AIW: Absolution II


Cleveland, OH – 5.20.2007

Larry Sweeney & John McChesney vs. CJ Sensation & Dios Salvador

Sensation and McChesney trade control. McChesney bites Sensation’s fingers a few times during the exchange. Sweeney and Dios tag in when no one takes control. They vie for position on the mat. McChesney cheap shots Salvador from the apron. Sweeney gives him a trifecta of shoulder blocks. Salvador comes back with a hip toss, armdrag, and dropkick. McChesneyand Sweeney regroup on the floor. Salvador baseball slide dropkicks both of them. Sensation and Salvador land stereo springboard sentons to the floor. In the ring, Sweeney hot shots Salvador, leading to him and McChesney taking control. Salvador also got busted open somewhere along the way. He almost came back with a huracanrana, but McChesney reversed it into a powerbomb for two. Salvador pulls down Sweeney’s trunks in a sunset flip but gets caught in a bear hug. Salvador ends up rolling under a clothesline and tagging in Sensation. He cleans house with back elbows. He calf kicks McChesney for two. McChesney uses the ropes to kick him in the face. He follows up with a springboard dropkick for two. Salvador sends Sweeney to the floor. He back suplexes McChesney for two. Sweeney schoolboys Salvador for two. Sweeney gives him a spinebuster. Sensation catches Sweeney with his own schoolboy for the pin at 13:18. Sensation and Salvador looked awesome here, giving the crafty heels a run for their money by simply outmaneuvering them. I didn’t care much for the build up to this match, but the payoff definitely exceeded my expectations. **3/4


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