King of Trios 2008 Night I


Philadelphia, PA – 2.29.2008

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Eddie Kingston, Louden Noxious, Leonard F. Chikarason, Mitch Ryder, Jimmy Olsen, and UltraMantis Black.

Shane Hagadorn doesn’t feel the need to introduce his team because if you don’t know them by now, you have not been paying attention. They’re representing the best wrestling company on the planet, Ring of Honor. Tonight they have to go through a team of goats. Rhett Titus says he’s going to grab the goats by their antlers and milk them. Alex Payne and Hagadorn look confused. Payne sets Titus straight. He says they will be the best representatives for Ring of Honor and win the whole tournament.

King of Trios 2008 First Round Match
Chiva II, Chiva III & Chiva IV vs. Shane Hagadorn {ROH}, Rhett Titus {ROH} & Alex Payne {ROH}

“Breathe” by Pink Floyd is a fantastic entrance theme choice. III does some dancing with referee PJ Drummond. Titus tries the same but gets smacked on the bottom by III. Titus puts him in a headscissors. III escapes and snaps off an armdrag. He snapmares Titus into a basement dropkick. Payne and II tag in. II puts him in a Gory Stretch. III and IV stomp and senton Payne before II drops him in a Gory Catapult. IV takes a picture of Titus while he’s tied up. Hagadorn and Titus dispose of the other Chiva’s, leaving IV to be tyrannized in the ROH corner. Hagadorn goes for a running boot in the corner but ends up hitting Titus. IV manages to tag in III who lays out Titus and Payne with calf kicks. III rolls Payne into an arm and neck stretch. Hagadorn breaks it up. He kicks III out of the corner and Graham Crackers him. II breaks the pin. Titus drops II with a neckbreaker, then transitions into the Last Chancery. III breaks it with an elbow drop. He gives Payne a lung blower off the second rope. Hagadorn makes the save. He gets sent out with an enzuigiri and Titus is backdropped onto him. II and III try a double suplex or something but botch it up. IV hits a super pretty moonsault for the pin at 11:21. Some awkward spots and flubs aside (mostly from the ROH team) this was fine. Las Chivas are a hit with the crowd and pulled out some really cool stuff. It could have been stronger but I had a fun time watching this. **

Team El Dorado are in the back. Although they are representing El Dorado, as you can tell by their faction IDs, they’re all freelancers with different schools/backgrounds. Go and Mototsugu Shimizu speak in Japanese. Michael Nakazawa says they are going to smash The Colony like bugs. Team El Dorado is going to prove just how strong they are.

King of Trios 2008 First Round Match
Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C} & Worker Ant {C} vs. Michael Nakazawa {DDT}, Mototsugu Shimizu {T2P} & Go {DG}

Fire Ant takes down Shimizu with a hiponesa. Shimizu responds with one of his own. Fire Ant trips him and headscissors him to the ropes. Shimizu hits him with double knife-edge chops. Go and Soldier Ant tag in. Go rakes Soldier Ant’s eyes after resisting his shoulder tackles. Go gets kicked in the gut after becoming annoyed with Soldier Ant’s saluting. Soldier Ant suplexes him for two and hits a monkey flip. Nakazawa oils himself up upon tagging in. Worker Ant can’t get a grip on a lock up. He uses a towel for traction but Nakazawa maneuvers himself free. He applies a wrist lock and rubs his posterior and groin on Worker Ant’s arm. Go and Shimizu clear the apron so Worker Ant can be isolated. Eddie Kingston ponders Go’s name on commentary: “Go where? Denny’s?” Nakazawa puts on so much oil that he slips off Worker Ant when trying a DDT. Go and Shimizu however knock Fire and Soldier Ant off again and keep on Worker Ant. Worker Ant catches Shimizu with a single leg dropkick and neckbreaker. Fire Ant tags in throwing forearms for all. With the El Dorado team on the floor, the Colony Antapult Fire Ant onto them. Fire Ant gets a two count on Nakazawa. Nakazawa hits a running elbow smash and a spinebuster for two. Same goes for the Angle Slam thanks to Soldier Ant breaking it up. He sends Nakazawa out. Go hits a clothesline. Soldier Ant responds with a rolling forearm but is then taken down by a spear. Go hits the Go to Heck lariat. Worker Ant breaks the cover and pitches Go out. Shimizu kicks Worker Ant’s leg out. He gives him a leg-capture Gourd Buster and a dropkick to the crown of the head. Fire Ant makes the save. Go tosses Fire Ant into a gut buster from Shimizu. Nakazawa gives him the Angle Slam for two. Nakazawa accidentally spits oil into his partner’s eyes. Soldier and Worker Ant send Go and Shimizu out. The Ant Hill gets the Colony the pin on Nakazawa at 13:44. The El Dorado team blended really well with the Colony. Nakazawa brought the humor (and some solid wrestling) while the other’s carried their weight during the beat down. The winner was obvious but the other team put up a heck of a fight anyway. Kingston and Bryce’s commentary was priceless. **¾

