FIP: Third Anniversary Show


Brooksville, FL – 9.28.2007

Jigsaw vs. Jason Blade

Jigsaw sends Blade to the floor right away. The YRR (Kenny King, Sal Rinauro & Chasyn Rance) are in Blade’s corner. They trade wristlocks until Blade gets the ropes. Jigsaw puts him in a Gory Stretch and then a seated abdominal stretch. Blade elbows out of it, but eats a leg lariat soon after. He takes Blade down with an armdrag. Rance trips Jigsaw as Blade shoots him to the ropes. Blade give him an Ace Crusher. Rinauro chokes Jigsaw on the middle rope. Jigsaw escapes a side headlock. Blade gives him a high knee in the face. Rinauro attempts to interfere but Jigsaw throws him and Blade into each other. Jigsaw back elbows Blade a few times and backdrops him out of the corner for two. Jigsaw gets caught by an Ace Crusher as he comes off the second rope. He manages to kick out. He double stomps Blade’s back and hits a tornado DDT for two. Rinauro distracts the referee so Rance can shove Jigsaw off the top rope. Blade rolls him up and holds the tights for the pin at 8:21. They tried having a decent match but the constant interference ruined this from being anything more than a mildly entertaining distraction. *

Hallowicked & Scott Commodity vs. Jake Crist & Dave Crist

Dave gets the better of Commodity in the opening exchange. Commodity puts him in a side headlock. He tags in Hallowicked who misses a slingshot senton. Jake tags in. Hallowicked takes him over in a step-up Frankensteiner. He and Commodity give him a double flapjack. Commodity then flapjacks Hallowicked onto Jake for a two count. Dave and Jake get in some tandem offense on Commodity. He slips out to avoid Dave’s senton and tags Hallowicked back in. He falls victim to Irish Airborne’s tandem offense as well. He hip tosses out of Jake’s stretch. Commodity misses a diving headbutt. He gets put into a Rings of Saturn by Dave. Jake dropkicks Commodity while he is in the hold. Dave kicks Hallowicked off the apron. Jake dives onto him. Commodity kicks Dave’s leg out. Both he and Hallowicked wear down Dave until he knocks Hallowicked off the apron and forearms Commodity. Jake leg lariats Hallowicked for two. Jake strings a knee strike and neckbreaker together. Dave gives Commodity a hammerlock suplex. Hallowicked drops Dave with a Rydeen Bomb. He turns into a superkick from Jake. Jake gives Commodity a Death Valley Driver onto Dave’s knees for the pin at 10:07. This was your typical tag team affair. Nothing was remarkable but I’m surprised how well Commodity and Hallowicked gelled. **¼

No Disqualification
Gran Akuma vs. Necro Butcher

Butcher attacks Akuma from behind as Dave Prazak distracts him. Butcher crotches him on the guardrail and gives him some headbutts. He chops Akuma against the ring post and jabs a chair into his ribs. Akuma Irish whips him into the ring post before suplexing him onto the floor. He chops up Butcher against the guardrails and bites the back of his head. He chokes Butcher with his boot. Butcher takes control back in the ring. Prazak and Mr. Milo Beasley get in some shots behind the referee’s back. Butcher gives Akuma a chair assisted slam for two. He grabs at Akuma’s eyes and mouth as he chokes him on the middle rope. Butcher dumps him to the floor so Beasley can give him an elbow drop off the apron. Both men sit in chairs mid-ring, trading punches. Akuma throws some kicks to the head as well. Butcher ends the exchange with a headbutt. He tries to powerbomb Akuma onto three chairs, but Akuma gives him a fallaway kick to counter. Butcher comes back with a clothesline. He tries slamming Butcher on the chairs. Instead, Akuma suplexes Butcher onto them. He heads up top. Prazak distracts the referee. Beasley grabs Akuma’s leg so Butcher can toss Akuma off the top and onto the pile of chairs. A Tiger Driver onto the chairs gives Butcher the win at 10:00. That was fun while it lasted. Akuma is very believable in terms of being able to withstand Butcher’s brand of punishment and dished some out on his own. **¾

Butcher keeps on Akuma after the bell. Delirious runs in to make the save. Larry Sweeney then attacks Delirious from behind. Prazak announces Sweeney as the newest member of DP Associates as he chokes Delirious with his boa.

Larry Sweeney vs. Delirious

Sweeney rakes at Delirious’ eyes before posing on the middle rope. Delirious rolls Sweeney up onto his shoulders. He drops Sweeney on his chest and stomach and delivers a senton. Sweeney recovers on the floor with Prazak. Delirious chases them around. Sweeney catches him with a punch. In the ring Delirious gives an inverted atomic drop. He chops Sweeney in the corner. A leaping clothesline in the corner and a belly-to-back suplex get him a two count. Sweeney hotshots Delirious on the top rope. He stomps him a few times and drives the back of his head into the canvas. Delirious tries a sunset flip but gets punched in the head. Sweeney gives him a gutwrench suplex and comes off the second rope with an elbow drop for two. Sweeney uses the ropes for a leverage on a side headlock. Prazak and Beasley attack Delirious on the floor. Sweeney sends him into the ring post. Delirious gets in some chops before throwing Sweeney back in. Sweeney catches him with a double axe handle to the back. He chokes Delirious on the top rope. Delirious sneaks in a suplex. He fires up while giving Sweeney multiple clotheslines. He gets two with a uranage. Sweeney blocks an Irish whip. He gets two with a fisherman’s suplex. Sweeney avoids a top rope attack. However, Delirious drop toe holds him into the corner and connects with the Panic Attack. Shadows Over Hell also connects. Sweeney grabs the referee upon impact so Prazak can distract him. Necro Butcher hits Delirious with a chair. Sweeney gives him a spinebuster and the 12 Large Elbow for the pin at 11:53. Maybe a little long, but more entertaining than your typical Sweeney FIP match. It was a nice win for him before facing Roderick Strong tomorrow. **½


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