IWA Deep South: South of the Border


Pell City, AL – 5.5.2007

Hallowicked vs. Ricochet

After a wristlock exchange, Hallowicked throws Ricochet down by his hair. He pulls him to the corner by his hair as well. Ricochet pulls on his stem while applying a chinlock which does not sit well with the nightmare warrior. He skins the cat and headscissors Hallowicked to the floor. He follows with a Fosbury Flop. He goes for a tiger feint kick back in the ring but is cut off with a dropkick. Hallowicked gets two with a super snapmare. He throws Ricochet down by his hair again. Ricochet ducks a big boot and sunset flips Hallowicked for two. Hallowicked boots Ricochet and suplexes him for two. Ricochet tiger feint kicks him in the corner and then hits a springboard dropkick. Hallowicked gets two with the Rydeen Bomb. Ricochet nails the Backslide Driver and a tornado DDT. He goes for a flip off the ropes and gets caught with a yakuza kick. Ricochet counters the Graveyard Smash with a roll-up. Ricochet catapults into a Canadian Destroyer for the pin at 8:07. That finish was so sick. There was consistently fun action throughout though Ricochet was not as crisp then as he is now. **3/4

Larry Sweeney makes his way to the ring. He says month after month he’s proved he is the toughest man in Pell City, defeating every man who has crossed his path. He declares an Open Challenge for anyone who wishes to step up. Mickie Knuckles accepts which Sweeney thinks is a joke.

Larry Sweeney vs. Mickie Knuckles

Sweeney gets backed to the corner. He claims hair pulling and tells Knuckles to take it easy. He applies a headlock which Knuckles turns into a headscissors. Sweeney reverses it back into the headlock. He fakes a dive and brags about getting her to flinch. Sweeney flinshes when she goes for a punch too. He knees her in the stomach claiming he has bigger brains than her. They roll to the floor where Knuckles rocks him with forearms. Sweeney jabs her in the throat and throws some chops. Knuckles throws her own chops and lets some fans chop him as well. In the ring Sweeney pokes her in the eyes. He mocks her as she throws some punches while blinded. He shoves her to the mat and pulls down his straps. She escapes a side headlock. Sweeney throws her down and gives her the Garvin Stomp. Knuckles escapes another side headlock with a chinbreaker. She dishes out some chops and throws a clothesline for two. Sweeney responds with a Gourd Buster for two. He brings in a chair which he fights the referee for. Knuckles comes from behind and O’Conner Rolls him, sending the referee out to the floor. While he’s out, Sweeney gives Knuckles a piledriver on the chair. He brings the referee back in and gets a three count at 11:06. Sweeney was at his best here. What a phenomenal heel he was. The wrestling itself was whatever, but I couldn’t help but smile at Sweeney’s antics. **

IWA Deep South Tag Team Championship
Iceberg & Tank (Champions) vs. Eddie Kingston & Drake Younger

Younger isn’t able to do much of anything to the much larger Tank. With Kingston’s help they take him down with double shoulder blocks. Iceberg runs in and gets double clotheslined. They do some work to Tank’s arm. Iceberg knees Younger in the back from the apron. Tank mows him down with the clothesline, beginning the champions isolation of Drake. He finally escapes by slipping through Iceberg’s leg and tagging in Kingston. He fights both of them off with elbows and forearms. He and Tank trade backfists. Tank drops him with an STO variant. Younger gets slammed by him. Iceberg legdrops Younger off of Tank’s leg for the pin at 12:08. The majority of this match was Younger getting mauled by two super fat guys. You can find better ways to spend twelve minutes, but also worse. *

Jimmy Rave comes out. He’s mad that not only is he not in the main event in his return match, but that he has to face one of the CHIKARA students. He says not any of them could hold his jock strap. Sweeney who is on commentary stands up and yells at him. Eddie Kingston then makes his way out. He and Sweeney amicably speak to each other before heading to the ring. Even though Kingston’s back is a little sore from his previous match, he’s willing to face Rave right here and now. Rave accepts.

Eddie Kingston vs. Jimmy Rave

Rave stalls for a very long time. He eventually throws some punches in the corner. Kingston responds with some of his own. Rave spits in his face then gets forearmed in his black eye. Raven runs to the floor to stall some more. Kingston grabs him by his hair. Rave drags him out and sends him into the ring post. In the ring he snapmares Kingston into a face stomp. Kingston fights out of a headlock but Rave knees him in the stomach as he comes off the ropes. Rave does more damage to his face. He avoids a knee strike which sends Rave out to the floor. When he comes back in, Kingston lights him up with punches and back elbows. He gets two with a belly-to-belly suplex. He misses a yakuza kick. Rave rolls him up for two. He gets two with a swinging neckbreaker. Rave catches him with a spear and gets two with the Doppler Effect. Kingston comes back with a uranage suplex. When that gets two he calls for the Backfist to the Future. He hits that and a yakuza kick. Rave kicks his knee out when he tries it for a second time. He applies a Heel Hook and Kingston taps out at 13:50. The action here was inconsistent. In the end it got Rave’s submission over but since there wasn’t a whole lot of work done to Kingston’s leg earlier so it fell flat. This was enjoyable, but kind of all over the place. **1/4

Rave keeps the hold on until Sweeney chases him off.

IWA Deep South Championship
Mike Quackenbush (Champion) vs. Sal Rinauro

Rinauro gets angry with the fans calling him a chicken for stalling so long. Quackenbush wins a wristlock exchange and releases when Rinauro gets the ropes. He becomes angry by more chicken chants, which Quackenbush encourages. He even has Rinauro’s arms flapping in a double hammerlock. They criss cross the ropes. Quackenbush stops RInauro and slaps him in the face. He rolls him into a tornado clutch for two. Rinauro blocks Sweet Chin Music and puts on a side headlock. More criss-crossing. Rinauro tires himself out. He tries the slap himself. Quackenbush slaps him instead and again tornado clutches him for two. He sends Rinauro out with a Manhattan Drop. Rinauro ducks a dive but gets slapped in the back. He thinks some fan did it. Quackenbush brings him back in the ring and puts him in a half crab. Rinauro gets to the ropes. He crotches Quackenbush on the top rope and drags him across. He also bites him on the forehead. Rinauro gives him the Rude Awakening for two. Quackenbush hooks his arm with his leg and twists on his leg. Rinauro gets the ropes and gives him a chin breaker. He gets two with a Gedo Clutch. He heads up top. Quackenbush catches him with a headbutt to the stomach and brings him down with a superplex. He drives his knees into Rinauro’s chest and puts on a figure four. Rinauro reverses a hip toss with an Ace Crusher. Rinauro escapes a modified Skayde schoolboy and Quackenbush kicks out of a Sunset flip. Rinauro kicks Quackenbush away to block a sharpshooter. He hits a springboard tornado kick but hurts his knee on the landing. Quackenbush kicks out of the pin. He drops Rinauro out of a pump-handle position and puts on the Lightning Lock Omega. Rinauro gets the ropes. He rolls up Quackenbush in a prawn hold. Quackenbush slams him and puts on a Cloverleaf. Rinauro taps out at 20:55. There was a lot of dead air in the beginning but this transformed into a really good back and forth contest. The pin reversals and submissions were especially fun to watch. Rinauro could really go under the right circumstances. ***1/4


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