Elite Pro: Kings, Saints & Dragons


Oak Forest, IL – 8.3.2007

Elite Pro Championship
Chase Richards (Champion) vs. Larry Sweeney

Sweeney breaks a lock-up in the corner. He does it again, but this times gives Richards a light smack in the face. When he tries it again, Richards socks him with a right hand. Sweeney rolls to the floor and claims hair pulling. He is not happy when Richards gets a better crowd response from posing. Sweeney grabs his leg. Richards goes for a front facelock. Sweeney elbows his way out of a hammerlock. Sweeney backs him to the corner and throws a flurry of punches. Richards turns the tables and nails multiple forearm strikes. After a backdrop he whips Sweeney to the ropes. Sweeney smartly goes to the floor but Richards pulls him up by his hair and tosses him back in. He gets two with a backbreaker. Sweeney sends Richards shoulder first into the ring post. Sweeney does more damage to his arm on the floor. In the ring Richards throws some knees, so Sweeney rakes his eyes. He throws Richards down by his hair and delivers three fist drops. Sweeney puts on a side headlock. Richards escapes. He hits a diving clothesline. Sweeney elbows him in the back of the head. He reapplies the headlock. Richards fights out. He gives Sweeney a rolling punch. He gets two with an exploder suplex. Sweeney blocks an Irish whip with a fisherman’s suplex. Richards places Sweeney on his shoulders. Richards spins him around causing Sweeney’s boot to accidentally knock down the referee. Sweeney gives Richards a spinebuster and heads to the top rope. Dysfunction runs out and shoves Sweeney off the top rope. Richards then hits him with a Go 2 Sleep for the pin at 15:05. The fans boo and rightfully so. Sweeney controlled most of the beginning, but the work wasn’t exactly championship match caliber. Throw in a ref bump, interference, a generally indifferent crowd, and a weak finish (it took Richards ages to cover Sweeney after hitting his move) and you get a poor title match. ½*


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