Young Lions Cup V Night 1


Reading, PA – 6.22.2007

Commentary is provided by UltraMantis Black, Mitch Ryder, Bryce Remsburg, Mike Quackenbush, and Leonard F. Chikarason.

The show opens up with Ed O’Mac announcing the first batch of Young Lions Cup contenders who are competing tonight. The contenders take a picture with the Young Lions Cup and receive a participation medal as well. Moscow, the Communist Bovine, is revealed to be the winner of the Create-A-Wrestler contest.

Lince Dorado says he’s in CHIKARA to win the Young Lions CUp. It only makes sense for him to win the Cup, as he’s a fellow member of the feline family.

Young Lions Cup V Quarter-Final Match
Lince Dorado vs. El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC}

Hijo kicks Dorado in the back of the leg twice. He throws him into the corner and delivers an overhand chop. Dorado collides buttocks first (accidentally) when attempting a back handspring maneuver with Hijo’s face. After the M-Pro comedy spot Dorado armdrags Hijo into the corner. Dorado misses an attack and Hijo kicks him in the stomach. Hijo pets Dorado while also slapping him around. A little bit of Lucha leads to Dorado bouncing off the ropes for an armdrag. He catapults into a sunset flip but Hijo rolls through and dropkicks Dorado in the face. Hijo gives him a hip attack and some kicks in the corner. He folds Dorado up for a two count. He also gets two with a senton. Dorado misses a quebrada. Hijo hits him with El Asesino for two. Dorado quesadora’s himself into a DDT. He then monkey flips Hijo into a dropkick. The Lynxsault is only good for two. Same goes for a high crossbody. Hijo blocks a Frankensteiner with a powerbomb. He follows up with the Cold Stone Stunner for two. Dorado dropkicks Hijo on the top rope. He brings him down with a Frankensteiner. He puts Hijo in the CHIKARA Special! Hijo taps out at 8:52. This started off a little roughly, but they got things together and had a fun match when all was said and done. **

UltraMantis Black is backstage with Hydra. Mantis says Hydra has been training vigorously for the Young Lions Cup. When Mantis learns that Hydra is facing a Cow, he refuses to stand in his corner (Mantis is Vegan, after all). Hydra seems downtrodden by this news.

Young Lions Cup V Quarter-Final Match
Moscow vs. Hydra {ONT}

Hydra is unable to move Moscow with his running shoulder blocks. He finally is able to tip the cow by running into his side. Moscow cradles Hydra for two. Hydra snapmares him into a cranium crush. He chops Moscow in the ropes and ties him up. Hydra grabs a plastic fork. Referee Derek Sabato stops him from using it. Moscow in the meanwhile unties himself and nails Hydra with a lariat. He then spears him into the corner. He calls for a t-bone suplex. Hydra fights out but takes a side Russian leg sweep, giving Moscow the win at 4:20. This Moscow gimmick was very obviously was a one note joke. It worked well here, but let’s see how much traction it has after this weekend. ½*

Niles Young reminds us that he debuted in the Young Lions Cup II tournament. He says while he hasn’t been successful in tournament’s past, he has Noel Harlow in his corner this time around. She assures us that Young will be successful tonight.

Young Lions Cup V Quarter-Final Match
Player Uno vs. Niles Young {CZW}

Noel Harlow is in Young’s corner. Young tries a quick roll up but Uno is able to kick out. Uno catches him with some chops and a leg lariat. Harlow distracts Uno so Young can sneak in a headbutt. He gets two with a snap suplex. He whips Uno into a back elbow. Young nails a lariat before getting a kiss from Harlow. He chokes Uno and whips him to the corner. Uno goes for a tornado DDT. Young blocks it and pops Uno up into a lungblower. Uno kicks out. He drop toe holds Young into the corner. He hits him with a Level 17 Wizard. Young responds with a yakuza kick for two. Uno responds with some kicks of his own. An axe kick leads to the Dig Dug Driver for two. After the Shoryuken and Hadouken, Young is able to headbutt Uno off the top. Young hits a frog splash and is in disbelief when Uno kicks out. He tunes up the band for a yakuza kick. Uno ducks it and Ranhei’s Young for the pin at 7:25. Uno got a very nice reaction for his win given he’s been on a losing streak as of late. Harlow didn’t interject herself too much and Young looked quite good. Uno winning was a nice surprise and the first real indication of him being a legitimate player in CHIKARA. **¼

