Chapter 11


Philadelphia, PA – 11.18.2007

Commentary is provided by Larry Sweeney, Leonard F. Chikarason, Shayne Hawke, Bryce Remsburg, and UltraMantis Black.

Gran Akuma says while F.I.S.T. ran things in 2007, they’ve run into some snags lately. That’s why tonight they want to set the stage tonight for 2008. Chuck Taylor calls Los Ice Creams a bunch of jokes and says they’re going to kill them tonight. Icarus says he was embarrassed by Tim Donst at “New Star Navigation.” Donst started something then and Icarus is going to get retribution tonight. F.I.S.T. will be the ones dining on a victory meal tonight

Tim Donst, El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC} & Ice Cream Jr. vs. Icarus {F}, Gran Akuma {F} & Chuck Taylor {F}

Jr. goofs around with Icarus and takes him down with a pair of armdrags. Donst tries a chop but accidentally hits Jr. Akuma tags in. He and Donst take it to the mat. Akuma grabs the ropes to escape Donst’s grasp. Taylor and Hijo tag in. Hijo ducks a clothesline and pinches Taylor’s buttocks. Hijo pulls out his own invisible grenade and drops it on Taylor before delivering an elbow! Jr. then gives Taylor Sole Food! Los Ice Creams gang up on him in the corner. Icarus chops Donst up against the ropes. Akuma clotheslines Donst into Icarus’ sunset flip. F.I.S.T. wear down Donst. Taylor misses a moonsault. Donst German suplexes Akuma. Los Ice Creams hold onto him. Donst accidentally hits Los Ice Creams. They turn their back on Donst, leaving him to fend for himself. Icarus gives him a back cracker for two. Akuma drops him with a brainbuster. Taylor does some damage to Donst’s back. He hits the Awful Waffle. Icarus insists on doing more damage. He throws some forearms before hitting the Pedigree. He then puts Donst in the CHIKARA Special! Donst taps out at 12:29. The crowd was silent for what was apparently a mugging. Not even a very entertaining one at that. It made F.I.S.T. look pretty dominant and it showed that the Rudos now know the CHIKARA Special, but otherwise this is totally forgettable. *½

Robbie Ellis vs. Hydra {ONT}

UltraMantis Black is in Hydra’s corner. Ellis gets the better of Hydra in a test of strength until Hydra stomps on his foot. Ellis does a hip swivel in response to Hydra’s posing. Hydra clubs him from behind. Ellis block the Hydralock. Mantis almost accidentally hits Hydra with a cane. He knocks down Ellis with a clotheslines. Ellis pulls Hydra off the second turnbuckle and gives him a Burning Hammer! Ellis gets the pin in 1:25! There are many ways to spend 85 seconds. This is the best one. *

The Colony are in the back. Worker Ant says they won match after match after becoming a unit at the end of 2006. They hope to end the year with a bang by defeating Shane Storm and the Super Smash Bros. He proclaims next year to be the year of the ants.

Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C} & Worker Ant {C} vs. Shane Storm, Player Uno {SSB} & Stupefied {SSB}

Soldier Ant puts Storm in a side headlock on the mat. Storm fights out and puts on a wristlock. Storm cartwheels through a headscissors leading us to a stalemate. Stupefied and Worker Ant tag in. They pick up the pace in their back and forth exchange which sees Worker Ant dumped to the floor and Stupefied nailing a tope con hilo. Fire Ant and Uno come in. Fire Ant runs the ropes and cradles Uno for two. Fire Ant gives him the Stop, Drop and Roll into the corner. Uno gets two with a tornado clutch. He climbs the ropes and gets paused. Stupefied hits a missile dropkick on Fire Ant. He hits a standing moonsault for two. Fire Ant takes him over with a fireman’s carry and hits a senton. Soldier Ant and Worker Ant get in some offense before Fire Ant hits a second senton. Stupefied hits both Fire and Worker Ant with stereo Pele kicks. He unpauses Uno who gives Worker Ant a double axe handle. He hits the River City Ransom. Storm hits Worker Ant with a running forearm. The Smash Bros. give him a waterwheel slam/backcracker combo. Worker Ant slides out. Fire and Soldier Ant send the Smash Bros. to the floor. Storm fights them both off before getting backdropped onto the Smash Bros. Fire Ant gets Antapuleted onto all three of them. In the ring Storm gets up his STOP sign to stop the Colony from a triple dropkick. Stupefied kicks all three of them. Storm hits Fire Ant with the Air Raid Crash for two. The Smash Bros. are disposed leaving Storm to take the Ants Marching dropkick. Uno gets placed on the top turnbuckle. Worker Ant, sitting on Fire and Soldier Ant’s shoulders, superplexes Uno. Stupefied dropkicks Fire Ant and gives Soldier Ant a reverse DDT. He gets two with a standing Cancun tornado splash. Stupefied tries a diving DDT. He gets caught, and the Colony hit him with the Ant Hill for the pin at 9:51. Really fun trios match. The Smash Bros. looked excellent their first weekend in CHIKARA together and The Colony look stronger than ever as the season closes. ***

