ROH: Transform

Edison, NJ – 1.12.2008

Mike Quackenbush, El Generico & Delirious vs. Kenny King, Jason Blade & Sal Rinauro

Delirious bounces around at the sound of the bell. Delirious takes Blade down with a waistlock. Blade gets the ropes to break a hammerlock. Blade knocks Delirious down with a shoulder block. Delirious takes him down with a headlock and a pair of armdrags. Blade tags in Rinauro and Delirious tags in Quack. Rinauro immediately hit a forearm. Quack kicks him away, armdrags him down, stomps on his foot, and sweeps his leg. Generico and King tag in. King takes control with his arrogant demeanor. Generico comes back with a high crossbody. Delirious tags in and kicks King while alluding to the fact that King was a competitor on Tough Enough. Quack tags in and ties up King’s legs. Generico tags in but misses a split-legged moonsault. This mistake allows the YRR to isolate Generico from the rest of his team and wear him down. Generico escapes by having King accidentally clothesline Rinauro. Quack tags in and palm strikes Rinauro. He knocks Rinauro down with a running elbow strike. he hits the Black Tornado Slam for two. Delirious tags in. Rinauro rakes his eyes and tags in King. All three members of the YRR attack Delirious in the corner. Blade misses and receives three attacks from his opponents. Delirious chokeslams him but King breaks the count. Blade backs Delirious to the corner where Rinauro messes with his mask. Quack and Generico hit a tandem hiptoss on Rinauro from the top rope. They then hit King with stereo kicks. Quack and Generico dive onto King and Rinauro, respectively. Delirious goes for Shadows Over Hell, but YRR member Chasyn Rance hits Delirious with a crutch from the floor. Blade picks up a cheap win on Delirious at 12:13. This was a fun trios match to kick off the show. The YRR were seemingly coming in as the new heel stable, and they certainly got a chance to showcase their characters and the talent they possess. **¾


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