PWG: The High Cost of Doing Business


Burbank, CA – 11.11.2007

The past few months, Hero and Tornado have been feuding. It all started because Tornado, in the wake of losing the PWG World Championship, began physically abusing his valet Candace LeRae. When Tornado went after her after he lost his first round match in the 2007 Battle of Los Angeles, Hero came to her rescue. Tornado and Hero have had two singles matches each, trading the victories in each. Tonight, each man has the opportunity to choose a partner for a tag team match. LeRae is now Hero’s valet.

Chris Hero & ??? vs. Human Tornado & ???

Chris Hero says choosing his partner was not easy. He found a man who crossed paths with Tornado not too long ago. Hero swallowed his pride and asked a man he hated to be his partner, because he knew he could get the job done: Eddie Kingston! He stares down Tornado, ready to fight. Tornado then introduces his mystery partner…Eddie Kingston?!

Kingston attacks Hero from behind. He and Tornado begin to beat Hero down and choke him in the corner. Hero gets an elbow in on Kingston, who then shoves both his thumbs into Hero’s eyes. Tornado goes for the House Party. Hero catches his leg. Kingston stops Hero from attacking Tornado. Tornado accidentally missile dropkicks Hero. Hero kicks Tornado in the side of the head and lands a senton. Hero and Kingston exchange strikes and headbutts. Tornado drives Hero face first into the corner. He brings him out with a bulldog and Kingston stomps on his chest. Kingston delivers a yakuza kick for two. Tornado strings a senton and standing moonsault together for two. He chokes Hero while Kingston distracts the referee. Kingston throws LeRae into the ring with Hero out. Tornado accidentally pimp slaps Kingston. LeRae then low blows Kingston. Hero kicks Kingston in the head while LeRae gives Tornado some shots of her own. Hero boots Kingston to stop him from slamming LeRae. Hero gets sent back to the floor. He comes back in to save LeRae from Kingston’s grasp. He nails both opponents with rolling elbows. He DDT’s Kingston while giving Tornado a cravate neckbreaker. He dropkicks Tornado through the middle rope and comes off the apron with a headscissors to Kingston. In the ring Hero assists LeRae with a top rope senton onto both men. Hero’s second rope stomp to Kingston gets him a two count. Kingston gives him a Saito suplex. Tornado comes off the top with a twisting senton for two. Hero fights out of a double suplex. He yakuza kicks Kingston after taking another Saito suplex. Claudio Castagnoli hops onto the apron to be Hero’s new partner! Hero tags him in, but Claudio nails him with an uppercut! The referee calls for the bell at 15:41. What awesome storytelling. Hero now has a trifecta of arch nemesis’ going after him in PWG. Kingston’s introduction was well received and Claudio’s turn makes sense given their history. This was exactly what the feud needed to keep it going while also keeping it fresh. ***

All three men beat down Hero. LeRae jumps on top of him, but Tornado of course just attacks her as well. Tornado, Kingston, and Claudio mock Hero with some dancing and raise their arms in victory. They all get their chance to speak on the microphone as well.


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