The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple are standing by. UltraMantis Black says they’re faced with the Sea Amigos from Kaiju Big Battel. Despite never facing the Sea Amigos, Mantis knows their weaknesses. He claims they will be finished!

Kaiju ring announcer Louden Noxious introduces the Sea Amigos. If you’re watching the show and are not familiar with Kaiju, seeing three giant rubber sea monsters is a trip. Call-Me-Kevin is the current Kaiju Grand Champion. The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple then comes out. Mantis remains on the stage while Hydra and Crossbones make their way ringside. Mantis says they have never faced a team more strange than the Sea Amigos. Since Mantis has friends in high places, he enlisted someone to help him out; Dr. Cube! Dr. Cube takes a selfie (before that was really a thing) with himself and Mantis. Cube calls Kevin a sham of a Kaiju champion. He presents Mantis with Kevin’s Achilles heel; Tartar sauce! He assures Mantis that with the sauce he will be victorious. They give quite the evil laugh before parting ways. Hydra and Crossbones jump the Sea Amigos from behind.

King of Trios 2008 First Round Match
Call-Me-Kevin {KBB}, Unibouzu {KBB} & D.W. Cycloptopuss III {KBB} vs. UltraMantis Black {ONT}, Hydra {ONT} & Crossbones {ONT}

Crossbones pokes Cycloptopuss in the eye after disposing of Kevin and Unibouzu. He continues poking at the eye and drives his elbow into Cycloptopuss’ head. He blocks Crossbones’ running back elbow but misses a second rope dropkick. Crossbones dropkicks Cycloptopuss to the floor. He brings Kevin to the corner where Mantis chokes him with his boot. He delivers a headbutt and a pair of elbow drops. Some Mongolian chops and a headbutt take Kevin off of his feet. Hydra gives Kevin his own Mongolian chops. Unibouzu comes in when Kevin rolls out. Unibouzu’s spikes make it hard for Hydra to apply the Hydralock. Crossbones kicks him in the side of the head. He lands a top rope splash but it does major damage to his stomach. Cycloptopuss tags in. He spins around so his claws and tentacles can knock down the Order. All the Sea Amigos land punches and strikes in the corner. Cycloptopuss and Unibouzu have Crossbones and Hydra in submissions. Kevin misses a moonsault. Mantis sprays all of the Amigos with Tartar Sauce which stuns them. Mantis hits Kevin with the Praying Mantis Bomb for the pin at 5:24. That was quite the scene and made me feel like I may have been on drugs. The wrestling was what it was but it definitely didn’t overstay it’s welcome. I adore Dr. Cube more than I can express. *

Amasis alerts us that 2008 is the year of the snake, which for the Portal is a good omen. They traveled back in time to enlist Mecha Mummy for their team. Amasis says Shane Storm is impressive, but he and Ophidian defeated him and Jigsaw in their debut. He questions Skayde’s dancing abilities. He knows Mike Quackenbush has won numerous titles and tournaments, but he won’t win King of Trios. Ophidian and Mecha Mummy say they can dig it; can we?

King of Trios 2008 First Round Match
Mike Quackenbush, Shane Storm & Jorge “Skayde” Rivera vs. Amasis {OP}, Ophidian {OP} & Mecha Mummy

