IWC: A Call To Arms 4 – Controlled Chaos

Elizabeth, PA – 12.8.2007

IWC Super Indy Championship – Steel Cage Match
John McChesney (Champion) vs. Larry Sweeney

Sweeney chases McChesney around the cage, as McChesney is taking his sweet time to delay the bout. Sweeney chops him up against the barricades. Sweeney throws elbows at the back of his neck. McChesney climbs into the cage. He tries to climb out immediately when the bell sounds. Sweeney attacks him from behind and delivers ten punches in the corner. Sweeney hits a Bionic Elbow. McChesney tries to climb out when Sweeney whips him across the ring. Sweeney pulls him down and McChesney throws Sweeney head first into the cage. McChesney throws him into the side of the cage a few more times. Sweeney’s head is bloodied up as McChesney throws punches at him. McChesney traps Sweeney between the cage and the ropes so he can choke Sweeney with his own belt. McChesney gets two with a Northern Lights suplex. Sweeney gets his head thrown into the cage repeatedly. Sweeney side steps a tackle and McChesney hits the cage wall. Sweeney climbs the cage after throwing McChesney into it. McChesney recovers just in time to fight Sweeney on the top rope. McChesney gets crotched on the top rope, causing Sweeney to lose his balance and fall to the canvas. McChesney blocks a piledriver with a TKO. McChesney superkicks him before climbing the cage. Sweeney gives McChesney a side Russian legsweep off the top rope. Sweeney gives him a piledriver and follows up with the 12 Large Elbow for a two count. McChesney sends Sweeney face first into the cage. He ties Sweeney’s leg to the bottom rope by his belt. Sweeney escapes and heads for the door. However, McChesney crawls out of the cage more quickly and gets the win at 11:14. Pretty tame by cage match standards. I’m not sure what it is about McChesney the IWC crowd seems to love. Quite frankly he’s pretty bland. Sweeney however took his beating like a champion and elevated the drama in the bout. **3/4


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