Young Lions Cup V, Night III


Hellertown, PA – 6.24.2007

Commentary is provided by Larry Sweeney, Bryce Remsburg, UltraMantis Black, Leonard F. Chikarason, and Mike Quackenbush.

The show begins with The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero, Larry Sweeney, Mitch Ryder, and Max Boyer) coming to the ring. Ryder puts them all over during introductions. Hero changes topics talking about the Young Lions Cup. With that he brings out Chuck Taylor, who is honored to be addressed. Hero asks Taylor what he plans to do with the Cup after winning it. A fan mocks Taylor saying he’s going to drink seltzer water out of it. Taylor says he’s going to take a page out of NASCAR’s book and drink some milk out of it. Sweeney says it’s a testament that Taylor would have a healthy beverage instead of a beer like the bums in the audience would. He tries to get the fans behind Chuck but it’s not working out. He tells Chuck that the Kings of Wrestling are thrilled to have him representing them in the YLC V Finals and asks for him to make them proud. They end things with a manly group hug.

F.I.S.T. (Icarus and Gran Akuma) come out to address the crowd. Icarus says after last night’s fluke loss in a trios match against Los Ice Creams, they want to compete tonight. They issue to open challenge to everyone and anyone. Los Ice Creams accept the challenge which very much pleases the current Campeones de Parejas. However, Los Ice Creams slide in through the back!

El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC} & Ice Cream Jr. {IC} vs. Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F}

Hijo sends Icarus to the floor and flies after him with a seated senton. Akuma kicks Jr. in the leg. Jr. evades many of Akuma’s kicks and baits him to the floor. Jr. tope con hilo’s onto him. In the ring Hijo back elbows Icarus in the corner. Icarus delivers a chop. Hijo pretends to cry before kicking Icarus in the knee. He also pinches his buttocks and smacks him in the face. He gives Icarus a backbreaker and tags in Jr. Los Ice Creams run into each other when attempting the Ice Cream Sandwich. Icarus spears Jr. as Akuma attacks Hijo. F.I.S.T. take turns wearing Hijo down until he sunset flips Icarus for two. Jr. comes in with a sunset flip to Akuma. Akuma does the deal with a Falcon Arrow. Icarus hits a fanny pack assisted frog splash. Hijo breaks the count. Icarus gives him a reverse DDT. Akuma misses a moonsault as Jr. tosses Icarus to the floor. A Doomsday Asesino on Akuma, followed by a pile up Magistral Cradle get Los Ice Creams the upset win at 5:04! That was a super fun opening match and a nice carry over from the night before. It gave Los Ice Creams their first point, continued the issue between the teams, and the crowd loved it. This was a perfect way to open the show. **¼

UltraMantis Black says after the despicable beating Moscow put on Hydra a couple nights ago, Leonard F. Chikarason has the nerve to put them in the ring tonight. Although Mantis has no issue with Moscow, he will butcher Player Uno and Super Xtremo. He says he’s going to liberate Moscow which Hydra finds puzzling.

Player Uno, Moscow & Super Xtremo {BSE} vs. UltraMantis Black {ONT}, Crossbones {ONT} & Hydra {ONT}

Mantis refuses to get in the ring with Moscow. Xtremo tags in so Mantis will fight him. He arm whips Mantis to the corner and throws some overhand chops. A crossbody from the second rope gets a two count. Xtremo uses the ropes for a dropkick then slingshots into a splash. Mantis misses a boot. Xtremo Cactus clotheslines them both to the floor. Crossbones snapmares Uno into a back kick. Uno ducks a kick and gets two with a tornado clutch. He armdrags Crossbones to the floor. Instead of a dive he uses scare tactics. Hydra asks for Moscow. Moscow chops him in the corner. He misses a splash so Hydra “tips” him in a schoolyard trip. Hydra pulls out some grass which successfully distracts Moscow. Both Hydra and Crossbones can’t tip him over. Moscow crawls away leaving them open for a senton from Uno. Mantis stomps Uno down. The Order isolate the 8 bit luchador for a bit. Uno manages to catch Hydra with the River City Ransom and tags out to Moscow. Moscow does some Russian dancing while kicking the Order. He gives Mantis the Russian Sickle! Crossbones punches him right between the eyes. Uno Goomba Stomps Crossbones. He beefs it on a tope suicida! Xtremo takes Mantis down in La Mistica. Hydra accidentally elbows Mantis when breaking the hold. Xtremo trips Hydra into a key lock surfboard. Crossbones kicks Xtremo to break the hold. Xtremo misses a twisting crossbody. Mantis hits the Praying Mantis Bomb for the pin at 9:02. The Moscow gimmick was really over in the match, Xtremo and Uno worked very hard, people love Crossbones killing people, Hydra is always over, and Mantis’ finish looked particularly deadly on this eve. I love how the three night tournament weekends produce interesting teams. **¾

