Young Lions Cup V, Night II


Barnesville, PA – 6.23.2007

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush, UltraMantis Black, and Leonard F. Chikarason.

The show opens up with Ed O’Mac announcing the second batch of Young Lions Cup contenders who are competing tonight. The contenders take a picture with the Young Lions Cup and receive a participation medal as well.

Aaron Draven has been waiting awhile for this night. He was on a show in Canada the night before and all anyone could ask him about was him competing in this tournament. He knows he is facing Billy Roc tonight, and while his manners may get him far in life, they won’t get him past “The Omega.” We then cut to Billy Roc. He knows many people doubt he can win because he lacks a killer instinct, but he knows his wrestling ability will allow him to go far. He’s out to prove that nice guys can finish first.

Young Lions Cup V Quarter-Final Match
Billy Roc vs. Aaron Draven

Roc and Draven trade side headlocks and hammerlocks. Roc pops out of a headscissors. He monkey flips Draven in a double knuckle lock. Draven goes for a headscissors, but flubs it, giving Roc the opening for a pin. He gets a two count. Roc tries an O’Conner Roll after a short exchange. He uses the second rope for an armdrag. Draven responds with an armdrag of his own. Roc suplexes him for two. He hits a dropkick causing Draven to go to the floor. Off the apron Roc quesadora’s into an armdrag. Draven responds with a headscissors and a suicide dive. In the ring he drapes Roc on the ropes. He misses a cannonball to the back. Draven tries a DDT but Roc counters with a Northern Lights suplex. He Magistral cradles Draven for two. Draven enzuigiri’s Roc in the corner. He strings a couple suplexes together. Roc avoids being attacked in the corner and dropkicks Draven into the turnbuckles. He pulls off a Frankensteiner. Draven rolls through and double stomps his chest. Roc nails a back kick. He gives Draven a neckbreaker across his knee. He tries the standing Shiranui. Draven nails him with a lariat for two. Roc blocks a clothesline. The standing Shiranui works the second time around and gets Roc the win at 8:03. Aside from an awkward moment here and there this was good. They counters and reversals were especially entertaining. **¼

Shayne Hawke is feeling down because he doesn’t want to be here. He’s not ungrateful or thinks less of the competition, but he just wants to fast forward to tomorrow when he’s holding the Cup in his hands. Mark his words, he’s taking home the Cup.

Young Lions Cup V Quarter-Final Match
Tim Donst vs. Shayne Hawke

Hawke attacks Donst while his back is turned. He pulls Donst’s jacket down enough to tie up his arms. He throws his head into the turnbuckle and throws some kicks while Donst is helpless. When Hawke takes off his jacket he chokes Donst with it. Donst gets in his first bit of offense, slamming Hawke as Hawke charges. Hawke however delivers some strikes to the chest while they’re on the mat. He stomps his knee into the mat. Hawke slaps him in the face and crotches him in the second rope. He hits the Tribute to Professionalism but Donst’s foot gets on the ropes. He soccer kicks Donst in the back twice before applying a chinlock. Donst again makes it to the ropes. They slap each other in the face. Hawke pokes Donst in the eyes to stop his momentum. Donst throws Hawke overhead in a sleepwalker suplex. Donst catches him with an STO and a fireman’s carry. He face trips Hawke before hitting the Gator Roll. Hawke kicks out. Hawke ends up catching Donst off guard with the Tomahawke at 7:29. Watching Donst get his butt kicked is fun, but it’s even more fun to watch him finally make a fiery comeback. Although that portion was kept short the people seemed to be into what both guys are doing which is the best you can hope for. **½

Rhett Titus is looking at himself in the mirror. He mispronounces CHIKARA and says he’s going to win the Young Tiger’s Cup tonight. He already beat an ant in non-tournament action last night and plans to do the same thing tonight.