Larry Sweeney is thrilled because after months of waiting he gets his hands on Bryan Alvarez again tonight. He says if Alvarez thought he “brought it” in March, just wait. He’s going to bring it 120% and be the unquestioned victor.

ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship
Larry Sweeney (Champion) vs. Bryan Alvarez

This match is presented by the now defunct Fights Sports Midwest, which presented the first iteration of this match back at their first event. Sweeney brings out Buddy Lee Brooks, the officially sanctioned ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana referee. He was the same referee present for the first encounter. Sweeney takes Alvarez to the mat in a side headlock. Alvarez turns it into a headscissors. Sweeney brings them to their feet and knocks Alvarez down with a shoulder block. They trade wristlocks. Sweeney elbows his way out of a hammerlock. He calls for a handshake and Alvarez slaps him in the face. Sweeney goes to the floor. Alvarez chops him around ringside. Back in the ring he punches Sweeney twice in the corner before being dropped face first on the top turnbuckle. He gives Alvarez a butterfly suplex and two fist drops for two. Sweeney argues that it was a three count. He goes after Alvarez’s throat and chops him again in the corner. Alvarez turns it around. Sweeney pokes him in the eyes. He gets in a few shots before dropping an elbow from the second turnbuckle. Once again Sweeney gets in Buddy Lee’s face. Sweeney puts on a chinlock. Alvarez’s arm drops twice. On the third attempt he fights out and gives Sweeney a belly-to-back suplex. Buddy Lee slow counts Alvarez on a backdrop. He goes for a Swanton Bomb. Sweeney’s gets his knees up. Sweeney slams him and hits the 12 Large Elbow. Buddy Lee counts two and then stops! Sweeney gets in Buddy Lee’s face saying they had a deal. Lee slaps Sweeney and he turns into a superkick from Alvarez! Original referee PJ Drummond makes the count, and Alvarez wins the title at 9:12! I don’t know if the story with Sweeney and Buddy Lee was ever fully explained but the match itself was fun. It had much less stalling than your typical Sweeney match and told a good story. The referee stuff was a little convoluted but it didn’t take too much away from the action. Alvarez winning was certainly a nice surprise. **½

Delirious {I}, Cheech & Cloudy vs. El Pantera, MIYAWAKI {KD}, Passion Hasegawa {TX}