Billy Roc vs. Amigo Suzuki {TX}

Roc and Suzuki trade holds. Roc goes for an unsuccessful early pinfall. In a double knuckle lock, Roc brings Suzuki to the mat and places his body weight on top. He then maneuvers into a side headlock. He gets two with a jackknife pin. Roc takes Suzuki down with a toreador and armdrag. He armdrags Suzuki to the floor. Suzuki trips Roc and stomps on his knee from the apron. He focuses his attack on the knee when Roc is officially back into the ring. Roc misses an enzuigiri and Suzuki goes back to the knee. Roc does come back with a spinwheel kick and a pair of dropkicks. He uses the ropes for a slingshot dropkick and a slingshot splash. Suzuki rakes his eyes. He gets two with a suplex. Roc is able to come off the second rope with a tornado DDT after Suzuki places him on the second rope. Suzuki gives him a neckbreaker and the Rude Awakening for two. Roc successfully hits the enzuigiri and heads up top. He hits the frog splash for the win in 8:31. Roc’s selling was weird because he favored his good knee and showed signs of pain the entire time, but then would throw dropkicks and ascend the ropes like it wasn’t an issue. It didn’t amount to much else, so while the action was great, the story could have been better. **½

The Olsen Twins know they have the North Star Express tonight who they have defeated in other companies. Jimmy Olsen says Express teams were so 1980. Colin puts over twin teams like the Blu’s Brothers, Skull & 8-Ball, and the Harris Brothers. When Jimmy informs him that they’re all the same people he tries rattling off teams that are not twins. Regardless, Colin is confident in securing a victory tonight.

Darin Corbin {NSE} & Ryan Cruz {NSE} vs. Colin Olsen {OT} & Jimmy Olsen {OT}

The Olsens attack the North Stars before the bell. The North Stars do-si-do out of some Irish whips and throw forearms. The Olsens do the same. Corbin and Jimmy get sent to the floor. Cruz and Colin have a Lucha sequence ending with a nearfall exchange. Corbin and Jimmy slow things down since their partners went at such a fast clip. Bryce and the crowd play along, thus giving birth to the slow-mo sequence. Things go back to normal when Colin and Cruz tag back in. They pull each others’ hair when switching headlocks. Colin throws Cruz down by his hair. That leads to a shoving match and both guys rolling around while pulling each others hair. Corbin and Jimmy have to separate them, though it doesn’t work at first. Jimmy throws Cruz out and the Olsens now begin their beat down on Darin Corbin. Corbin throws punches to both opponents. Colin shoves him away causing Corbin to hit the floor. This tags in Cruz who throws punches of his own. Colin accidentally clotheslines Jimmy. The North Stars send Colin into Jimmy so he dropkicks his own partner. The Everlasting Gobstopper gets them a two count. The Olsens send Corbin out. They give Cruz a neckbreaker/powerbomb combo. Corbin breaks the pin. He has Jimmy hooked for a backpack stunner when Colin chop blocks his leg. Jimmy has Corbin in a folding press in the ropes which gets them the win in 9:08. The slow motion stuff was really fun but the rest was fairly pedestrian. I expected more humor and more exciting offense to be honest. Not bad but slightly under expectations. **¾

Mitch Ryder says normally when he talks he’s ranting and raving. However this time he has a serious issue he wants to address. He tells a tale of him wrestling in Mexico where a man asked for Ryder to watch his son wrestle and help him out. Ryder said he doesn’t mind helping as long as his son came into the country through the proper channels. This man however broke the law and illegally brought his son into the country. The son just happens to be Lince Dorado. Ryder pleads with the CHIKARA fans not to get on the Dorado bandwagon as he took nefarious means to get into the country. Ryder promises to do whatever it takes to send Dorado back to the banana farm in Juarez, Mexico.

