PWS: Revelation 2007


Garfield, NJ – 6.24.2007

Eddie Kingston vs. Samoa Joe

Joe kicks Kingston in the leg when Kingston tries a hand shake. This makes Kingston bail to the floor. When he comes back in, Joe takes him to the corner in a lock-up. Kingston claims hair pulling and tight grabbing. Kingston takes Joe to the corner and chops him. Joe feels nothing. Kingston’s shoulder block attempts leave Joe unfazed. Joe successfully takes Kingston off his feet with one of his own. He throws some right hands before delivering a back elbow and enzuigiri in the corner. Two facewash kicks follow. Kingston comes back with a neckbreaker. He charges into the corner where Joe drops him with the STJoe. On the floor he yakuza kicks Kingston as he sits in a chair. Kingston gets in some strikes when they come back into the ring. He suplexes Joe for two. He fails at multiple corner attacks. Joe comes off the second rope with a knee strike to the face. He powerslams Kingston for two. A yakuza kick and senton have the same result. Joe sets up Kingston for the Muscle Buster. Kingston fights it off. He blocks a lariat and drops Joe with a uranage slam, kind of. Joe responds with a Saito suplex. Kingston ducks a clothesline. He tries an O’Conner Roll. Joe turns it into the Coquina Clutch. Joe taps at 10:57. Joe was going through the motions. This was moreso a TV match with Kingston playing the cowardly heel than the hard hitting affair these two had in Fight Sports Midwest. I guess this was fine, but absolutely nothing special, which is a shame. **¼

Thanks to Free Pro Wrestling for providing this match. You can check out their review of the match here.


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