Delirious freaks out at the bell. MIYAWAKI and Delirious each attempt shoulder blocks. Delirious snaps off an armdrag but MIYAWAKI slams him. Delirious flexes in his face. Hasegawa and Cheech tag in. Hasegawa comes off the second rope with an armdrag. He follows up with a toreador. Cheech places him on the second rope, but Hasegawa is able to gives him a headscissors from there. Cheech suplexes Hasegawa as Hasegawa salsa dances. Delirious slams him into a senton. Cloudy suplexes Hasegawa into a slingshot senton from Cheech. Hasegawa catches Cloudy with a clothesline and tags in Pantera. He dropkicks Cloudy to the ropes. Pantera takes Cheech and Cloudy down with a London Bridge and reverse London Bridge. Delirious attacks from behind. Pantera delivers a headstand dropkick in the corner. He comes off the second rope with a diving headbutt crossbody. Hasegawa and MIYAWAKI help put the boots to the smallest member of the opposing team. Cloudy manages to spike MIYAWAKI with a tornado DDT and tag in Delirious. He rocks MIYAWAKI with forearms and a trifecta of clotheslines. MIYAWAKI comes back with a Manhattan Drop. Pantera hits a Shining Wizard. He then puts Cheech in a Cerebral Lock. Hasegawa and MIYAWAKI lock Cloudy and Delirious in abdominal stretches. They all get reversed. MIYAWAKI and Pantera rowboat Delirious and Cheech’s legs while Hasegawa hurcanrana’s Cloudy in the middle for two. Hasegawa takes Pantera’s place so Pantera can put Cloudy in the Romero Special. All gets broken up. Delirious catches MIYAWAKI with a headbutt to the mid-section. Delirious then comes off the apron with a cannonball senton. Cheech and Cloudy get dropkicked to the floor. Hasegawa and Pantera follow with suicide dives. In the ring MIYAWAKI blocks Delirious’ Panic Attack and hits it himself. He gets two with a reverse DDT thanks to Cheech. Pantera crotches Cheech on the top turnbuckle. He tosses him off. Hasegawa missile dropkicks Cheech. Cloudy gives Hasegawa a Yoshi Tonic for two. Delirious then hits Shadows Over Heck. Pantera and MIYAWAKI break the pin. Cheech and Cloudy send them to the floor and hit stereo pescados. Delirious and Hasegawa get in a forearm exchange. Delirious hits Chemical Imbalance II for the pin at 13:16. It was cool seeing a unique international triumvirate take on some of CHIKARA’s finest. It was well paced and fun but did feel a little meaningless. ***

Mike Quackenbush, Helios & Trik Davis vs. Amasis {OP}, Ophidian {OP} & Shayne Hawke

Hawke Like an Egyptian is my new favorite one-time trio name. Quackenbush is adorned in all six titles he currently holds. Hawke is upset that Helios’ wristlock counters are so advanced. Hawke snaps off an armdrag. He gets taken down with a knuckle lock and headscissors. Hawke tries a running double axe handle. Quackenbush takes him down with a neck-tie headscissors instead. He uses Hawke to backdrop and armdrag Ophidian. After a series of moves from everyone, Quackenbush turns Amasis inside out with a clothesline. He drops Amasis off his shoulders. Davis and Ophidian tag in. They look for control on the mat. Davis delivers double knees in the corner. Ophidian headscissors him into the corner. The Portal and Hawke isolate Davis in their half of the ring. Davis is able to catch Hawke with a DDT after a lengthy beat down and tags in Quackenbush. He chops up the Portal. They whip Quackenbush to the corner. Hawke misses an attack. Helios, Davis, and Quackenbush all get in some attacks. Quackenbush rolls Hawke into a high crossbody from Helios. A series of roll-ups from all participants occurs. The Portal have to break up Helios’ count on Hawke. The Portal look for a Pyramid superplex on Quackenbush. Helios instead kicks them into a super sunset flip from Quackenbush. Quackenbush then tope con hilo’s onto Hawke. Davis headscissors Ophidian on the floor. Helios Tiger walks up Amasis. From the apron he hits the Sky is Falling. A Phoenix Splash gets him the pin at 11:14. This picked up signicifantly in the last couple of minutes, but there was a whole lot of nothing going on before that. Looking at this card, they scheduled three superb main events then just filled out the rest with random stuff. There’s nothing wrong with that but it does make it tough to care when all of it feels so inconsequential. **½

Eddie Kingston says there’s a big difference between a need and a want. He says Hallowicked wants to beat him, but he needs to beat Hallowicked. He’s not going to yell to prove his point. He needs to prove to himself that he’s better than Hallowicked. It will put a period on all of the points he has made previously. He will feel justified and have his penance for all he has done in wrestling. Once again; he needs to win this match.

