Pod Per View #3



Wiggly and Chiz open the show. Mike Quackenbush is going to present the Top 10 Finishing Moves as voted on by CHIKARA fans. Quackenbush introduces Number 10, “El Asesino” as performed by Los Ice Creams. Number 9 is “That Japanese Move” as performed by Shane Storm.

We then go over to Leonard F. Chikarason for an exclusive update. Due to the circumstances around their loss of the Campeones de Parejas, F.I.S.T. (Icarus and Gran Akuma) will be granted a Campeonatos de Parejas title shot whenever they see fit, regardless of how many points they hold at the time. We then go back to Mike Quackenbush to give us finisher Number 8: “Partly Cloudy with a chance of Cheech, as performed by Cheech and Cloudy. Number 7 is “Quackendriver II” as performed by Mike Quackenbush. He then throws us to the first exclusive match on the Pod Per View.

Cheech & Cloudy vs. JC Ryder & Lucky
“Bread and Buddha” – Collegeville, PA – 3.25.2007

Eddie Kingston is on commentary. Ryder shoulder blocks Cloudy. He gives him a backrake and an armdrag. Cloudy comes back with a hiponesa. He avoids some armdrags and a dropkick. He sends Ryder to the floor with a headscissors and fakes a dive. Cheech and Lucky tag in. Lucky toreadors Cheech and gives him a Frankensteiner. They trade pin attempts. Lucky baits Cheech into a kick to the stomach. Cheech sends him to the floor. Cloudy nails Ryder with a forearm strike. Ryder ducks a double clothesline but takes a hip toss/armdrag combo that sends him to the floor. They hip toss Lucky onto him. Ryder sends Cloudy into a ring post so he and Lucky can gang up on Cheech back in the ring. Cheech tosses Lucky onto his stomach out of the corner. Cloudy tags in and gives Ryder a back cracker. He drops Lucky out of a stretch and into an Ace Crusher. Ryder and Lucky beat him down. Cloudy fights out of a double suplex but takes a double cradle DDT. Cheech lariats Lucky and slams Ryder onto his stomach. Partly Cloudy with a chance of Cheech follows. Death by Knee gets them the win at 8:30. That was a lot of fun. They packed in a good amount of action and worked very well together. Ryder and Lucky weren’t around a lot, but man were they fun. **½

Mike Quackenbush shares with us the Number 6 finisher: “Backfist to the Future” as performed by Eddie Kingston, and the Number 5 finisher: “The Graveyard Smash” as performed by Hallowicked. Bryce Remsburg then tells us about how to get some exclusive CHIKARA stuff in 2008. We then go to the Number 4 finisher, “Quackendriver III” as performed by Mike Quackenbush, and then the Number 3 finisher, “The Ricola Bomb” as performed by Claudio Castagnoli.

Lince Dorado & Halcon Guerrera vs. Chris Hero {KOW} & Claudio Castagnoli {KOW}
Camden, NJ – 7.4.2007

Claudio chops Dorado up in the corner. Dorado gets in some shots of his own sending Claudio out. Hero and Guerrera tag in. Hero mocks Guerrera’s height but then gets taken down in an armdrag. Hero elbows out of a hammerlock. Hero asks for Dorado and gets it. He impresses himself with his own bodyslam and shoulder block. Dorado flips through a leg sweep and dropkicks Hero for two. Hero chokes him with his boot in the corner. Dorado armdrags his way out of the corner. After a monkey flip he dropkicks Hero to the floor. He fakes out a dive. Guerrera and Claudio tag in. Claudio tosses Guerrera off his shoulders and boots him in the face. Guerrera runs the ropes to armdrag out of a courting hold. He monkey flips Claudio who lands on his feet. Guerrera headscissors him to the floor, then hits a slingshot Frankensteiner on the floor. Hero Regalplexes Dorado. He holds Dorado for Claudio. Claudio accidentally chops Hero. This leads to a series of miscommunications between the Kings, usually with assistance from Dorado and Guerrera. Guerrera and Dorado get the win with stereo huracanrana’s at 8:38. The Lucha team was very over and Hero and Claudio were game to be the large, American Rudos. It was a combination that worked very well. **½

Mike Quackenbush then gives us the final two Top Finishing moves: Number 2, The CHIKARA Special, used by many CHIKARA Tecnicos, but introduced by Mike Quackenbush. Number 1, in somewhat of a surprise, is The Awful Waffle, Chuck Taylor’s killer finisher more commonly referred to as an Omega Driver.

Wiggy and Chiz close the show out by telling us CHIKARA’s Best of 2007 DVD should be on sale shortly.


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