Skayde no longer wrestles with his mask on. He works over Ophidian’s left arm. Ophidian takes him down with a wristdrag. Skayde goes back to the arm. Ophidian turns Skayde’s courting hold into a prawn hold. They reach a stalemate. Skayde chops Ophidian to the corner. Ophidian comes off his shoulders with an armdrag twice. Ophidian suicide dives after him. Amasis and Storm come in. Amasis comes off the second rope with an armdrag. A Lucha exchange ends with Storm doing the same thing. Amasis jumps up to avoid some offense leading to another stand off. Quackenbush and Mummy tag in. Quackenbush’s shoulder blocks do nothing. Mummy gives him a big boot and does the Hogan taunt. He misses a legdrop. Quackenbush arm whips him overhead and dropkicks him to the floor. He follows with a tope con hilo. Storm gets hypnotized by Ophidian. Mummy knocks him down with a clothesline. The Portal wear Storm down until he fights out of the Pyramid suplex, forcing Amasis to give Ophidian an electric chair drop. He hits the floor allowing Quackenbush to legally tag in. He backdrops Ophidian and clotheslines Amasis. He ducks Mummy’s clothesline. He superkicks Mummy who eventually stumbles to the mat. Amasis sends Quackenbush out with a diving shoulder tackle. Skayde catches Amasis with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Ophidian drives his knees into Skayde’s chest. Storm clotheslines him. Mummy boots Storm away and comes off the second rope with double fists to the chest. Quackenbush’s palm strikes dazes Mummy. The third one takes him down but the Portal break up the pin. Mummy brings in a giant robotic palm from under the ring and palm strikes the entire opposing team! Skayde breaks Mummy’s pin on Quackenbush. Storm puts Amasis in an abdominal stretch. Mummy punches Storm to free his partner. Quackenbush and Skayde get whipped into each other. Quackenbush assists Skayde with a double dropkick to Ophidian and Mummy. While Ophidian and Mummy get Quackenbush and Skayde in submissions, Amasis hits Storm with a running knee strike. He hits a 450 splash. Storm kicks out! Amasis pescado’s after him on the floor. Mummy misses a tackle, going out to the floor. Skayde dives off the top onto him. Quackenbush gives Ophidian a Backpack Stunner for two. The Quackendriver II gets him the win at 14:22. Watching Quackenbush wrestle Mecha Mummy made this match worthwhile. It was awesome seeing the Portal going toe to toe with people like Skayde and Quackenbush, making a name for themselves even in a loss. Really good action with a great finish. ***

Brodie Lee is in the back. Jimmy Olsen is happy when he approaches Brodie. Brodie wants to know why he is so happy when they’re walking into a trios fight with just two people. He hates that Chikarason is going to put them with a random partner. Jimmy seems to believe that Colin Olsen will still show up, but Brodie knows better. Brodie and Colin represent Team Dr. Keith. As Brodie expected, they chose a new partner at random from a ball tumbler, operated by Dr. Keith Lipinski himself. Colin Delaney’s name is drawn but PJ Drummond alerts us that he is not here. Jimmy and Brodie don’t know who he is anyways. Johnny Kashmere’s name is drawn. PJ goes looking for him in the Men’s bathroom but it turns out he’s not here either. Retail Dragon is the next name drawn. He is here and will fill in for Colin Olsen. Brodie and Jimmy are not pleased.

King of Trios 2008 First Round Match
Cheech, Cloudy & m.c. KZ {DG} vs. Brodie Lee, Jimmy Olsen & Retail Dragon

This weekend is part of m.c. KZ’s American tour which he was granted after winning Dragon Gate’s NEX-1 tournament. He trades hammerlocks with Olsen. He forces Jimmy down into the B-Boy stance. Olsen applies a headlock. KZ shoots him off and snaps off an armdrag and hip toss. Lee tags in. He screams at KZ causing him to hit the floor. Cheech armdrags Lee. He tries a Frankensteiner. That backfires, but he does send Lee out with a headscissors. Dragon and Cheech end up giving each other the same strikes at the same time. Cloudy tags in. He suplexes Dragon into a slingshot senton from Cheech. They tie up Dragon’s arms so KZ can hit him with a dropkick. Cheech misses a corner splash. Dragon sends him out with a springboard headscissors. Lee drops down the top rope so Dragon hits the floor. Jimmy goes for a diving DDT but Cheech sends him head first into the guardrail. He slingshots over Lee and to the floor. Cloudy throws some forearms. Lee splashes him against the ropes and hits a slingshot slam for two. Lee and Olsen isolate Cloudy, refusing to tag in Dragon. Dragon does get his chance once Cloudy has sent Olsen and Lee to the floor. However, Cloudy gives him a TKO before he can deliver any offense. Cheech dropkicks Lee off the apron while giving Olsen and Dragon clotheslines. He hits the Oklahoma Stampede on Dragon. Jimmy breaks the pin. Cheech gives him a 2k1 Bomb. Lee kicks Cheech. He misses a big boot and gets powerslammed by Cheech for one. Cheech gets a dragon Frankensteiner. KZ and Cheech double pescado onto Lee and Dragon. Olsen’s dive attempt is stopped by Cloudy. Cheech gives him a slingshot dropkick. Dragon missile dropkicks Cheech. KZ hits the Beat Boom on Dragon. Lee pitches KZ to the floor. Cheech and Cloudy hit him with an enzuigiri/superkick combo. Lee fires up, but gets taken down with the STO Snap. Jimmy breaks the pin and tosses Cheech out. He kills Cloudy with an Overbomb into a piledriver. KZ comes in to stop the pin. Dragon unloads with forearms on KZ. Lee disposes of his own partner and big boots KZ. Lee puts both Cheech and Cloudy on his shoulders. Jimmy tries diving off onto a splash on KZ, but it falls apart. Thankfully Lee still manages a double Death Valley Driver. Lee slams all three opponents next to each other. He demands Dragon hit a dive. He misses the Spiral Tap on all three. Cheech and Cloudy dropkick Olsen and Lee out. Dragon eats Partly Cloudy with a chance of Cheech and Death by Knee. KZ follows with KZ Time for the pin at 14:11. Cheech and Cloudy typically work magic with the Olsens and Brodie and this was no different. Although it’s a shame Colin couldn’t work the show, they made a good story out of Dragon being the makeshift partner. KZ more than held up his end too. Really good stuff aside from one big flub. After the match, Lee gives Dragon a big boot for his troubles. ***