Cabana Man Dan is familiar with Chuck Taylor since they both wrestle for IWA Deep South. While Taylor makes kids cry, Dan only makes his opponent’s cry. He has a flip flop chop waiting for Taylor in their contest.

Young Lions Cup V Quarter-Final Match
Cabana Man Dan vs. Chuck Taylor {KOW}

Taylor backs Dan to the corner. He threatens a punch until Dan picks up his flip flop and causes Taylor to freak out. He knees Dan in the stomach and tosses him to the floor. Dan goes for another flip flop chop. Once again Taylor flips out. He shoulder blocks Dan to the mat. After some maneuvering, Dan puts Taylor in a legged full nelson. He then puts on a seated abdominal stretch. He tickles Taylor before delivering a leg lariat and clothesline. He mule kicks him for two. Dan hits the ropes and Taylor nails his gorgeous dropkick. He bites Dan and Dan bites back. Taylor nails him with a punch. He tosses one of Dan’s flip flops into the aisle while putting the other in his trunks. Dan steals the flip flop and chops Taylor with it multiple times! He spinwheel kicks Taylor. He gets two with a Northern Lights suplex. Dan avoids the Sole Food and jackknife pins Taylor for two. Dan avoids a dropkick and smacks Taylor in the face with the flip flop. He goes for the Shiranui. Taylor shoves him to the corner. He nails the Awful Waffle for the pin at 8:30. This was so much fun. Dan was the perfect fit for CHIKARA and Taylor was the best opponent for him to showcase his personality. I had a blast watching this. **½

Young Lions Cup V Quarter-Final Match
Hex Gage vs. Ice Cream Jr. {IC}

Jr. has a bag of sprinkles with him. Gage holds onto a wristlock which Jr. seemingly can’t escape. We then get a waistlock exchange until Gage goes back to the wristlock. He headbutts and punches Jr.’s hand and shoulder blocks him to the mat. Jr. snaps off a couple armdrags. He delivers a knee lift in the corner and gives Gage a quebradora backbreaker. Gage forearms Jr. before he can utilize the sprinkle bag. He spins Jr. into a clothesline. Gage plays around with Jr’s cone while on offense. Gage misses a corner attack. Jr. whips him across the ring and splashes him in the corner. Gage cuts Jr. off from grabbing the sprinkles again. Gage misses a sky twister press. Jr. hits him with a knee lift and rolls him into a Magistral cradle. Gage responds with a brainbuster into a gut buster. He hits a 450 Swanton to no response while only grazing Jr. Jr. nails an enzuigiri. He pours some spinkles in the ring. While the referee disposes of them, Jr. throws some sprinkles into Gage’s eyes. The Jack and Jill Hammer gets him the pin at 9:52. Gage clearly had a lot of potential but the low ceiling and the chosen opponent didn’t allow him to showcase his full potential. He gets massive kudos for selling the sprinkles post-match like a champion but there isn’t much to see outside of that. *½

Rex Sterling thanks the NWA for choosing him to represent them in the Young Lions Cup. He plans to defeat Suzuki tonight and go on to win the tournament. Failure is not an option for him.

