AIW: Tomorrow Never Dies

Cleveland, OH – 9.30.2007

Strong Style Rules; Three Round Contest
Tyrone Evans vs. Eddie Kingston

Strong Style Rules means that the match can only be won by knock out or submission. Both guys come out with cornermen. Each side has towels, supposedly because they are able to end the match if need be. Kingston tells the commentators, who come over the house speakers, not to distract him. Evans kicks Kingston. Kingston grabs a front face lock, and Evans trips Kingston. Evans hits Kingston in the side and head. Kingston rubs his elbow into Evans’ face. Evans grabs Kingston’s leg, but he goes to the ropes. On the mat both guys jockey for position. Kingston rolls into a front face lock. Kingston locks his legs around Evans’ waist and blocks Evans’ strikes. Round One ends in a stalemate. After some water and wiping off, Round Two begins with each guy hesitantly throwing strikes and kicks. They each throws shoulder blocks coming off the ropes. Kingston hits a shoulder tackle to take Evans down. Kingston suplexes Evans. Evans kicks and beats on Kingston in the corner. Evans uses the ropes to elevate himself into a kick in Kingston’s groin. Evans beats on Kingston on the floor, throwing him into a guardrail. Evans puts Kingston in a rear-naked choke in the ring. He releases at the five count. Kingston fights up from the apron with hard slaps to Evans’ face. Round Two wends with Evans throwing punches at Kingston’s face. The Third Round starts with Evans giving a dizzy Kingston some kicks. Kingston fires back with chops. Kingston takes Evans over with a belly-to-belly suplex. Kingston follows up with a urinage suplex for two. Evans gives Kingston a gutwrench suplex for two. Kingston lights up Evans with a flurry of chops. He nails him with the Backfist to the Future. Kingston hits a Back Drop Driver. One of Evans’ cornermen hop up on the apron. Kingston grabs him and threatens to hit him. The other cornerman interjects, allowing Evans to quick Kingston in the square of the back. Evans takes Kingston down in an armbar for the pin at 14:49. So I don’t understand what the point of the rounds was, but this was a fun match otherwise. Also, the slight faux pa with the referee counting the pin when you can’t win that way was slightly annoying. Overall though, but guys put on a fun hard-hitting match. **3/4

If you want to read about some other matches Tyrone Evans/Michael Tarver had in AIW, check out my review of “Who’s NXT? The Best of Michael Tarver”


2 Responses to AIW: Tomorrow Never Dies

  1. Lotus Dragon says:

    Is Tyrone Evans the same person as Michael Tarver?

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