Team IPW-UK (Martin Stone, Sha Samuels & Derek Frazier) are in the back. Stone says they’ve made it to the “dance”, but they aren’t here to dance; they have business to take care off. Samuels says they didn’t fly halfway across the world to lose in the first round. Frazier says that the fact of the matter is that they’re taking home the gold.

King of Trios 2008 First Round Match
Drake Younger, Scotty Vortekz & Dustin Lee vs. Martin Stone, Sha Samuels & Derek Frazier

An all out brawl starts off the match. The Naptown Dragons send IPW-UK out to the floor with forearms. Younger and Lee go out to continue the brawl. Vortekz moonsaults onto everyone. Younger and Stone trade strikes. Samuels and Vortekz fight up the entrance ramp while Lee chops Frazier against the guardrail. Vortekz monkey flips Stone back down to ringside. Stone suplexes Younger on the floor. Lee gets whipped to the guardrails. Frazier brings him back into the ring and rakes at his face. Younger and Vortekz are still brawling with Stone and Samuels. Frazier snapmares Lee into a back kick. Stone and Samuels come back to help Frazier beat down Lee. Lee manages to elbow Stone off the ropes and come down on him with a tumbleweed senton. Frazier jumps on Lee and repeatedly bashes his head into the mat before a tag can be made. Lee does roll under a double clothesline from Frazier and Samuels. Younger tags in and clotheslines every member of IPW-UK. Vortekz high crossbody’s onto Samuels. Younger hits a DDT. Frazier tumbles onto them to break the count. Younger gives Frazier a running reverse Death Valley Driver. Stone clotheslines Younger in the corner and pulls him into a short-arm lariat. Vortekz hits Stone with a tornado kick. Samuels pulls up Vortekz. Vortekz gives him some strikes but takes a spinebuster. Lee makes the save. He gives Samuels a running tornado DDT. Stone breaks up the pin. He trades forearms with Younger. Stone gives him a sit-out spinebuster and a rope-assisted DDT. Vortekz tries a Frankensteiner. Samuels turns it into a Boston Crab. Frazier puts Lee in a crossface. Both Vortekz and Lee tap at 12:30. This was the sleeper hit of the evening. Coming into the match I wasn’t terribly familiar with anyone but Drake, but both trios provided one heck of a fight, unlike anything else seen in the opening round thus far. Some of the momentum was lost towards the end but I really enjoyed watching them fight around the ring and in the crowd as it played to everyone’s strengths. The UK team being incredibly charismatic helps as well. ***

King of Trios 2008 Second Round Match
Chiva II, Chiva III & Chiva IV vs. Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C} & Worker Ant {C}

