AZW: Battleclash III


Waipahu, HI – 1.7.2008

Larry Sweeney vs. CIMA

Sweeney stalls on the floor. When he comes back in, CIMA takes him down and spanks him. Sweeney goes back to the floor. He proudly takes CIMA to the corner in a lock-up. He struts away. He does it a second time. CIMA dropkicks him in the back, then gives him a kick to the small of his back. Sweeney heads to the back. The referee ends up pulling Sweeney out by his ear. CIMA stomps him silly and messes with his hair. He lands a senton splash and a flip senton for two. Sweeney elbows out of a hammerlcok. He tries bailing on the match but CIMA grabs him by his hair. He drives Sweeney back first into the ring apron. CIMA spanks him with a flip flop. He even pulls up Sweeney’s tights to make the spanking hurt more. He puts on an abdominal stretch, then turns it into a Side Russian leg sweep. Sweeney hot shots CIMA and delivers some stomps. While the referee is distracted he chokes CIMA with his wrist tape. He gets two with a butterfly suplex. He comes off the elbow rope with an elbow drop for another two count. He chokes CIMA with the tape on the floor and sends his shoulder into the ring post. Back in the ring Sweeney gets two with a gutwrench suplex. He pulls down the straps. He puts on a side headlock. CIMA escapes. He goes for a sunset flip, pulling down Sweeney’s singlet and exposing his buttocks in the process. He then gives Sweeney a Manhattan drop. He dropkicks Sweeney’s buttocks, sending him neck first into the second turnbuckle. Sweeney begs off and rakes CIMA in the eyes. CIMA throws Sweeney off the top rope. He double stomps his chest for two. Sweeney comes back with a Gourd Buster. CIMA kicks out. He hits the Superdrol before hitting the Perfect Driver for two. Sweeney tries to Graham Cracker CIMA but the referee catches him. The referee shoves down Sweeney when Sweeney argues with him. CIMA throws some kicks to the chest. Sweeney counters a hip toss with the ’68 Comeback Special. Sweeney goes up top. CIMA superkicks Sweeney, causing him to hang in a reverse tree of woe. CIMA hits the Tokarev and the Schwein for the win at 17:13. CIMA has the comedy chops to match somebody like Sweeney. I had a fun time watching this, even if it did go just a little long. I think the fact that this match even happened is pretty awesome. **½


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