Young Lions Cup V Quarter-Final Match
Amigo Suzuki {TX} vs. Rex Sterling

They reach a stalemate after feeling each other out on the mat. Sterling gets in the first real offense with a spinwheel kick and an armdrag. Suzuki applies a courting hold and then a wristlock. Sterling trips him into a side headlock. Suzuki shoots out. Sterling ducks a clothesline but does not avoid an eye rake. Suzuki wrenches on a toe hold. He even headbutts Sterling’s foot for good measure. He puts on the Amigo Lock (a figure four variant). Sterling makes it to the ropes. Suzuki drives Sterling’s knee into the mat. He does more damage to the knee. Sterling nails Suzuki with a knee strike for him healthy leg. He schoolboys Suzuki for two. Suzuki kicks out Sterling’s leg and swiftly kicks him in the side of the head for two. He gives Sterling a dragonscrew leg whip. Sterling manages to land a crossbody from the second rope. He goes for a front facelock but gets his leg kicked out again. Suzuki gives him a neckbreaker. He tries a Tiger suplex. Sterling uses the ropes to maneuver out of it. He nails a superkick and gives Suzuki a hammerlock DDT. Sterling’s knee is too hurt to go for a pin right away, only giving him a two count when he eventually does make the cover. Suzuki rolls him into an ankle lock. Sterling uses the ropes to crawl back up. He misses an enzuigiri. Suzuki successfully pulls of the Tiger suplex for the pin at 10:08. I was very surprised in how good this match was. They told a great story with Sterling having his leg worked over and him believably almost taking the match in spite of it. Out of everyone, Sterling may have been the best looking of the newcomers. **¾

Worker Ant {C} vs. Rhett Titus {ROH}

Titus’ sexiest man alive gimmick was in it’s infancy at this point. He and Worker Ant trade holds looking for control. Worker Ant catches Titus with an armdrag causing Titus to retreat to the floor. Worker Ant holds up Titus’ mirror which he can’t help but admire himself in. He gives Titus a Manhattan Drop. Titus throws some punches. Worker Ant slides off his shoulders and armdrags him to the corner. He ducks Titus’ clothesline and backslides him for two. Titus lifts him up into a butterfly suplex. He follows up with a dropkick for two. He misses the Jetski legdrop. Worker Ant misses an elbow drop. Titus gives him a backbreaker for two. He puts on a body scissors. He drives his body weight into Worker Ant’s back. He throws some chops in the corner. He misses one and Worker Ant unloads some chops of his own. Titus kicks him away and delivers a spinebuster for two. He chokes Worker Ant with a chain. Worker Ant uses some knee based offense before hip tossing Titus into a Falcon Arrow. Titus mows him down with a lariat. Worker Ant goes for some pinning combinations. Titus stops him during an Oklahoma Roll and pins him at 7:10. This was a solid win for Titus before facing Soldier Ant tomorrow night. Titus’ character is silly but great. **

Billy Roc vs. Chrisjen Hayme

Roc twists up Hayme and sends him to the corner. Roc trips him into a keylock. He grabs Hayme’s arms and slams his face into the mat multiple times. Hayme retreats to the floor. Roc hops off the second ropes and onto Hayme on the floor. In the ring Hayme headbutts Roc and suplexes him into the corner. He drops Roc onto the mat and gives him a running neckbreaker. Roc blocks an Oklahoma Roll. Hayme blocks his forearms and spikes Roc with a reverse Frankensteiner. Roc kicks out. Hayme chokes him on the bottom rope. He gets two with a bridging butterfly suplex. Roc misses an enzuigiri but comes back with a kick to the face. He misses a running shooting star press. Hayme misses a quebrada. Roc gives him a Sick Kick and a satellite headscissors. He nails a clothesline but Hayme kicks out. Roc goes for a Shiranui. Hayme counters with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Roc throws some elbows. Hayme blocks another Shiranui. He kicks Roc in the side of the head before giving him a German suplex. Roc somehow kicks out. He hops off Hayme’s back and kicks him in the back of the head. The standing Shiranui gets him the victory at 8:24. Both guys really got the chance to showcase their offense. There were some moments of hesitancy but they won over the crowd despite that fact. Roc is the man. **¾

Mitch Ryder reminds Shane Storm that he defeated him last month at “Aniversario?” He claims Storm is living off of his past success as a former a King of Trios winner and Young Lions Cup champion. He guarantees another victory over Storm tonight.

