IWC: Super Indy VI

McKeesport, PA – 5.11.2007

Opening Round Match
Larry Sweeney vs. Jay Lethal

Lethal is in his Black Machismo get-up. Sweeney does not give Lethal a handshake. Sweeney doesn’t budge from Lethal’s shoulder blocks. Lethal invites Sweeney to try one himself. Lethal simply trips Sweeney as he comes off the ropes. Frustrated, Sweeney demands a strut off. Sweeney struts like only he can, with Lethal’s being much less smooth and more mocking than anything else. Lethal catches Sweeney’s sucker punch and throws his own jabs. Lethal goes to the top rope. He nails a double axe handle for two. Lethal snaps Sweeney’s neck on the top rope and gets two with another double axe handle. Sweeney throws Lethal shoulder first into the ring post. Sweeney drops an elbow for two. Sweeney knees Lethal in the stomach and gives him the Garvin Stomp. Sweeney double underhook suplexes him for two. Sweeney puts on a reverse chin lock. Lethal fights out of it. He knocks Sweeney down with a flying back elbow. Lethal hip tosses him into a dropkick. Sweeney back elbows Lethal in the corner. Lethal superkicks him for a two count. Lethal begins to climb the ropes. Sweeney crotches him on the top rope and gives him an elevated neckbreaker. Lethal goes for a victory roll. Sweeney sits down on it for the pin at 9:26. It was fun mixing these two big personalities together. Both the humor and wrestling were on point, so I would say this was a success. The two give one another a respectful handshake post match. **1/2

Semi-Final Round Match
Larry Sweeney vs. Azrieal

Sweeney throws Azrieal off to break a side headlock. Azrieal claims his hair was pulled, put that’s simply not true. Sweeney is pleased with his successful shoulder block. Azrieal trips Sweeney into a modified STF. Sweeney sends Azrieal to the floor when breaking a waistlock. Azrieal chokes Sweeney on the bottom rope. Azrieal gets two with a slingshot senton. Azrieal boots Sweeney to prevent a corner attack. Sweeney blocks Azrieal’s corner attack with a sunset flip. Azrieal rolls through and clotheslines him. Sweeney breaks out of a headlock and gives Azrieal a gord buster. He gets two with a fisherman’s suplex. Azrieal blocks a second suplex and hits a flying boot. Azrieal hits the EG Splash for two. Sweeney turns a whip into a piledriver. He follows up with the 12 Large Elbow for the pin at 9:57. Both guys played their roles perfectly. The fans could not be more behind Sweeney. Azrieal and Sweeney had surprisingly good chemistry, and whilel Azrieal could not match Lethal in personality, he made up for it with his in ring work. **3/4

2007 Super Indy Finals
Larry Sweeney vs. Shiima Xion

Xion puts on a headscissors. Sweeney turns that into a headlock. When Xion shoves him off, Sweeney shoulder blocks him. Xion leans Sweeney into a pin attempt out of a test of strength. Sweeney throws him to escape a headlock. Sweeney blasts him with a knee lift. Sweeney gets two with the butterfly suplex. He puts on his own side headlock. Sweeney drops his elbow onto Xion’s side. He applies a chinlock. Xion escapes, but Sweeney catches his crossbody attempt. He slams Xion and delivers the Garvin Stomp. Xion leapfrogs over Sweeney. He fires up as he throws a dropkick and chops Sweeney in the corner. Xixon slingshots in with a stomp to the back of Sweeney’s head (called the Crystal Pistol). A sliding dropkick to the side of Sweeney’s head gets him a two count. Sweeney drops an elbow on Xion’s neck. He drops him with a gord buster. Sweeney sends Xion to the floor and suicide dives after him. Xion whips Sweeney shoulder first into the ring post. Xion flies onto him with a splash from the top rope. Xion missile dropkicks him back in the ring. Sweeney manages to kick out. Sweeney cradles Xion for two. Sweeney hip locks Xion into a backslide. Xion kicks out, so Sweeney goes for a piledriver. Xion knees him in the face. Sweeney and Xion’s head knock mid-ring and both men fall to the mat. Sweeney accidentally knocks the referee with Xion’s leg when going from a piledriver. Xion hits From Lust to Dust. The referee counts two when he recovers. Xion goes for the move again. Sweeney O’Conner Rolls him instead. He finally delivers the piledriver. He heads up top instead of going for a pin. Xion follows. He superplexes Sweeney for two. Xion goes for a sunset flip. Like in the first match, Sweeney sits down on it to score the pin, the tournament, and the Super Indy title at 13:48. I always love when tournament matches call back to each other. There was quite a bit of drama towards the end, and it really seemed 50/50 throughout the entire contest. Sweeney just happened to catch Xion at the right time. A fun tournament final with an excellent story to follow. ***1/4

Current Super Indy champion Jason Gory presents Larry Sweeney with the title. John McChesney makes his way out. He wants that belt back. Sweeney tells McChesney to stop living in the past. He walks to the back after Gory snaps the belt around Sweeney’s waist.

Want to watch the Finals of this tournament totally free? You can, courtesy of the fine folks over at Free Pro Wrestling.


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