A picture with all six participants turns into a headlock chain, then a headscissors chain. One of the Chivas turns everyone over into a big Boston Crab. Fire Ant grabs the ropes. All six competitors playing ring around the rosey around Bryce. Bryce gets angry and sets them straight. He feels bad for spoiling the fun and apologizes. They all hug him in forgiveness. IV gives Soldier Ant an armdrag, but Soldier Ant gives him a Samoan Drop. The Colony take turns attacking him. IV’s head is so hard though that any maneuvers to it hurt the Colony. Worker Ant hits him in the stomach, so IV rams his horns into his midsection. III gives him an arm-capture piledriver. Fire Ant breaks the pin. All three Chivas continue to attack Worker Ant until IV tosses him to the floor. Soldier Ant comes in with a missile dropkick. II and Worker Ant fight on the floor. Soldier Ant sends IV out with a headscissors. III stops Fire Ant from giving an Antapult. He then headbutts Soldier and Worker Ant. They duck under III and suicide dive onto II and IV. Fire Ant gives III a brainbuster for two. IV and II break it up. IV pescado’s onto Soldier And Worker Ant. III follows with a twisting senton. Fire Ant sunset flips II who blinds him with the flash of a camera. II gives him a Tiger Driver. The three Chivas give him a tandem reverse Shock Treatment for two. Soldier and Worker Ant toss III feet first into IV. The Colony hit II with the Ants Marching dropkick for two. A series of missed dives leads to Fire Ant hitting III with a Jon Woo dropkick. He gives him a Beach Break off the second rope for the pin at 11:23. This was really disjointed. It never felt like the action went anywhere or that the crowd really cared for any of it outside the silly stuff in the beginning. Fire Ant’s second rope Beach Break was really cool but there is nothing else memorable about this match. **

Vin Gerard is shown wandering down the aisle and around the building at the end of the match.

BLK Out are in the back. They’re the first of four teams to get a bye into the second round. Ruckus says the reason they’re here is to become the 2008 King of Trios. Duh. Joker is looking to put 2007 in the past. They will do whatever it takes to win. Eddie Kingston says he’s been telling everyone for months now that they’re the best team to ever come into CHIKARA. Whenever he says something, he backs it up. So when he tells you that he’s going to run through the tournament, you can put it on your life.

King of Trios 2008 Second Round Match
UltraMantis Black {ONT}, Hydra {ONT} & Crossbones {ONT} vs. Eddie Kingston {BO}, Ruckus {BO} & Joker {BO}

Ruckus is replacing Sabian who broke his jaw. BLK Out attacks the Order before the bell. Crossbones ducks Kingston’s backfist and lays him out with an enzuigiri. Rukus sends Crossbones to the floor. Mantis arm whips Ruckus and comes off the second rope with a tornado clutch. A couple more armdrags send Ruckus out. He trips Mantis on the apron. Joker resists Hydra’s running shoulder blocks. Hydra gives him a wheelbarrow armdrag to the floor. Joker catches his pescado and tosses him back into the ring. Ruckus hits a cartwheel moonsault for two. Hydra is straight up bullied by the BLK Out until out of nowhere he catches Kingston with a Complete Shot and rolls to the floor. Crossbones missile dropkicks Kingston. Ruckus and Joker whip him to the ropes. Crossbones kicks Joker down and German suplexes Ruckus. Mantis and Crossbones double flapjack Joker into a lung blower from Hydra. Joker kicks out. Joker dropkicks Crossbones to the corner. Ruckus hits the Razzle Dazzle and Kingston yakuza kicks him. Joker finishes up the sequence with a cannonball senton. Mantis attacks Joker from behind. Mantis gets dropkicked by the entire BLK Out at once. Hydra makes the save. He low bridges the ropes to send Kingston and Ruckus out.Hydra back elbows Joker twice. Joker catches Hydra coming off the ropes. He hits the Joker Driver for the pin at 9:08. That finish always looks totally devastating. I think a lot of people had the BLK Out pegged to win, but the Order gave a shockingly good fight and came off as fearless. **¾

King of Trios 2008 Second Round Match
Mike Quackenbush, Shane Storm & Jorge “Skayde” Rivera vs. Cheech, Cloudy & m.c. KZ {DG}