Shane Storm vs. Mitch Ryder {KOW}

As Ryder pointed out, this is a rematch from “Aniversario?” Both guys throw chops. Storm takes him down with a pair of hip tosses and an armdrag. Ryder asks for a time out on the floor, claiming Storm held his tights. He snaps Storm’s neck on the top rope as he comes back into the ring. He steps on Storm’s face and does some damage to the head. Storm manages to sunset flip Ryder. Ryder clasps his legs against Storm’s head and delivers a clothesline. He throws Storm to the mat by his hair and stomps on his face. Storm comes back with a bulldog. He also delivers a flying forearm which gets him a two count. Ryder avoids a corner splash and nails a clothesline. Storm kicks out. He throws more forearms. Ryder counters an Irish whip and gives Storm a piledriver for the win in 6:44. Like last month, this match was very elementary. Both guys kicked up the aggression and we actually had a clean win, so I’ll say it’s a slight step up from last month’s bout. *¼

Young Lions Cup V Semi-Final Elimination Match
Lince Dorado vs. Moscow vs. Player Uno vs. Chuck Taylor {KOW} vs. Ice Cream Jr. {IC} vs. Amigo Suzuki {TX}

Uno and Suzuki go back and forth. Uno gets two with a tornado clutch. Suzuki pulls off some armdrags. Uno Ranhei’s Suzuki for another two count. He ducks a kick and throws Suzuki down. They shake hands and tag in Dorado and Jr. They engage in a Lucha sequence until Dorado armdrags Jr. to the ropes. Dorado catches him with a crossbody and a quesadora armdrag. He dropkicks Jr and headscissors him to the floor. Dorado follows with a tope suicida. Taylor looks frightened by Moscow. He ends up taking him to the mat in a double knuckle lock. He tries stomping on his hands but Moscow uses his hooves to knock Taylor down. Moscow mule kicks him and delivers a bulldog. Everybody keeps running in but Moscow elbows them all down. Taylor uses Suzuki’s poncho as a bullfighter’s flag. He uses it to get Moscow to tackle Dorado and Uno. Taylor rolls up Moscow, and Suzuki and Jr. dog pile onto him, to eliminate Moscow at 6:39. Uno becomes isolated by the makeshift unit of Suzuki, Ice Cream Jr. and Taylor. Uno catches Taylor with a stunner variation. Instead of tagging out he heads up top. Jr. catches him, but Uno is able to give him a frog splash. Suzuki throws some kicks to Uno before giving him a Tiger suplex. That eliminates Uno at 11:57. Dorado immediately jumps in and huracanrana’s Suzuki for another pin at 12:03! Taylor gets in some strikes on Dorado, tossing him in an overhead suplex. He elbows Jr. off the apron saying “amigos no más!” Dorado gets two with a sunset flip then gets chopped back down by Taylor. Dorado evades a suplex and dropkicks Taylor to the corner. Dorado tags in Jr. who chops up Taylor. He gives Taylor the Cold Stone Stunner for two. Jr. whips Taylor to the ropes causing Dorado to fall to the floor. Taylor feigns being hit in the groin by Jr. Bryce falls for it and Jr. is disqualified at 16:36. Dorado gets in some shots to Taylor on the floor. In the ring he hits a high crossbody for two. Taylor gives him a release German suplex, also for two. Dorado comes back with a tornado DDT. He kicks out. Dorado avoids being thrown off the top rope. Taylor spins him out into a Complete Shot. When he and Dorado are exchanging waistlocks Taylor again feigns a low blow. Bryce doesn’t fall for it. Dorado tries a huracanrana. Taylor stops him in a sunset flip position, giving himself the win and advancement into the finals at 19:58. This was a fun way to end the show and for Taylor’s character to shine through. I liked how they played up earlier finishes both from first round matches and in the match itself. Good times all around. ***


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