IWA East Coast: Stiff Competition

South Charleston, WV – 8.8.2007

Barbed Wire Boards Match
Eddie Kingston vs. Mad Man Pondo

Kingston attacks Pondo as Pondo is taking his shirt off. Kingston slams him onto a barbed wire board for two. Kingston tries to whip him into another board in the corner. Pondo blocks and spears Kingston through the board. Pondo throws Kingston into the guardrails. He dropkicks a board into Kingston’s head. Kingston goes towards the back and Pondo kicks him. He places a barbed wire board on the floor. Kingston rakes his eyes and chokes him. Pondo kicks Kingston in the balls and suplexes him right next to the board Unfortunately Kingston’s arm gets caught in a piece of the wire. Pondo swings the board on Kingston’s back. Pondo places a board between the ring apron and a guardrail. Kingston punches and bites Pondo’s forehead. He throws a board into Pondo’s face twice. Pondo low blows Kingston to stop being hit in the forehead more. Kingston cuts off Pondo’s spear attempt and suplexes Pondo through the previously set-up barbed wire board. Kingston places a board on Pondo’s back. He stomps on the board and pins Pondo for two. Kingston asks some attendants to put some steel chairs into the ring. He places a barbed wire board onto four upright chairs. Pondo however is the one suplexes Kingston onto the contraption. Kingston manages to kick out at two. Pondo sets up a bigger board onto the four chairs. Pondo throws a STOP sign at Kingston’s head and then places him onto the barbed wire board. Pondo jumps onto him with the Silencer for the pin at 12:13. That was a great game of one upsman’s ship from both men. They took and gave out a lot of damage, building from one gruesome spot to another. Even if it’s not my cup of tea, I give them a lot of credit for pacing the match really well. ***


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