Lince Dorado vs. Mitch Ryder {KOW}

Dorado avoids Ryder’s lock-up attempts. He takes him down with a hip toss and some armdrags. Dorado follows him to the floor with a suicide dive. More armdrags come back in the ring. Ryder slaps Dorado to escape an armbar. He misses an elbow drop allowing Dorado to armdrag him back into the armbar. Dorado gets two with a spinwheel kick. Ryder cuts him off and knocks him down with a back elbow. He rakes Dorado’s back and chokes him with his boot. Ryder goes to his eyes. A barrage of punches gets a two count. Dorado gets two himself with a sunset flip. Ryder knocks him down with a clothesline. He sits down on a chinlock. Dorado dropkicks Ryder after flipping over him. Ryder once again back elbows him down. He throws some chops. Dorado responds with a forearms and a running crossbody. He hits the Lynxsault for two. A moonsault has the same result. Ryder throws Dorado’s face into the second turnbuckle. Dorado catches Ryder with a crucifix pin at 7:53. Most of the match was two guys going through the motions until the finish. It was fine and much better than both of Ryder’s other matches from the weekend but nothing more than a set up for what was to come. **

Ryder immediately clotheslines Dorado after the pin. He lights him up with a barrage of strikes before slamming him onto the floor! Ryder slaps Dorado a few times in the ring and then brings him back to the floor for more of a beatdown. Finally Ryder leaves. Bryce and some attendants help Dorado to the back.

Mike Quackenbush vs. Shayne Hawke

Quackenbush backs Hawke to the corner. Hawke claims hair pulling. Referee Derek Sabato does not fall for it. When Quackenbush backs him to the corner again Hawke claims he poked his eyes. Sabato again does not fall for it. The third time he claims he was slapped in the face. Quackenbush then pulls his hair, pokes his eye, and slaps him in the face. Quackenbush fesses up when Sabato asks him if he did all of those things. Sabato says he will not disqualify him. Hawke misses a double axe handle. Quackenbush splashes him in the corner, sweeps out his legs, and drops both knees onto his chest for two. Hawke goes to the floor. Quackenbush cuts him off but Hawke drives his back into the ring post. In the ring he throws some knees to the chest and back. Quackenbush fights out of a headlock. Hawke cartwheels through his Lucha roll and nails an enzuigiri. Hawke puts on an overhead wristlock and sweeps out Quackenbush’s legs. Quackenbush gives him a chop. He blocks Hawke’s superkick and takes him down with a clothesline. He bulldogs Hawke out of the corner and gets two with a senton. After a backdrop he hooks Hawke’s head. Hawke shoves him back first to the corner. He delivers the Tribute to Professionalism for two. He also gets two with an Ace Crusher. Hawke lands a brutal Swanton for yet another two count. Hawke slaps Quackenbush in the face. Quackenbush responds with a couple palm strikes. Quackendriver II puts Hawke away at 9:30. Hawke got to look strong against the face of CHIKARA but there really was nothing all that exceptional to this bout. The humorous exchange in the beginning can be found on YouTube and aside from that there’s nothing else to write home about. **½

Fire Ant {C} & Soldier Ant {C} vs. Ruckus {BO} & Sabian {BO}

The Colony suicide dive onto BLK Out during their entrance. Ruckus and Sabian take control and bring Fire Ant back into the ring. Ruckus dropkicks him while Sabian has a Camel Clutch applied. Sabian gives him a belly-to-back suplex. He ties up his arms while pushing his foot against his head. Ruckus dropkicks him in the face. His standing moonsault is only good for two. Sabian suplexes him into the ropes. He goes after Fire Ant’s mask. Fire Ant sends him into the corner with the Stop, Drop, and Roll. He goes to the floor, bringing in Soldier Ant. He nails Sabian with a rolling, saluting elbow. After a suplex Sabian rolls to the floor. Ruckus nails a back handspring spin kick. Another spin kick gets a two count. Sabian disposes of Fire Ant on the floor so he and Ruckus can beat down Soldier Ant. Soldier Ant escapes when he avoids The Razzle Dazzle from Ruckus, sends Sabian into him, drops Sabian on his face with a German suplex, and Samoan drops Ruckus. Fire Ant comes in with a high crossbody onto both men. He takes Sabian down with a fireman’s carry. He drops him with the Beach Break. Ruckus slips off his shoulders but takes some kicks and a superkick. He sentons onto Ruckus. Sabian breaks the cover. Fire Ant enzuigiri’s him on the apron and slingshot splashes him onto the floor! In the ring, Ruckus gives Soldier Ant a rolling fisherman’s suplex. The Bank Roll gets him two. Fire Ant flies in. Ruckus catches him in a Giant Swing. Sabian dropkicks Fire Ant mid-swing. Sabian then gives him a top rope double stomp to secure the win in 11:25. Every match in this feud has been great. This is really the feud that brought the Colony into focus for the company and you can see just why; their aggression and wrestling game has been accelerated and the crowd is getting behind them. Ruckus and Sabian worked really well together and the finishing sequence looked quite deadly. More matches from these two units, please. ***¼

Soldier Ant tries fighting Ruckus and Sabian after the bell. Of course he succombs to the numbers game and eats a top rope senton from Sabian. Worker Ant runs in to help out but he too is taken out. They even pin him to prove their point. BLK Out leave standing tall while all three Colony members are left laying.

