IWA Deep South: 2-Xtreme Warfare


Pelham, AL – 9.1.2007

Eddie Kingston vs. Sal Rinauro

Chuck Taylor on commentary claims Kingston is breaking parole by being here tonight. Rinauro laughs as he doesn’t shake Kingston’s hand. Kingston goes to attack and Rinauro bails to the floor. Once he comes back in, Kingston’s offense causes Rinauro to flap his arms like a chicken would their wings. He throws some strikes before taking Rinauro down with a belly-to-belly suplex. Rinauro responds with a chinbreaker and enzuigiri. He chokes Kingston on the bottom rope. Kingston throws some chops but Rinauro rakes his eyes. He drops a fist and swivels his hips before raking his forearm into Kingston’s face. Rinauro rakes his eyes on the top rope. He tries a hip toss. Kingston backslides him for two. Rinauro dropkicks Kingston for two. Rinauro spits in his face which turns out to be a big mistake. Kingston chops him up before giving him a bridging suplex for two. Rinauro blocks a hip toss with a stunner. He Tiger walks into a shoulder kick for two. Kingston blocks a clothesline and dumps Rinauro onto his head in a Backdrop Driver for the pin at 9:30. Rinauro looked great, smartly going after Kingston’s face and using some great counters/evasion tactics. I was expecting a squash but was pleasantly surprised. **½

Eddie Kingston gets on the microphone. He gets the crowd up to speed on his and Hallowicked’s issues in CHIKARA and then calls him out. They meet in the aisle way to begin their fight. Kingston has control until Hallowicked whips him into a bunch of chairs. They get in a slap and chop battle which Kingston wins.

Hallowicked vs. Eddie Kingston

The strike battle once they get in the ring to start the match proper. Hallowicked puts on an abdominal stretch and uses the ropes behind Derek Sabato’s back. Kingston hip tosses his way free. He chokes Hallowicked in the corner and delivers a big smack to the face. Hallowicked gets in some slaps and suplexes Kingston for two. He chokes Kingston with his wrist tape. He misses a Swanton Bomb. Kingston gives him Snake Eyes and a yakuza kick. He German suplexes Hallowicked out of the corner for two. Hallowicked ducks a lariat. The Rydeen Bomb gets a two count. Kingston elbows out of Go 2 Sleepy Hollow and Dragon suplexes Hallowicked onto his head. Kingston follows with a low dropkick for two. Hallowicked avoids another suplex. Go 2 Sleepy Hollow connects, as do two yakuza kicks (one to the back of the head and one to the face) which give him the win at 5:23. If you’re a CHIKARA fan, this scratched the proverbial itch you may have had for wanting to see these two slug it out again. For those in attendance, it was a really fun brawl between two former champions. I really liked this, especially since the Tecnico/Rudo dynamic is switched in this company. ***

IWA Deep South Championship vs. IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship
Mike Quackenbush vs. Chuck Taylor

The winner of this match walks away with both titles. This is a rematch from last year which Taylor won. Taylor punts a fans popcorn bucket. Quackenbush puts on a modified abdominal stretch. They exchange wristlocks. Taylor gets the ropes. Quackenbush goes from a pendulum stretch into a Camel Clutch. He turns it into a crucifix pin for two. He back chops Taylor as he banters with a fan. Quackenbush clotheslines him to the floor. Taylor moves to avoid a potential dive. Quackenbush slingshots him in from the apron and puts on an overhead wristlock.He stomps on Taylor’s arm. He does a little more damage to Taylor’s arm and O’Conner rolls him for two. He then rolls him into a half crab with his knee places on Taylor’s lower back. He puts on a stretch. Taylor fights out and applies a chinlock. Quackenbush escapes. He kicks Taylor in the stomach. He keeps on a side headlock even with Taylor escaping a few times. Quackenbush armdrags Taylor to the floor and follows with a tope con hilo. Back in the ring Taylor catches Quackenbush with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Taylor applies a bodyscissors. Quackenbush turns it into a Stretch Muffler. Taylor grabs the foot and drops an elbow. He throws an invisible grenade before dropping another elbow for two. Quackenbush holds onto Taylor’s arm after kicking out of a roll-up and stretches out his back. Taylor fights free and gives him the Garvin stomp. Quackenbush catches Taylor coming off the second rope with an atomic drop and gives him a fisherman’s suplex. Taylor jabs him in the throat. He throws Quackenbush off the top. He rolls through and drops Taylor with a full nelson facebuster. After a flurry of offense he gets two with a Michinoku Driver. He pump handle slams Taylor into a Boston Crab. Taylor escapes and nails a beautiful dropkick. He gets two with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Sole Food and an Ace Crusher have the same result. Quackenbush takes him down with La Mistica. Taylor kicks out of the Jorge Clutch. Quackenbush applies a chinlock while stretching out his leg and back. Taylor taps out at 19:52! Of their three singles matches this was easily the best. Lots of great wrestling, counter wrestling, and smart work from both participants. In terms of psychology this was one of my favorite Chuck Taylor matches. Very good stuff. ***½

Chuck Taylor gets on the microphone. He says the flyer for the show said title versus title but it didn’t specify which title. Instead of handing over the IWA-MS Heavyweight Championship, he awards Quackenbush the IWA-MS Light Heavyweight Championship. Well that sure does crap on the Light Heavyweight title doesn’t it?

Larry Sweeney & Mitch Ryder vs. Bob Armstrong & Brad Armstrong

Sweeney and Ryder say they don’t want to be held responsible for what they do to “two old men” tonight. Ryder claims hair pulling from Brad. Sweeney backs him up but no one is buying it. Brad takes control of a wristlock. Ryder slams him but misses an elbow drop. Brad snaps off an armdrag. He and Bob overhand chop him at the same time. Sweeney blows cool air on Ryder’s chest on the floor. Back in the ring Ryder accidentally punches Sweeney off the apron instead of punching Bob. Sweeney gets in his face, so Ryder allows him to square off with Bob. Bob throws Sweeney and Ryder’s heads together. Brad puts Sweeney in a wristlock. Sweeney escapes by throwing him face first into the second turnbuckle. Brad does however take control in a test of strength and stops on Sweeney’s hands. He and Bob throw back and forth punches. Brad gets two with a headlock takeover. Ryder knees Brad from the apron so he and Sweeney can isolate him and take control. Brad escapes when he and Ryder knock heads mid-ring and he manages to recover and tag in Bob before Ryder can stop him. Bob takes down Sweeney and Ryder with multiple chops. Brad takes Ryder down with a side Russian leg sweep admist the fracas to get the pin at 12:20. This match was really basic but it went over like gangbusters with the crowd. This was tailor made for a Southern crowd and Sweeney and Ryder are perfect Rudos for this company. **¼


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