to the side headlock. Scorpio gets the ropes. Kingston basement dropkicks him to the floor. Scorpio gets the better of Kingston outside the ring and hits a single leg sliding dropkick from the apron. Kingston throws some chops before bringing Scorpio back into the ring. Scorpio reverses an Irish whip into the corner and follows with a Koppu Kick. He follows up with a Saito suplex. He hits a Superfly splash for two. Scorpio then hits a flipping legdrop before going back up top. He lands a moonsault for two. Kingston fires up from some kicks on the mat. He throws slaps and chops until Scorpio is knocked down. He gets a two count, so he chops up Scorpio again in the corner. Scorpio blocks the Backfist. He throws some knee lifts and kicks Kingston in the face. Scorpio gets in a few more strikes before Kingston nails a rolling clothesline. He gets two with a uranage suplex. He pulls Scorpio into a lariat for another two. Scorpio slaps Kingston as he comes to his feet. He hits an enzuigiri and signals for the 450 splash. Before he ascends the ropes. Kingston sneaks in a Saito suplex for the pin at 27:49. This was constructed very smartly. Kingston grounded Scorpio and used his striking game to take control, but Scorpio was game to match him in the strike department and used his agility when it suited him. Kingston was able to sneak in one of his finisher’s when Scorpio got too caught up in his own hype. Kingston mentioned how honored he was to face Scorpio and you can tell both guys were game to work really hard and put on a good, hard hitting bout. Major kudos to Kingston for doing this during King of Trios weekend too, as he was in Philly the night before and after this match. I honestly didn’t expect a whole lot but ended up being very entertained. ***½


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