IWA Deep South: Carnage Cup 2007


Pulaski, TN – 12.1.2007

Carnage Cup Opening Round – Lighttube Board, Lighttube Table, Barbed Wire Board, Barbed Wire Table
UltraMantis Black vs. Sexxxy Eddy vs. Scotty Vortekz

Whomever loses is eliminated, while the other two advance into the next round. Mantis comes of the second rope with a tornado clutch to Vortekz. Eddy breaks the pin with a lighttube which takes three shots to shatter. Vortekz clotheslines Eddy onto the lighttube shards. Mantis small packages Vortekz to two. Vortekz sends Mantis to the floor and does damage to the part of Eddy’s back which has cuts from the shards. Mantis rubs the barbed wire into Eddy’s head while Vortekz holds onto him. Vortekz chops Mantis against the rops. Mantis whips him into the barbed wire board. He gives Eddy the Uncle Slam for two. Vortekz spinwheel kicks Mantis for two. Mantis avoids being sent through the lighttube board. He suplexes Vortekz for two. Vortekz chops Mantis to the apron. Eddy attacks Vortekz, allowing Mantis to give him a Death Valley Driver through the barbed wire table! Eddy pins Vortekz for two. The wire is stuck in Mantis’ back as Eddy pins him for two. Mantis and Eddy bring the lighttube table into the ring. Mantis then shoves Eddy stomach first into the barbed wire from the barbed wire table. Mantis places a leg of the table on Vortekz’s neck. He then climbs the ropes for seemingly no reason. Eddy and Vortekz end up giving him a double superplex through the lighttube table for the pin at 10:52. That last spot was really contrived but the impact through the table was pretty crazy. This was alright. It was pretty interesting seeing Mantis in this environment, if nothing else. **

Amasis vs. Tim Donst vs. Hydra vs. Chrisjen Hayme vs. Shawn Reed vs. Chris Styles

Amasis and Donst look for control on the mat. Donst uses some amateur maneuvering to frustrate the Pharaoh. Amasis gets in a strike after some dancing. He takes Donst down with a shoulder tackle. Hydra sneaks in. He takes down Amasis with a hooking clothesline. He clotheslines Styles when he comes in. Styles dropkicks him out. Hayme chops and forearms Styles to the ropes. Hayme spikes him on a reverse huracanrana. Hayme and Reed go back and forth until Reed catches him with a spin-out backbreaker. Donst STO’s Reed and throws him out of a waistlock. A five person cravate chain is formed. Hydra, the odd man out, uses a Stone Cold Stunner to break it. He gets pin attempts on every participant. After arguing over who is at fault for the pain, they blame referee Derek Sabato. Amasis, Reed, and Styles roll up Hydra, Hayme and Donst for a two count. Hayme, Donst, and Hydra then try sunset flips. Amasis grabs on to his new friends and dances with them to stop from being flipped. Styles powerbombs Hydra into the corner. Hayme gives Styles an Alabama Destroyer for the pin at 5:54. That was a nice change of pace from the hardcore action, but nobody truly stood out or had time to do much of anything. **


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