AAW: One Twisted Christmas 2007


Berwyn, IL – 12.15.2007

AAW Heritage Championship
Eric Priest (Champion) vs. Larry Sweeney

Sweeney elbows out of a hammerlock. Sweeney puts on a wristlock. Preiset puts on another hammerlock. He ducks Sweeney’s elbow and gives him a hip toss. Sweeney retreats to the floor. He spits some water into Priest’s face. He points to his head to show his “brains” but Priest pulls him to the apron by his hair. He slingshots Sweeney into the ring and biels him across the ring by his hair. Prieset whips Sweeney across the ring a few times before delivering a boot. He misses a tackle, sending Priest shoulder first into the ring post. Sweeney hits his shoulder with a chair. He does some more damage to Priest’s arm. He chokes Priest when he’s about to escape a chinlock. He drops an elbow from the second rope and gives Priest a butterfly suplex. Sweeney pulls down the straps before dropping a fist for two. Priest pulls down Sweeney’s trunks when attempting a sunset flip. He gives him an atomic drop and bodyslam. Sweeney rakes Priest’s eyes. Sweeney goes up top but Priest tosses him off. He gives Sweeney an Ace Crusher for two. Sweeney comes back with a spinebuster for two. He hits the ‘68 Comeback Special. He heads up top for the 12 Large elbow. He misses. Priest hits the FU 69 (a spin-out F5 uranage deal) for the pin at 9:31. More or less your typical Sweeney bout. The AAW crowd were game for his antics since it was his debut, and with Priest being beloved it was an easy story to tell. It just wasn’t terribly exciting. *½


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