Cheech and Cloudy are talking backstage. Cheech is talking about his shaving habits. He recalls that last time he had some facial hair he was slaying the proverbial dragon. Cloudy says now that he’s slayed the dragon, all that’s left…is the “hero.” Also the Swiss guy, who Cloudy doesn’t think they need to worry about since they’re neutral. They plan for the Kings to be the first time they knock down on their way to the Campeones de Parejas.

Cheech & Cloudy vs. Chris Hero {KOW} & Claudio Castagnoli {KOW}

Hero trips Cloudy just because. They reach a stalemate on the mat. Claudio and Cheech tag in. Claudio does some squats with Cheech on his back. Cheech sunset flips his way out of it for a two count. Hero throws Cheech to the mat and holds onto one of his legs. Cheech reverses and paint brushes the back of Hero’s head. He uses the ropes for a headscissors. He controls Hero by his arm and surprisingly outwrestles him. They criss-cross the ropes. Cheech sweeps Hero’s legs out multiple times, to the point where Hero becomes dizzy and annoyed. Cheech dropkicks him to the floor. Cloudy foolishly throws some uppercuts at Claudio. Claudio throws one of his own which takes Cloudy off of his feet. He uses some different armdrags to take Claudio to the floor where he also armdrags Claudio. Cheech and Cloudy shockingly do an incredibly thorough job on both Kings until Hero catches Cheech with a boot to the side of the head from the floor. Some miscommunication between the Kings almost gives Cheech an opening but Hero is able to keep him at bay. Cheech is able to take them down in a London Bridge and tag in Cloudy moments later. He headscissors both Hero and Claudio separately. Cloudy then gives Hero a Frankensteiner. Claudio accidentally uppercuts Hero! Cloudy rolls up Hero and Claudio takes his time breaking the pin. Hero notices and gets in Claudio’s face about it. They double boot Cloudy when he runs at them. Cloudy avoids some offense and cradles Claudio after an armdrag for two. Cheech takes Claudio down with a dragonrana. Hero breaks the cover. He boots Cloudy off of Claudio’s shoulders. He and Cheech knock down Claudio with a STO/Ranhei combo. Hero forearms Cheech before giving him a release suplex. Cheech comes back with a Busaiku Knee. Claudio nails a running forearm. Cloudy wants the Yoshi Tonic. Claudio pops him up and delivers Swiss Chin Music. That gets him the pin at 15:39. Cheech and Cloudy have never looked better. It’s remarkable how much offense they got in the early going and how many times they seemingly had the match won. Hero and Claudio are playing up their dissension just enough for it not to be overbearing. I really enjoyed this. ***

Arik Cannon reminds us that he got suspended because he put his hands on Bryce Remsburg after losing the Young Lions Cup. He’s teaming with two current Kings of Wrestling members, which brings Larry Sweeney and Max Boyer into the picture. Sweeney puts Cannon in his place and puts over Boyer. He says all of Cannon’s resentment and envy should take a backseat in tonight’s match. Cannon agrees they need to be on the same page if they want to win. He says he’ll be there, he just hopes Sweeney and Boyer will be there for him.

Golden Dreams Trios Match
Hallowicked {I}, Jigsaw & Shane Storm vs. Larry Sweeney {KOW}, Arik Cannon & Max Boyer {KOW}

