ROH: Undeniable


Edison, NJ – 10.6.2007

Jigsaw vs. Claudio Castagnoli

This might be the one and only time Jigsaw came out to Hurricane Chris. Remember him? Julius Smokes and Jack Evans are in his corner. He and Claudio look for control on the mat. Claudio puts his knee on Jigsaw’s chest while applying a wristlock. Jigsaw turns it into a chinlock, which Claudio then turns into a quick pin attempt. Jigsaw snaps off a quick armdrag. He puts on a headscissors. Claudio maneuvers that into a pin attempt as well. He picks Jigsaw’s ankle. Jigsaw armdrags Claudio into a tornado clutch. Claudio avoids another armdrag and dives off the second rope with an uppercut. He hooks Jigsaw’s arm in a hammerlock while applying a chinlock. Although Jigsaw escapes, Claudio crossbody’s him and goes back to Jigsaw’s left arm. Jigsaw rolls him up, then eats another uppercut. Jigsaw catapults onto Claudio’s shoulders and armdrags him. Claudio again takes him down with an uppercut. He gets two with a fisherman’s suplex and a deadlift slam. He uppercuts Jigsaw while he’s seated. Jigsaw brings Claudio off the top with the Leap of Faith. Jigsaw springboards into a quesadora armdrag, sending Claudio to the floor. He follows with a tope con hilo. Back in the ring he gets two with a knee strike. Claudio Giant Swings Jigsaw to avoid the Jig N’ Tonic. Claudio ducks an enzuigiri and deadlifts Jigsaw into a German suplex for two. Claudio slams him onto his chest. Swiss Chin Music only gets him two. Jigsaw avoids an uppercut in the corner. He springs off the ropes into a huracanrana for two. Jigsaw lands on his feet out of the Mad Scientist Bomb. He superkicks Claudio and quesadora’s into a DDT. He comes off the top and inside cradles Claudio out of a DDT position. Claudio catches him with Swiss Death for the pin at 12:25. They could have cut this match’s time in half. The crowd had already seen an entire PPV before this and weren’t up for a ton of armdrags and uppercuts. This took forever to get out of first gear, but once they did things picked up well and finished relatively strong. **¼


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