ROH: Domination


Philadelphia, PA – 6.9.2007

Hallowicked vs. Matt Sydal

During this period, Sydal was going after ROH’s masked wrestlers to prove a point to his career long rival Delirious, who just so happens to be Hallowicked’s tag team partner. Sydal breaks a lock-up in the corner. He takes Hallowicked down in a side headlock. Hallowicked turns it into a headscissors and Sydal rolls to the ropes to escape. Sydal snaps off an armdrag. Hallowicked catches him in a crucifix pin for a two count. They block each others’ hip tosses. Sydal grabs a courting hold. Hallowicked armdrags out. Sydal uses the ropes for his own armdrag and hits a spinwheel kick for a one count. Sydal plays with Hallowicked’s stem whilst kicking at his head. Hallowicked kicks his way out of the corner. Sydal blocks the Graveyard Smash with a cradle and a side slam. He drops an elbow for two. Sydal puts on a Bow and Arrow. Hallowicked escapes but Sydal legdrops the back of his neck. Hallowicked headscissors Sydal to the corner. He gives him a step-up enzuigiri and an Iconoclasm for two. He gets two with a neckbreaker as well. Sydal brings him off the top rope with a Leap of Faith. Sydal delivers a combination of strikes in the corner, ending with a clothesline. He comes off the top and Hallowicked catches him mid-air with a dropkick. Sydal counters an Iconoclasm with a neck-tie headscissors. However, Hallowicked BLASTS him with a yakuza kick for two. He catches Sydal with a roll-up out of a leapfrog. Sydal sweeps his legs. Hallowicked gets his feet up to block a standing shooting star press. He hits the Rydeen Bomb for two. Sydal counterss the Graveyard Smash with a guillotine DDT. The Shooting Star Press gets Sydal the win at 9:23. This was the Matt Sydal show as you would expect. The offense Hallowicked did get in looked excellent and made him seem competent which I didn’t expect considering his short ROH tenure. This was a step-up from their King of Trios match partly due to the vocal crowd. **¾

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico

Generico sits down on Jigsaw’s leg. This comes after a wristlock exchange. Jigsaw escapes and controls Generico’s arm. He tags in Quackenbush. Quackenbush grabs a double knuckle lock. Generico trips Quackenbush up, so Quackenbush pops up into a monkey flip. He Northern Lights suplexes Generico. Generico is frazzled as Quackenbush kips up. Steen and Jigsaw tag in. Jigsaw’s shoulder tackles do nothing. Steen back elbows Jigsaw and kikcs him in the back. Jigsaw armdrags Steen a couple times and headscissors him to the corner. Generico tags back in. Steen forearms Jigsaw from behind which even Generico does not seem cool with. Steen tags himself back in so he can bully Jigsaw some more. Steen does it right in front of Quackenbush to mock and insult both of opponents. Jigsaw manages to enzuigiri Generico. He brings him down with a tornado DDT. Both Quackenbush and Steen tag in. Quackenbush headbutts Steen in the chest. He hits a corner seated senton and a running elbow strike to knock Steen off his feet. Quackenbush ducks and Steen goes for the Package Piledriver. Jigsaw superkicks Steen into a jackknife cradle from Quackenbush for two. Quackenbush gets two again after a DDT. Steen throws Quackenbush off the top rope. Quackenbush rolls through. Steen powerbombs Quackenbush and Generico hits a top rope splash for two. Quackenbush turns a full nelson on Generico into a facebuster. Jigsaw tags in. He comes in with a splash. Generico gets his knees up. Jigsaw evades a yakuza kick, which hits Steen instead. Jigsaw gives Generico a rack bomb. Quackenbush hits a somersault senton off the top. Jigsaw delivers a leg drop. Quackenbush comes off the top again with a double knees. Jigsaw pins Generico but Steen pulls him out of the ring. Steen shoves Quackenbush away and tags in Generico. Steen gives Quackenbush a gut buster. He misses a moonsault. Quackenbush palm strikes Steen on the top rope. Jigsaw goes for the Leap of Faith, but Steen holds onto him allowing Genrico to come in with a coast-to-coast dropkick. Steen super powerbombs Jigsaw and Quackenbush breaks the pin. Generico sends Quackenbush to the floor and dives onto him. Steen gives Jigsaw the Package Piledriver. He rolls him into Generico’s brainbuster.Steen pins Jigsaw at 13:05. Steen’s bullying of Jigsaw was absolutely fantastic. Even his partner, a fellow masked wrestler thought Steen was being too harsh on him. Quackenbush did a fantastic job becoming angrier at Steen’s pure arrogance on the apron. Steen shoving Jigsaw out of the ring post match when going to shake hands was icing on the cake. That story aside, the action was excellent and got the crowd whipped into a frenzy. This is another one of 2007’s more underrated matches. ***½


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