Falls Count Anywhere
Hallowicked {I} vs. Eddie Kingston {BO}

After staring each other down, both men clobber each other on the back. They exchange chops. Hallowicked elbows Kingston on the neck so Kingston rakes his eyes and throws some jabs. Hallowicked sends him out with a knee strike. He suplexes Kingston onto the entrance ramp for two. He chops Kingston up against the guardrails. Kingston dishes out some chops of his own. In the ring he delivers some palm strikes to Hallowicked’s kidney and kicks him in the face. He chokes Hallowicked on the middle rope and knocks him down with some open handed shots to the face. Hallowicked throws some chops so Kingston slaps him in the face. They headbutt one another. Kingston stomps on Hallowicked’s chest. He hits a springboard lariat to Hallowicked while he’s on the apron. He looks for a dive but Hallowicked yakuza kicks him from the floor. He then hits a Koppu Kick while Kingston is dangling on the middle rope. Hallowicked hits a Michinoku Driver on the floor for two. He tries a yakuza kick which Kingston blocks with an STO. Kingston kicks Hallowicked into the crowd. In the ring Kingston misses a yakuza kick. Hallowicked hits a step-up Frankensteiner. They trade chops in the ropes. Hallowicked delivers a headbutt before bringing Kingston down with a super fisherman’s buster. Kingston kicks out. Hallowicked goes for Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Kingston elbows his way free and gives Hallowicked a brainbuster for two. Hallowicked ducks the Backfist. He throws some chops. Another step-up Frankensteiner leads to a yakuza kick. Kingston again kicks out. Kingston blocks Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. He delivers a Saito suplex for two. Kingston gives him another one. Hallowicked fires up! The Backfist to the Future gives Kingston the win at 11:47. This was a knock-down, drag out fight; the perfect way to end this feud. I’m surprised it didn’t get a little crazier and didn’t have a little more time, but no doubt that these two fought tooth and nail and gave us an good capper to a great feud. Admittedly, the crowd could have been more lively, but then again the Philadelphia crowd was pretty bad for every CHIKARA show this year. ***¼

(Note: You can watch this match in its entirety here.)

Lince Dorado says all this year Mitch Ryder has tried to embarrass him and run him out of the country. He doesn’t even have the respect to say his name properly. He will not let Mitch take what’s important to him. He’s going to take Mitch’s hair. He promises that Ryder will leave Philadelphia bald.

Lucha de Apuesta – Mask vs. Hair
Lince Dorado vs. Mitch Ryder

If Dorado loses he must unmask, and if Ryder loses he will have his head shaved. Larry Sweeney and Shayne Hawke are in Ryder’s corner and El Pantera is in Dorado’s corner. Dorado puts on a wristlock. Ryder leg sweeps his way out. Dorado comes back with a hip toss and a Japanese arm drag. Ryder bails to the floor. When Ryder comes back in, Dorado shoulder blocks him back out and follows with a tope con hilo. Back in the ring Ryder levels Dorado with a running back elbow. He chokes Dorado in the corner and on the ropes. He puts on an abdominal stretch. Hawke adds some extra illegal leverage. Dorado sends Ryder to the apron. He punches Ryder to the floor and follows with a pescado. Hawke distracts Bryce Remsburg so Sweeney can hit Pantera with brass knucks! Ryder chokes Dorado while referees assist Pantera. He tears at Dorado’s mask. Dorado comes back with a spinwheel kick. He gets two with a sunset flip. He accidentally kicks Ryder into Bryce which knocks Bryce down. Dorado hops off the top rope and Pantera kicks him in the groin. Mike Quackenbush, Helios, and Tim Donst come out to take Dorado’s corner. F.I.S.T join up with Sweeney and Hawke, so more Tecnicos come out to even the odds. Dorado throws some back elbows but gets taken down with a spinebuster. He drops Dorado with a piledriver. Dorado kicks out! Ryder kicks out of a backslide and a tornado clutch. He slams Ryder by the ropes. He hits a shooting star senton which also knocks him loopy. Dorado manages to get his arm on Ryder and pins him at 12:47. Unfortunately Dorado’s situation was very serious and he had to be ambulanced out of the building. I honestly feel uncomfortable rating this, mostly because the result of the bout and the work put in before hand is secondary to Dorado’s health and well being. That being said, the match was solid and Dorado kicking out of the piledriver was a great moment. Having the roster around the ring also added to the atmosphere and uniqueness to the bout. I’m just happy we can watch this now knowing with the hindsight that everyone turned out OK. N/R

In an eerie moment, Ryder’s head is shaved by Leonard F. Chikarason in a nearly silent arena. You can tell everyone was worried about Dorado and nothing else. The event ended because of this incident and the scheduled main event of Claudio Castagnoli vs. Chris Hero was re-scheduled for a bonus event in December.


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