Young Lions Cup V Quarter-Final Match
Soldier Ant {C} vs. Rhett Titus {ROH}

They start with a reversal of wristlocks. Soldier Ant backs Titus to the corner and salutes him. Titus struts in response. Titus backs Soldier Ant to the corner. He tries throwing punches but Soldier Ant blocks them with salutes. Titus decides to boot him in the stomach a few times. Soldier Ant trips him into a saluting elbow drop. He tries a headscissors but Titus counters it with a side slam. After choking Soldier Ant, Titus suplexes him for two. Titus whips him to the corner, then kicks him into it when he bounces back. A gutwrench suplex earns another two count. He throws Soldier Ant’s face into his own boot. Titus misses the Jetski legdrop. Soldier Ant throws some forearms. After an atomic drop he dropkicks Titus in the lower back and then the chest. Soldier Ant rolls back into a headscissors. While Titus is seated in the corner Soldier Ant gives him a diving headbutt. Titus avoids a TKO and hits a neckbreaker. Soldier Ant and Titus exchange pinning combinations. Titus gets his feet on the ropes while having Soldier Ant in a folding press for the win at 9:33. There was some clever incorporation of their characters amidst the action but this was elementary at it’s core. **½

Darin Corbin’s big return to CHIKARA is tonight. He had the chance to prove himself as a tag competitor in the past, but now he gets the chance to prove himself as a singles competitor. He wants to drink out of the Cup and goes to Disney World. We cut to his opponent, Super Xtremo. He’s been working for years to get an opportunity in a place like CHIKARA. Now that he has that opportunity, he’s not going to let it slip through his fingers. He’s going to show everyone that he’s the hungriest Young Lion of them all.

Young Lions Cup V Quarter-Final Match
Darin Corbin {NSE} vs. Super Xtremo {BSE}

We get a game of “can you top this?” with some rolls and kip-ups. Xtremo brings Corbin to the mat in a side headlock. Corbin reverses. Xtremo puts on a headscissors. Corbin pops out of it but Xtremo puts on a front chancery. Corbin snaps off a pair of armdrags and locks on an armbar. Xtremo escapes and huracanrana’s Corbin for two. After some chops he headscissors Corbin across the ring. Xtremo snapmares him into a back kick. He slingshots in with a splash for two. Corbin catches Xtremo coming off the ropes with a back elbow and follows up with a senton. Xtremo sends him to the floor with a satellite headscissors. Xtremo rolls through his suicide dive attempt when Corbin ducks. He then takes him over with a swinging Frankensteiner. In the ring he hits a twisting crossbody for two. Corbin avoids a dropkick. He gives Xtremo a swinging fisherman’s neckbreaker. Xtremo is able to catch Corbin in the ropes and give him some kicks. He legdrops Corbin off the second rope for a two count. Xtremo pulls off a Finlay Roll but the twisting senton after doesn’t connect. He comes off the second rope only to be caught mid-air with an Ace Crusher. Corbin gets the pin at 9:16. This was a lot of fun. Xtremo probably fits in best with CHIKARA out of everyone tonight given his character and style. He worked with Corbin really well and that finish is always great. **¾

The odd Ultra Dragon is lurking around backstage. He headbutts the CHIKARA banner a time or two before letting out a yelp and jumping out of frame.

Young Lions Cup V Quarter-Final Match
Ryan Cruz {NSE} vs. Ultra Dragon

After feeling each other out, Cruz delivers some armdrags and a dropkick. Dragon fights out of a headlock but eats a spinwheel kick. Dragon catches Cruz in the ropes with a neckbreaker. He pokes Cruz in the eyes before bringing him back in. He throws some JYD style headbutts and kicks Cruz in the chest. Dragon feigns a moonsault, but lands on his feet and throws multiple kicks to the back. He misses a Swanton Bomb. Cruz gives him a Side Russian leg sweep. He hits a standing moonsault for two. Dragon tries a monkey flip. Cruz lands on his feet and nails a tornado kick. Dragon kicks out. He calls for the Boom Shaka-Laka. Dragon pokes him in the eyes to block. He gives him a quesadora driver (think Ophidian’s Duat Driver) for the pin at 7:52. Certainly surprising to see Dragon advance over Cruz. Although he has a very strange presence he looked good and like Xtremo has an aesthetic that fits into CHIKARA’s landscape. **½

