ROH: Final Battle 2007


New York, NY – 12.30.2007

Sweet N’ Sour Inc. (Tank Toland, Sara Del Rey, Daniel Puder, and Bobby Dempsey) comes out with Larry Sweeney. Last night, Claudio Castagnoli defeated Chris Hero at “Rising Above.” Because of that victory, he was rewarded a singles match with Larry Sweeney tonight. Sweeney’s got a smile on his face. He says because Daniel Puder snapped Claudio’s leg last night at, he is unable to compete here tonight. Therefore, he says his match with Claudio is off. Claudio comes off and says the match is still on. He limps to the ring. Sweeney tries to refuse but Claudio points out that the match contract states if Sweeney doesn’t compete tonight then he can never do business in ROH again. Claudio goes after him. Toland clips Claudio’s bad leg before the bell rings.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Larry Sweeney

Sweeney of course targets Claudio’s leg like a hawk. Toland also does some damage to the leg whenever Sweeney distracts referee Paul Turner. Claudio lunges at Sweeney. Sweeney avoids the attack and stomps on his bad leg again. Claudio kicks Bobby Dempsey into Toland. Claudio rips off Sweeney’s shirt and hits him with uppercuts. He reigns down with nine punches before delivering another uppercut. He sets up for the Ricola Bomb. Toland distracts the referee while Puder clobbers Claudio in the leg with Toland’s work out stick. Sweeney rolls up Claudio for the pin in 2:35. Obviously not much of a match, but a fun way to keep the Claudio/Sweet N’ Sour Inc. feud going. ½*


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