Michinoku Pro: 10.12.2007


Iwate, Japan – 10.12.2007

Mike Quackenbush vs. Shibaten

Quackenbush arm whips Shibaten. He uses the ropes for an armdrag and kicks him on the top of his head. Quackenbush armdrags Shibaten to the floor and a follows with a springboard splash. In the ring he snaps Shibaten’s arm over his shoulder twice. They trade chops. Quackenbush wins the exchange, but Shibaten rolls up and delivers a headbutt. He palm strikes Quackenbush to the corner and gives him a splash. He puts on a full body stretch in the ropes and dropkicks Quackenbush in the back. A running splash gets a two count. Quackenbush kicks him away and rolls him into the Black Tornado Slam for two. Shibaten tries a backslide. Quackenbush kicks out of that, as well as a roll-up. He delivers a palm strike for two. A reverse brainbuster does the same. Quackendriver II gets him the win at 4:35 (shown). This was cool for the novelty aspect, but there’s really not much to this aside from that. Quackenbush did work hard and made the most of what was essentially a showcase match for him. *½


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