Young Lions Cup V Quarter-Final Match
Ricochet vs. Chrisjen Hayme

Hayme works on Ricochet’s arm. After some Lucha rolls Hayme kicks out Ricochet’s leg. He does it again. Ricochet avoids it the third time. He rolls up Hayme multiple times after Hayme avoids a standing star press. Hayme bails to the floor. Ricochet flips over the top rope into a Dragonrana! Back in the ring he crossbody’s Hayme for two. Hayme avoids a Frankensteiner and nails an enzuigiri. He gives Ricochet a chinbreaker and a headbutt. Ricochet throws some punches but Hayme cuts him off with a knee to the mid-section. After a slam he misses a slingshot senton. Ricochet misses a back handspring twisting moonsault. Hayme lariats him for two. Ricochet tries a quesadora which Hayme counters with a powerbomb. Ricochet gets popped up in a Mexican catapult. He pounds Hayme while on his shoulders and finishes up with Chocolate Rain. He dropkicks Hayme and chops him in the corner. Hayme headscissors him into a piledriver for two. He tries an Air Raid Crash. Ricochet counters with a crucifix driver for two. He tries a headscissors and Hayme slams him face first into the mat. A basement dropkick only gets him a two count. Ricochet comes back with a Backslide Driver and a tornado DDT. A second rope moonsault and standing shooting star press get him the win at 9:56. Easily the best match of the first round with Ricochet standing out amongst the pack. Hayme also brought the goods and looked really smart in how he countered Ricochet’s explosive offense. Very fun match. ***

Cabana Man Dan vs. Mitch Ryder {KOW}

Before the bell, Dan smacks Ryder in the behind with his flip flop. Ryder does some damage to his back and rakes his eyes. Dan takes him over with an armdrag. He applies a wristlock. Ryder breaks it with a punch to the face. He takes Ryder down with another armdrag. Ryder shoots him off and gives him a double axe handle. After a fist drop he throws some punches to the mid-section and chokes him in the corner. He suplexes Dan for two. Dan gets a two count of his own with a sunset flip. Ryder knocks him down with a clothesline. Ryder puts on a sleeper. Dan’s arm drops twice. The third time he fires up. Ryder goes for a knee. Dan rolls him up instead for two. He then drops Ryder with a DDT. He comes off the top with a crossbody and grabs his flip flop. He chops Ryder with it four times, knocking him down on the final chop. Ryder catches him with a piledriver for the pin at 10:11. Very boring. I guess Ryder needed to score a win over someone, right? Right? ½*

Chuck Taylor says nobody cares about the twelve goofs in the tournament tonight – him vs. Arik Cannon is the money making match on the card. He knows Cannon is a former Kings of Wrestling member and former Young Lions Cup champion. He’s a current Kings of Wrestling member and will go on to win the Young Lions Cup, so he tells Cannon to stop living in the past.

