PWG: All Star Weekend 6


Van Nuys, CA – 1.5.2008

Chris Hero, Necro Butcher & Candace LeRae vs. Eddie Kingston, Human Tornado & Claudio Castagnoli

If Hero’s team wins, Hero faces Tornado tomorrow night. If Tornado wins, he faces LeRae tomorrow night. An all out brawl starts the match off. Hero and Kingston fight in the ring. LeRae goes after Tornado while Butcher and Claudio braw into the crowd. Kingston and Hero fight to the floor as well. Hero stops Kingston from hurting LeRae. Butcher and Claudio fight outside in the rain where Butcher throws a full garbage can on Claudio’s back. Tornado hops on Butcher’s back. Claudio puts the can on Butcher and slams the lid of the can into him. Butcher throws rocks at them. Hero pounds on Claudio and slams Tornado on the garbage can. He joins Butcher in throwing stones at Kingston. Claudio slips as he tries to save his partner. Hero gives him a senton. Butcher dumps rain water all over him. Kingston and Tornado take control for their team as Claudio heads back into the building. Hero sends Tornado into the ring post. Kingston goes after LeRae but Butcher uses a chair to take out his legs. He then uses the chair in a bodyslam. He slams Tornado back first with a chair into the ring post. LeRae and Hero team up on Tornado in the ring. Kingston throws Hero to the floor. LeRae gives him a headscissors. Hero stops Tornado from giving LeRae the DND. Claudio hits Hero with Swiss Chin Music while Tornado blasts LeRae with a superkick. Tornado and Butcher fight on the apron. Tornado hip tosses him to the concrete! With Butcher and LeRae recovering, the three Rudos take turns wearing down Hero. Hero powerbombs Kingston while Kingston punches him in the corner. He tags in Butcher who takes on all the opposition. He pummels and stomps Kingston in the corner. He gives Kingston a top rope Frankensteiner. Tornado breaks the cover. Butcher gives him a punch but Tornado comes back with a tornado DDT. Hero makes the save. Tornado avoids a suplex and kicks Hero in the head before dropkicking him in the corner. He gives him the House Party. Hero catches the groin kick. He tosses Tornado out of a cravate for two. Claudio drops Hero in a TKO for two. Claudio goes for an uppercut. Hero instead twists into a boot. He nails Kingston with a rolling elbow and follows him to the floor. Tornado accidentally pescado’s onto Kingston. Hero fights both of them off. Claudio accidentally dives onto his own partners. Hero moonsault onto all three of them. Butcher then sentons onto them. LeRae missile dropkicks Kingston who is now back in the ring. Kingston gets up and slaps her. LeRae slaps him back! Kingston goes for the Backfist. Hero jumps in his way. Kingston gives him the Backfist to the Future and a Saito suplex for the pin at 23:17. I really liked the chaotic feel this provided. Unfortunately, because of that chaos, it felt like nothing happened aside from brawling for the sake of brawling. There wasn’t any key, memorable moment or something to really forward the feud. It was filler, but at least fun filler. **¾

Van Nuys, CA – 1.6.2008

Chris Hero vs. Eddie Kingston

Hero attacks Kingston before the bell outside the ring. Hero gets in some strikes around the building. They trade chops and blows back inside the ring. Hero hits a running boot while Kingston is seated, sending him back to the floor. Hero kicks him in the side of the head. A slap to Kingston enrages him, slapping Hero right back after some punches. Hero kicks him in the side of the head again. They trade headbutts on their knees. Hero bites Kingston, gets him to his feet, and headbutts him again. In the ring Hero misses a boot. It allows Kingston to give him an armdrag and an overhead suplex. He chokes Hero on the second rope. Kingston goes for a Saito suplex. Hero elbows and knee strikes his way free. Kingston blocks a rolling elbow and slams Hero out of a belly-to-back suplex position. He lights up Hero with chops in the corner but Hero just absorbs them. Kingston notices and gives him a headbutt, also knocking himself down. Hero comes out of the corner with a rolling elbow. They slap each other, evolving the exchange into boots and chops to the face. Hero kicks Kingston a couple times before delivering a twisting neckbreaker. He gets two with a release suplex. Kingston releases Hero out of a German suplex for two. Hero nails a rolling elbow. Kingston rolls to the floor. Hero hurts his leg attempting a through the ropes dropkick. Back in the ring Kingston hits a short-arm lariat for two. Hero blocks the Backfist. He schoolboys Kington into a traditional cradle for the pin at 12:45. The crowd was deathly silent for most of this. The strikes came off well and it felt like a real fight but it’s tough when no fan can be bothered to make noise. Hero’s leg did legitimately get hurt, leading to a fairly abrupt finish. I also don’t really dig parity booking which is why each guy pinning the other in the same weekend is somewhat annoying. A solid effort but far from their best match. **¼


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