Jigsaw and Boyer exchange wristlocks. Boyer throws Jigsaw to the mat while holding onto his arm. Jigsaw reverses and stretches out both of Boyer’s arms. Boyer flips him out of the corner and leg drops his arm. He then does push-ups while keeping the arm locked in his legs. Jigsaw rolls into a crossface. Boyer gets the ropes. Sweeney and Storm tag in. Sweeney remains steady when Storm attempts some shoulder blocks. He chops up Sweeney before taking him down with a trifecta of armdrags. He gives Sweeney an atomic drop and a spinwheel kick for two. Hallowicked blind tags in while Storm has Sweeney in a wristlock. Sweeney hits the floor to bring in Cannon. Cannon goes crazy with the armdrags. Hallowicked runs the ropes to armdrag his way out of a courting hold. Cannon catches him with a haymaker. Hallowicked throws some strikes from the apron. He flips back in. Cannon evades a step-up Frankensteiner and trades some chops. Hallowicked chops him to the floor. Both of them look for an offensive maneuver to the floor. Hallowicked gets it, dropping Cannon down with a neckbreaker. Storm sends Boyer out and tope con hilo’s after him. Jigsaw is poised to dive when Sweeney cuts him off with a Hot Shot. He stomps Jigsaw and throws some punches, reminiscent of their feud from 2004. Jigsaw is bullied by the Kings (past and present). He slides to the floor when Sweeney and Cannon whip him to the rope. Storm comes in. He’s cut off quickly by Boyer who dropkicks him into a Saito suplex from Cannon. Storm now replaces Jigsaw in the beat down. There’s some real awkwardness when he’s in the ring with Sweeney and Boyer. He manages to DDT Boyer and tag in Hallowicked. Hallowicked fights off Cannon and gives Sweeney Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Boyer breaks the pin. He gives Hallowicked a twisting brainbuster. Jigsaw breaks the count. He gives Boyer a torture rack bomb that has Boyer land on the top of his head. Cannon sends Jigsaw to the corner with an exploder suplex. Storm makes the save and throws some forearms. He gets two with a DDT. Sweeney throws some forearms himself. Sweeney sits down on Storm’s sunset flip attempt for two. Boyer powerbombs Jigsaw. Storm hits Boyer with That Japanese Move. Sweeney piledrives Storm. Hallowicked blasts Sweeney with a yakuza kick. He heads up top. Cannon crotches him and brings him down with a spider German suplex. Jigsaw coast-to-coast dropkicks Cannon as he’s hanging. Boyer delivers a diving headbutt to Hallowicked. Cannon and Hallowicked exchange blows. Cannon gets two with a brainbuster. He jumps off the second rope. Hallowicked catches him with a Rydeen Bomb. He locks on the CHIKARA Special! Cannon taps out at 19:30. Storm got off his game at times and produced some awkward moments. Thankfully the other five guys were at their best and provided a lot of entertainment from bell to bell. The ending stretch was really fun and looked to be anyone’s game. Very fun match. ***½

Young Lions Cup V Finals
Ricochet vs. Chuck Taylor {KOW}

After shoving each other, they reach a stalemate in a Lucha exchange. They dish out some chops. Taylor rolls to the floor after Ricochet chops him coming off the ropes. When he comes back in, Ricochet blocks his hip toss with an armdrag. Out of the corner he gives Taylor a twisting senton for two. Another armdrag leads to a Mexican catapult. He throws some punches to the crown of Taylor’s head. Taylor lands a boot and a forearm to take Ricochet off his feet. After choking Ricochet he tosses him to the floor. He snapmares him into a back kick threatening to do the same to a child. Back in the ring Ricochet mouse traps Taylor. Taylor kicks out and throws a knife edge chop. He gives Ricochet a belly-to-back suplex. He throws an invisible grenade at a little girl in the crowd before dropping an elbow. Ricochet pinches his nipple to break a choke. Taylor tosses him to the floor in front of the girl he made cry. He kicks Ricochet right in front of her. In the ring Ricochet comes off the second rope with a Frankensteiner. Taylor beautifully dropkicks him right after. He gives Ricochet an overhead suplex. Ricochet comes back with a tornado DDT. He gets two with a high elevation backdrop. He runs the ropes but Taylor stops his momentum with Sole Food. Ricochet ducks a clothesline and drops him with a Backslide Driver. Taylor denies another tornado DDT and boots Ricochet in the face for two. Taylor wants a powerbomb. Ricochet blocks and powerbombs Taylor himself. Taylor kicks out and rolls to the floor. Ricochet follows with a tope con hilo. Back in the ring Ricochet tries a super Frankensteiner. Taylor shoves Ricochet down and missile dropkicks him. He gives Ricochet a backbreaker/German suplex combo for two. Taylor sets him up for a reverse superplex. Mid-air Ricochet turns it into a reverse DDT. He hits the Phoenix Splash but Taylor manages to kick out. Same goes for a standing shooting star press. He comes off the top rope. Taylor catches him with a powerbomb. He gives him a second one, then a third one into the corner. The Awful Waffle gets Taylor the pin at 13:56. Not until the last few minutes did this really get exciting. Their first two matches prior were superior, even if they didn’t have the title implications this did. Still both guys did a good job and had the crowd going by the end. If only this were the YLC finals a few years later. ***

The Kings of Wrestling come out to congratulate Taylor on the win. Sweeney says that with all the gold they possess currently and have possessed in the past, there is no stopping them. The Kings hold Taylor over their shoulders before heading to the back. In the parking lot, fireworks are going off in the background as Taylor thanks nobody but himself for his victory.


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