Arik Cannon vs. Chuck Taylor {KOW}

Cannon puts on a wristlock causing Taylor to get to the ropes very quickly. Taylor mouths and goofs off before reluctantly engaging in a knuckle lock. Cannon takes him down and locks up his arm. Cannon talks Taylor through a wristlock escape, then just brings him back down to the mat. Taylor is very happy when he manages to reverse it. When Cannon reverses back, Taylor gets his foot on the ropes. Cannon throws a variety of armdrags. Taylor bails to the floor where he puts on a Jigsaw replica mask momentarily. Cannon blasts him with a haymaker when he comes to the apron. Cannon calls over a young fan Taylor admonished earlier. He lets the fan deliver an overhand chop! Cannon gets distracted, allowing Taylor to drop toe hold him into the second rope. Taylor pulls out his invisible grenade. He drops it on Cannon and tries an elbow drop. Cannon evades it and picks the grenade up. He drops it into Taylor’s tights and gives him an atomic drop which causes it to go off! Taylor is able to kick out Cannon’s right leg which got hurt during the atomic drop. He pulls on his mohawk while throwing some forearms. Cannon throws a sole butt kick. An uppercut leads to a clutch pinfall for two. Taylor gets a head of steam and dives over the top rope into a Swanton. Cannon kicks out. Taylor throws some forearms to his neck. Cannon becomes angry and throws harder forearms to Taylor’s neck. Cannon sunset flips him for two. He drops Taylor with a swinging neckbreaker. After some more strikes he hits Total Anarchy for two. Taylor comes back with Sole Food. He goes up top. Cannon brings him down with a Spider German suplex! He follows up with a brainbuster. Taylor kicks out! Cannon wants a superplex. Taylor flips out of it. He brings Cannon off the top with the Awful Waffle for the win at 16:03. While Taylor kicking out of Cannon’s bigger moves was slightly annoying, it made him look strong and gave him a big win over a former YLC holder before heading into the finals. They also brought a lot in the comedy department which was appreciated. ***

Icarus tells us that thanks to Mitch Ryder, the Kings of Wrestling are now eight men strong. Gran Akuma says F.I.S.T. has had a successful 2007 because they have been focused. Akuma says now there’s another one of them amongst them; no silly nicknames or silliness – Max Boyer. Boyer assures them that they picked a right man for the job, denouncing the “Canadian Dynamite” nickname in the process.

El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC}, Ice Cream Jr. {IC} & Amigo Suzuki {TX} vs. Icarus {F}, Gran Akuma {F} & Max Boyer {KOW}

Boyer and Hijo start off trading holds. Hijo finds his way out of a neck-tie headscissors and kicks Boyer in the back of the leg. Boyer does not appreciate his buttocks being pinched, nor a strike to the face. Boyer kicks him away twice before attempting a sunset flip. Hijo rolls through and dropkicks him in the face. Boyer dropkicks Hijo to the floor and chases him back into the ring. Suzuki and Akuma tag in. Akuma takes him down with a clothesline after avoiding a falling headbutt. Suzuki gets two with a backslide. He successfully headbutts Akuma in the kidney. Icarus and Jr. tag in. After some back and forth Jr. hangs Icarus in a tree of woe. He throws some kicks and swivels his hips. He dropkicks Icarus and lands a senton. He scares Icarus to send him to the floor. Boyer and Hijo come back in. Hijo hip tosses him over, and does so a second time to block Boyer’s hip toss. Akuma knees Jr. from the apron and armdrags him to the floor. He catches Suzuki with a kick. Suzuki gives Akuma a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Icarus comes in illegally to assist with a double trip/elbow drop. Jr. takes both members of F.I.S.T. out in a London Bridge. He armdrags Icarus to the floor. He suicide dives onto all three Kings of Wrestling members. In the ring, Boyer drop toe holds Jr. onto Icarus’ knee. Akuma delivers a fallaway kick and the Kings now pick apart Jr. in their half of the ring, targeting the knee many times. One well placed slap to Icarus gives Jr. the opening to tag in Suzuki. He gives Icarus a jawbreaker. Los Ice Creams then hit him with El Asesino. Boyer breaks the pin. Icarus gets triple teamed in the corner. A series of moves from everybody ends with Suzuki giving Icarus a Tiger suplex. Boyer powerbombs Hijo. Jr. breaks the pin and is taken out. Akuma gives Hijo the Yoshi Tonic. Suzuki drags him to the floor. Icarus tries a Shiranui on Hijo. Jr. stops him and backslides Icarus to pick up a shocking victory at 15:17. This result was absolutely unbelievable considering that the Kings were THE top Rudos and Los Ice Creams were hardly anyone to take seriously. It was a fun trios match and a big moment to plant the seeds for the future. ***

