IWC: November Pain 3

Elizabeth, PA – 11.10.2007

#1 Contendership for the IWC Super Indy Championship: Elimination Match
Larry Sweeney vs. Davey Richards vs. Justin Idol

We begin with a three way lock-up. Sweeney rolls through to take both guys down. Richards and Idol chop Sweeney and give him a double hip toss and stereo kicks. Sweeny bails and Idol schoolboys Richards for two. Idol and Richards trade kicks. Richards hits a handspring kick to the face. Sweeney swaggers around ringside and Richards wears down Idol in the ring. Sweeney comes in and knocks Richards down with some bionic elbows. Richards kicks Sweeney and gives Idol an STO for two. Sweeney prevents Richards from hitting Idol with the D.R. Driver, so Richards chases Sweeney around ringside. Sweeney hides under the ring, so Davey and the referee stomp the mat so Sweeney will come out with his ears ringing. Wacky. Idol comes off the top rope onto Sweeney and Richards. Idol gives Richards a crossbody in the corner for two. Idol gives him a suplex for two. Richards takes Idol down with an overhead suplex. Sweeney runs in with a spinebuster on Richards and a butterfly suplex on Idol. Sweeney hits a second rope elbow drop for two. Sweeney gives Idol the Garvin Stomp. Richards catches Sweeney on the top rope. Idol powerbombs Richards, and Richards gives Sweeney a suplex. Richards O’Conner rolls Idol for two. Richards jackknife pins Sweeney for two. Richards gives Sweeney a German suplex, and Idol splashes Richards to eliminate him at 12:33. Eric Ecstacy, Idol’s former tag team partner, comes ringside as Idol gives Sweeney a headlock. Sweeney comes back with an elbow for two. Idol gives Sweeney a neck snap for two. Sweeney gives Idol a piledriver and heads up top. Sweeney hits the 12 Large elbow for the pin at 15:37. This was quite good when it was all three guys, then began to drag when it dropped to the final two guys. Still, everyone put on a solid performance and looked good overall. **3/4


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