Fight Sports Midwest: Chapter 2


Portage, IN – 5.11.2007

Jigsaw vs. Gran Akuma

Akuma kicks Jigsaw in the leg to stop a wristlock exchange. He puts on a hammerlock which Jigsaw reverses into a cradle attempt. A Lucha exchange ends with a pair of armdrags from Jigsaw that send Akuma out. He follows with a pescado. In the ring Akuma delivers a sole butt and a fallaway kick. He puts on a seated abdominal stretch. Jigsaw gets the ropes, so Akuma throws some more kicks. He snapmares him into a Cattle Mutilation. Jigsaw escapes. Akuma evades a backdrop. He goes for the Yoshi Tonic. Jigsaw blocks it and delivers a basement dropkick. He gets two with a leg lariat. He brings Akuma off the top with an Iconoclasm and gets another two count with a crossbody. Akuma dropkicks him in the stomach. He spikes him with a tornado DDT. Jigsaw escapes a Falcon Arrow and hits a superkick. He brings Akuma off the top with a Frankensteiner. He tries a victory roll. Akuma counters into a facebuster for two. He throws more kicks. Jigsaw ducks one and drops Akuma in the Jig N’ Tonic for the pin at 8:44. Perfectly acceptable match to kick off the show. It wasn’t as fluid as you would hope, but still pretty solid. **1/2

Eddie Kingston vs. Joey Ryan

Ryan oils himself up. He is very proud of his armdrag. He gets so annoyed with some heckling fans that he stomps to the back. He returns and snaps off another armdrag. He slaps Kingston in the face and takes one in return. He has Ryan run the ropes until he tires himself out. The referee gives Ryan his inhaler so he can catch his breath. Kingston pulls down Ryan’s tights to reveal his buttocks. He throws some punches and Ryan hits the floor. Kingston chops him and throws him back into the ring. Ryan kicks the middle rope into his groin. He chokes Kingston on the ropes. He gets one with a leg lariat. Kingston belly to belly suplexes him. They knock each other down stereo clotheslines. Kingston’s right shoulder is hurt from the collision. He throws some strikes while nursing his hurt arm and overhead suplexes Ryan for two. Ryan throws him to the apron and spears him to the floor. He gives him a DDT on the floor as well. In the ring he gets two with a powerbomb. Kingston misses a yakuza kick. Ryan superkicks him for two. Kingston gives him a uranage suplex and a Saito suplex. He gets the pin with a short-arm lariat at 17:27. This match moved at a snails pace, all thanks to Ryan just killing time for the majority of the bout. They picked up some of the energy by the end but it says a lot when a 17 minute match was only interesting for about 3. This only had something going for it because Kingston is an awesome seller. *

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship
Tiger Mask IV (Champion) vs. Mike Quackenbush

Mask arm whips Quackenbush to end a wristlock exchange. Quackenbush sends him to the floor with an armdrag. Mask comes back with a rolling sole butt. He elbows Quackenbush in the head twice and goes for the right leg. They instead engage in some Lucha. Quackenbush gives him a toreador but Mask responds with another rolling sole butt. He sends Quackenbush to the floor and fakes a dive. Mask puts on a bodyscissors. Quackenbush digs his elbows into his legs and rolls him into a seated pendulum stretch. He picks him up to add more pressure. He drops him into a Skayde schoolboy for two. He applies pressure to Mask’s legs again. He uncharacteristically begins unlacing his mask in the process. Quackenbush puts on a reverse stump puller and unlaces Mask’s mask further. He applies a chinlock. Mask kicks him away when he goes for the mask again. He nails a running Thesz Press in the corner. When Mask rolls to the floor, Quackenbush follows with a tope con hilo. In the ring he hits the Black Tornado Slam for two. He plays mind games by giving Mask the Tiger Driver. Mask kicks out. Quackenbush rolls through a top rope slam. He blocks a kick and puts on an ankle lock. Mask kicks him away and successfully kicks him in the head. He throws Quackenbush off the top rope with a butterfly suplex for two. Same goes for a diving headbutt. Quackenbush escapes the Tiger Driver but gets kicked in the knee. Quackenbush evades a moonsault. Mask lands on his feet and gives him a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Quackenbush blocks the Tiger suplex. He pulls off his mask and puts him in a kneeling frog press for the win and the title at 10:24! Rudo Quackenbush is totally awesome. It’s rare (and by rare I mean like “oh hey there’s a unicorn” kind of rare) to see him play that role, but when he does it’s a real treat. It was a really clever way for him to win the belt and his post match promo would show just that. Neither guy went crazy but worked very smartly and teased the mask just enough for it to be a satisfying ending. ***

Quackenbush explains his motives in a post-match promo. He says for years he’s been trying to get his foot in the door over in Japan but has been ignored by every promotion. He’s not proud of how he won the title but promises to do the belt justice by defending it with pride just like the great champions of the past. Quackenbush surmises that Mask was looking past him and to his match with AJ Styles the next evening in IWA Mid-South. He guesses he just didn’t have Tiger Mask’s attention. He ponders if he has Mask’s attention now. You can watch the promo here.


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