Young Lions Cup V Semi-Final Elimination Match
Billy Roc vs. Shayne Hawke vs. Rhett Titus {ROH} vs. Darin Corbin {NSE} vs. Ultra Dragon vs. Ricochet

Ricochet and Dragon go for some quick pins on one another. When that goes nowhere Corbin and Hawke tag in. Hawke mocks Corbin for being a pale ginger which of course also describes him. They comically trade waistlocks. Hawke ends the exchange with a poke to the eyes. Corbin responds in kind. They mirror each others’ movements and end up respecting one another. Hawke tags in Titus. Corbin slides out allowing Roc to come in with a high crossbody for two. Titus throws some forearms to the back. Roc throws a pair of dropkicks and headscissors Titus to the corner. Roc runs into Hawke’s boot. Both he and Titus attack Roc in the corner. Dragon misses an attack and takes some attacks from Corbin, Roc, then Ricochet. Titus turns Ricochet inside out with a clothesline. He snapmares him into a dropkick to the neck. Ricochet gets beaten down by all five other participants for quite a few minutes. Along the way he stops Dragon’s quesadora and drives his head into the mat in a reverse Jig N’ Tonic for the elimination at 9:47. Titus throws Ricochet to the floor. Corbin throws Titus off the top rope before delivering ten punches in the corner. Corbin calls for the Ginger Snap. Titus blocks and powerslams him for the elimination at 10:58. He powerslams Ricochet for a two count. He tries slingshotting Ricochet to the corner. Ricochet lands on the ropes and rolls Titus into a Gedo Clutch to eliminate him at 11:57. Hawke German suplexes Ricochet. The Tribute to Professionalism only gets a two count which surprises Hawke. He tags in Roc who puts tosses Ricochet to the mat out of a wristlock. He works over his arm on the mat. Hawke and Roc form a makeshift team to further wear down Ricochet. The team goes sour when Hawke wants Roc to kick Ricochet in the groin to be disqualified. Roc refuses and rolls Ricochet to the floor so he and Hawke can go at it. Hawke verbally berates him and slaps him in the face twice. He blocks the third one and unloads with forearm strikes. He nails a spinwheel kick and a clothesline. He throws a barrage of Kawada kicks before sending Hawke to the floor with a clothesline. He suicide dives after him and unloads more forearms. In the ring he stomps Hawke down in the corner. A facewash kick gets him a two count. He also gets two with a Death Valley neckbreaker across his knee. Hawke sneaks in an enzuigiri. Roc kicks out. Hawke drops him with an Ace Crusher. He only gets two with a Swanton Bomb. He heads up top to try another move. He lands on his feet which hurts his knee. Roc’s standing Shiranui eliminates Hawke at 19:06. Ricochet finally makes his way back into the ring. They shake hands before engaging in a pin exchange. Ricochet gives Roc the Backslide Driver for two. Roc lands an enzuigiri and the standing Shiranui. He is quite shocked when Ricochet kicks out. He goes for it again. Ricochet dropkicks him to the corner. He spikes Roc in a reverse Frankensteiner. A tornado DDT and the running shooting star press get him the win at 21:53. Ricochet was the obvious winner but they did a good job making it seem like Roc or Hawke had a chance, especially when Ricochet was the worse for wear on the floor. They had some interesting story threads throughout the whole match culminating in a somewhat anti-climatic ending. Admittedly, Ricochet’s beatdown in the beginning also went a little long, but the rest of the match kept my interest and made for a slightly better overall package than the semi-final match from the night before. ***¼

Chuck Taylor makes his way out. Ricochet almost attacks him but Bryce Remsburg stops them from fighting. Taylor says he’s going to make the fat, dumb rednecks buy a ticket to see them fight. He promises to kill Ricochet dead tomorrow in Hellertown.


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