Pod Per View #2: The Secret of the Ooze



This Pod Per View is hosted by Mike Quackenbush and Chiz. They cut to Bryce Remsburg in Wallingford, CT who is with the Order of the Neo-Solar Temple and fans from the “Showdown in Crisisland” show. Bryce is thankful for the fans making the show successful while Mantis appreciates the fan who made him a Vegan eggplant treat.

Quackenbush then shoots us over to a Kings of Wrestling promo. Mitch Ryder is with Chris Hero and Chuck Taylor. Ryder says the day of the Cibernetico will be a good day for him because not only will he get his hands on Lince Dorado, but also seven of his hoochador friends. Taylor wants to know which of the 8 Kings of Wrestling members will be dropped from the team since Ryder accepted Shayne Hawke onto it. Hero says it can’t be Claudio since he “owns” him. Obviously Taylor and F.I.S.T. are on since they’re champions and everyone loves Sweeney. Max Boyer’s name is brought up. Ryder mentions he hasn’t been around lately, and last time he was, he had his shoulders pinned to the mat. Furthermore, Shayne Hawke has been accumulating some key wins. Hero and Taylor agree with Ryder; Hawke’s in, Boyer’s out. Ryder’s going to beat the hoochadores and send them back across the border.

Just like the first Pod Per View, this show will have a Top 5 countdown. Last time it was the Top 5 CHIKARA moments as voted by the fans. This time, it will the Top 5 shows (Debut show to Aniversario 2007) as voted by the fans. Each show has a short video package with moments from the show. First up is Show #5 – “The Crushing Weight of Mainstream Ignorance”

Leonard F. Chikarason introduces a new contest. Fans are going to be able to submit artwork for the November CHIKARA DVD’s. Hooray! We then get to Show #4 in the countdown – “Negative Balance.”

Sara Del Ray vs. Daizee Haze
Camden, NJ – 7.4.2007

Sara shoves Haze down twice out of a collar and elbow tie up. Haze attempts a waistlock but gets backed to the corner. Sara drives her backside into her stomach. Haze avoids a corner attack and uses the ropes for an armdrag. She sends Sara to the floor with a Frankensteiner. Sara attacks Haze while she’s distracted by the crowd. Sara gives her a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. She gets two with another backbreaker. She misses another corner attack. Haze gives her an armdrag. Sara responds with a boot to the chest. Haze attempts a crossbody. Sara catches her, but Haze is able to victory roll her for two. Sara hip checks her in the stomach. An antagonizing fan takes Sara off her game. Haze rolls her up. Sara kicks out and drives her knee repeatedly into Haze’s back. She gets two with a senton. Sara locks on a Gory Stretch. She brings Haze’s shoulders to the mat while keeping her legs locked around her thighs. Haze powers up and sunset flips Sara. She ducks Sara’s boot and rolls her up. Sara grabs the ropes. Haze throws some double axe handles to the chest. Sara ducks a boot. Haze sunset flips her again. She puts on a standing cross armbreaker. Sara escapes and Samoan Drops Haze. They go on the second rope. Haze knocks Sara off with a Heart Punch. Haze comes off with a crossbody and gets the pin at 10:21. This was pretty much the same as every match these two have had. The Tecnico/Rudo dynamic switch was fun, especially due to the crowd being so anti-Sara. **

After Quackenbush tells us about some CHIKARA eBay auctions, Wiggly gives us Event #3 in our countdown: “King of Trios 2007, Night 3.

Lince Dorado says not only does he accept Mitch Ryder’s Cibernetico challenge, but he and the rest of the Luchadores are excited since the Cibernetico is a Lucha specialty. He introduces three of his partners: Equinox, a man who made Chris Hero tap out and Los Ice Creams, who have defeated F.I.S.T. twice.

Bryce Remsburg give us a rundown of the remaining events on the 2007 calendar. Wiggly gives us Event #2 in our countdown: “Rey de Voladores.”

Jigsaw & Lince Dorado vs. El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC} & Ice Cream Jr. {IC}
“Bread and Buddha” – Collegeville, PA – 3.25.2007

Eddie Kingston is on commentary. Jigsaw brings Jr. to the mat in a wristlock, despite Jr. thinking he had broken the hold. Jigsaw takes him down with a quesadora and a flip over armdrag. After a clothesline he assists Dorado with a moonsault. He suicide dives after Jr. into the crowd. Hijo pretends to be friends with Dorado, but ends up kicking him in the stomach and pulling on his ears. Dorado chops Hijo from the apron and springboards in with an armdrag. Hijo kicks him in the stomach and forearms his back. Dorado snapmares him and gets two with a Lynxsault. Hijo catches a boot. Dorado falls victim to El Asesino but manages to kick out. Los Ice Creams gang up on him until he Frankensteiners them both at the same time. Jigsaw comes in with a double crossbody. He dropkicks them both, then delivers a bulldog/dropkick combo. Dorado splashes onto both of them. Los Ice Creams do-si-do out of a double whip. They hip attack both opponents. They double Shiranui Dorado. Jr. Magistral cradles Jigsaw for two. Jigsaw sends him to the floor and tope con hilo’s onto him. Dorado huracanrana’s Hijo for the pin in 7:10. Very fun, very Lucha heavy, and something that the small crowd was able to get into. **¼

Wiggly then gives us Event #1 – “Tag World Grand Prix 2006, Night 3.” Quackenbush and Chiz congratulate Mike Falcone (hey I know him!) for winning the Top 5 contest. Of course, we end the show with some plugs, including one for the first ever CHIKARA retail DVD.


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