PWG: ¡Dia de los Dangerous!


Reseda, CA – 2.24.2008

PWG World Tag Team Championship
Joey Ryan & Scott Lost (Champions) vs. Delirious & Hallowicked

Delirious freaks out at the bell. Lost quiets the crowd. He notices Delirious behind him and bails to the floor. Lost puts on a waistlock. Delirious rolls his way out of it for a two count. Lost tries a single leg take down but Delirious schoolboys him. He puts on a side headlock. Hallowicked blind tags in and schoolboys Lost for two. From the apron he shoulder blocks Lost and slingshots in with another schoolboy. Lost tags in Ryan who also succumbs to a schoolboy attempt. Ryan gets in his own schoolboy but Delirious has blind tagged in. He schoolboys Ryan for two. Hallowicked rolls up the Dynasty and Delirious for two. Lost and Delirious circle each other. Ryan attacks Delirious from behind. Delirious however back suplexes Lost for two. He throws Lost face first into Hallowicked’s boot. He slams Lost and lands a senton for two. Lost kicks Hallowicked in the ribs and gives him a gutbuster. Ryan and Lost target Hallowicked’s mid-section as they isolate him in their corner. Hallowicked backs Ryan to the corner to get a tag from Delirious but referee Patrick Hernandez did not see it. Hallowicked manages to catch Lost with a step-up enzuigiri and yakuza kick. Delirious forearms Ryan off the apron and hits Lost with a diving clothesline. Delirious clotheslines Ryan in the corner. Lost tries a powerbomb but Delirious responds with a Frankensteiner. He headbutts Ryan in the stomach as he comes off the top rope. He hits Lost with the Panic Attack and drop toe holds Ryan into Lost’s crotch. He tosses Ryan into Hallowicked’s Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Ryan kicks out. Lost grabs Delirious’ foot. Ryan O’Conner Rolls him. Delirious kicks Ryan out onto Lost on the floor. Incoherence hit stereo suicide dives. Hallowicked and Ryan trade schoolboys back in the ring. Ryan hits a pump-handle suplex. Lost gets two with a running Complete Shot. Hallowicked kicks Lost. He and Delirious hit the Sidewinder. Ryan breaks the pin. Lost drops Delirious off of his shoulders and into an X-Factor from Ryan. Delirious kicks out. He gives Lost a neckbreaker on his knee. Ryan superkicks Delirious. He superkicks Hallowicked who bounces off the ropes and yakuza kicks Ryan. Delirious lights up Ryan with strikes. Lost feeds him a boot. Hallowicked chokeslams Lost. Jade Chung stops Delirious from hitting Shadows Over Heck. Ryan tosses Delirious off the top rope and into an Ace Crusher from Lost for the pin at 20:17. The quiet crowd hurt this, but it was cool seeing Incoherence in the PWG environment. The Dynasty know how to integrate humor into their wrestling, making them a good pairing. The ending wasn’t incredibly strong but the action was fairly strong. ***


One Response to PWG: ¡Dia de los Dangerous!

  1. No comment about Incoherence’s pre-match promo with Delirious and Hallowicked pounding on the wall and Delirious singing, “I really dig those styles they wear?”

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