IWA Mid-South: A Rotten Farewell


Plainfield, IN – 12.7.2007

IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Champion & IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Championship Elimination Match
Mike Quackenbush (Champion) vs. Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Hero vs. Chuck Taylor

Quackenbush and Hero start out trading holds. Quackenbush cartwheels out of a wristlock and uses the towel in Hero’s trunks to wipe his brow to embarrass Hero. Hero breaks out of Quackenbush’s wristlock and tags in Taylor. He tries standing up to Kingston but then hides behind the referee in fear. Kingston mocks Hero by putting Taylor in a cravate. They exchange holds on the mat. Kingston gives Taylor a wet willie, causing Hero to boot Kingston to break the hold. Quackenbush utilizes some armdrag variants on Hero. After an atomic drop he sweeps out Hero’s legs and drives his knees into his chest. Kingston tags in and Hero retreats. Taylor attacks Kingston from behind. Kingston suplexes him overhead for two. After some chops, Hero comes in to sneak attack Kingston. Kingston rocks him with a headbutt and suplexes. Taylor breaks the pin. He and Hero form a makeshift team against Kingston. Quackenbush interjects on a few occasions. Hero betrays Taylor with a side Russian legsweep. He gets in a few shots before dumping Taylor to the floor and dragging Quackenbush into the ring. Hero gets two with a headstand senton thanks to Kingston interjecting. Hero escapes a Saito suplex and delivers a headbutt. Hero keeps beating on Kingston until tagging him with a rolling elbow. When Kingston rolls out, Taylor comes in and takes over. He overhead suplexes Hero and avoids Quackenbush’s Swanton. Taylor also avoids a bulldog but takes a running knee strike. He gives Taylor a reverse brainbuster for two. He gives Hero a lungblower. Taylor dropkicks Hero and then gets German suplexed by Kingston. Quackenbush palm strikes Kingston twice. Hero pokes Quackenbush in the eyes. Quackenbush gives Taylor a full nelson facebuster. Hero boots Kingston who comes back in the ring. Quackenbush huracanrana’s Hero for two. He gives Taylor La Mistica for two. Taylor turns the Black Tornado Slam into a sunset flip for the pin at 16:38! Quackenbush is eliminated and Taylor is the new Light Heavyweight champion.

Kingston goes for a Backdrop Driver. Taylor counters with Sole Food and a Finlay Roll. He hits a moonsault for two. Kingston gives him a Tiger suplex. Hero powerbombs Kingston across the ring. Taylor fights off Hero. He tries a moonsault but Hero catches him in a cravate. Hero gives him the Cravate Buster for the pin at 18:10. Taylor is eliminated, but still Light Heavyweight champion. Kingston and Hero unload on one another. Jabs, boots, forearms, slaps, and headbutts are dished out. They fight into the crowd. Hero does damage to Kingston’s right arm. Hurt, Kingston makes his way back into the ring. Hero chops him repeatedly in the neck. He gets two with a powerbomb. Kingston gives him a short-arm lariat. Hero suplexes him out of a cravate. Kingston kicks out at one. Hero kicks out of a few Saito suplexes. Hero blocks the Backfist to the Future. He delivers a piledriver. Kingston kicks out! Hero comes off the top rope with a double stomp for two. He tries the Hero’s Welcome. Kingston escapes. He misses the Backfist to the Future. He hits it twice shortly after to pick up the win and the Heavyweight Championship at 25:52. This match was at it’s best in the first two falls. While ending with Kingston and Hero was logical, the action that preceded it was more exciting and the Kingston/Hero interaction didn’t live up to the expectations of the crowd. Considering the war they had at the TPI a few months prior, I understand. Going into the crowd killed part of the momentum and they didn’t quite recover from it once it got back into the ring. More or less this was a good match but could have been showcased as something more special. ***¼

Kingston dedicates the match to both Chris Candido and BlackJack Marciano. 2 Cold Scorpio challenges Kingston for the title. Kingston will give Scorpio his shot when IWA Mid-South returns March 1st for it’s 500th Show.


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