Quackenbush and KZ start off hot. KZ gets a wheelbarrow armdrag but Quackenbush smacks him on the head. He applies a courting hold, which KZ escapes by running the ropes into an armdrag. Quackenbush responds in kind and gets two with a crucifix pin. After a stand off Cloudy and Storm tag in. Storm delivers an armdrag Cloudy ducks That Japanese Move. He headscissors Storm twice. Skayde and Cheech tag in. Cheech uses referee PJ Drummond to escape a courting hold. Skayde still takes him down, but Cheech is able to armdrag him away. After some more armdragging Quackenbush tags in. He misses a dropkick. Cheech’s chops fire up Quackenbush, so he chops KZ and Cloudy. From the apron Skayde catches Cheech’s chop and comes off the top with an armdrag. Storm crossbody’s onto Cheech and KZ. They accidentally chop Cloudy. Quackenbush comes in leading to the Michinoku Pro comedy spot. Storm, Quackenbush and Skayde armdrag their opponents to the floor and fake out a dive. KZ dropkicks Skayde to the floor. Quackenbush gets attacked by all three guys in the corner. He slides out, bringing Skayde in. He also gets triple teamed in the corner. He’s hung on the top rope and dropkicked to the floor. Storm comes in but is cut off by Cloudy almost instantly. He escapes Team WTF’s grasp when Cheech misses a Superman spear. Storm nails KZ with a tornado kick and gives Cloudy a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He follows up with a senton for two. Storm German suplexes Cheech and hits That Japanese Move. Cheech rolls to the floor. Cloudy hits a Yoshi Tonic. Quackenbush breaks the cover. He blocks Cloudy’s Yoshi Tonic with the Mad Scientist Bomb for two. Skayde trips KZ into a double leg submission, then a reverse Pendulum. Cheech uses the Busaiku Knee to break it. Quackenbush blocks Go 2 Cheech. He palm strikes Cheech twice. Cheech and Cloudy hit a tandem Roll of the Dice variant. They double suplex Storm onto his head.Storm fires away with chops and forearms. He eats a superkick/enzuigiri combo. Cheech and Cloudy dive onto Storm and Quackenbush. KZ hits Skayde with the B-Boy. The Beat Boom gets him two. He calls for KZ Time. Skayde gets his knees up to block it. Skayde rolls KZ up into the Jorge Special for the pin at 12:47. KZ’s style lends itself to being able to match up to guys like Quackenbush and Skayde and it was a joy seeming him do just that. It took some time to get through the contrived sequences in the beginning (so. many. armdrags), but after that it was really smooth and fun. ***

King of Trios 2008 Second Round Match
Delirious {I}, Hallowicked {I} & Helios vs. Martin Stone, Sha Samuels & Derek Frazier

The Golden Trio are the second of four teams to get a bye into the second round. Of course, they have this namesake since they are CHIKARA’s champions. Delirious freaks out at the bell. He mocks the opposing teams accents. Stone’s larger frame holds for a bit but Delirious ends up knocking him down with a running shoulder block. Hallowicked comes in with Frazier. Hallowicked hits a step-up enzuigiri and a super snapmare. He also delivers a step-up Frankensteiner. Helios comes in. Frazier catches him with a DDT and tags in Samuels. Helios ducks his clotheslines and trips him. Delirious, Hallowicked, and Helios quickly rotate in and out to deliver some strikes. Samuels sends Helios face first into the middle turnbuckle. Samuels and the rest of his team beat down Helios (while keeping an eye on Incoherence) for a while. He hops over Samuels and tags in Hallowicked who big boots all three IPW-UK members to the floor. Delirious fakes them out, then Helios dives over him with a tope con hilo. In the ring Delirious hits Frazier with the Panic Attack. The Here It Is Driver gets him two. Samuels and Stone jump in and drop him with a double spinebuster. Hallowicked DDT’s them simultaneously. Frazier hits a Jackhammer for two. Helios comes in with the Sky is Falling for two. Hallowicked puts Samuels on his shoulders. Helios jumps off of Samuels’ back onto Stone for a dropkick. Hallowicked gives Stone the Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Delirious hits Shadows Over Heck. Frazier breaks the pin. Frazier drops Delirious with a uranage. Hallowicked breaks the pin. Frazier ducks a yakuza kick but takes the Rydeen Bomb. Stone lariats Hallowicked. Helios makes the save. Hallowicked chokeslams Stone. Helios hits Heliocentricity. Stone dives in. He drives Helios back first to the corner. He puts on a Boston Crab while Frazier has Delirious in a crossface. Hallowicked big boots Samuels. He pulls Frazier over and puts him in the CHIKARA Special! Frazier taps at 16:05. This was a great match to end the night. The IPW-UK guys got to wrestle some of CHIKARA’s finest in a completely different style than they did with the Naptown Dragons.The last few minutes were really exciting with a pinfall seemingly able to come to fruition at any time. It’s a shame the UK guys never made their way back to CHIKARA (in the US, anyways) because they were one of my favorite teams of the entire tournament. ***¼


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