Pod Per View #1



This Pod Per View is hosted by Mike Quackenbush and Wiggly. They welcome us, then cut to Chiz, who throughout the show will count down the Top 5 Memorable CHIKARA Moments as voted by the fans.

Moment #5 – Icarus loses his hair to Jigsaw

This took place at “The Crushing Weight of Mainstream Ignorance.” Icarus is still very sad about this time, recalling it in great detail and looking totally dejected by the end of his speech.

Moment #4 – Chris Hero turns on Mike Quackenbush and forms the Kings of Wrestling

This took place at “Tag World Grand Prix 2005, Night III.” Quackenbush tells us that he was so happy to make it to the finals of a tournament for the first time in his career. Then, when Hero turned on him, it changed the course of his career for the next two years. Not only that, but the most dominant Rudo faction in CHIKARA history was born from that moment.

Leonard F. Chikarason gives us an update on “Aniversario?” in Hellertown on May 26th. Eddie Kingston vs. Hallowicked may have never gotten off the ground at “Rey de Voladores”, but that match have been re-scheduled for the 26th.

Moment #3 – CP Munk is revealed to be The Necro Butcher

This happened at “Tag World Grand Prix 2006, Night I.” A shirtless Wiggly recalls some of the names that were rumored to be CP Munk and how the crowd went wild when the revelation was made. He will never be able to erase that memory no matter how hard he tries.

Moment #2 – Bob Saget makes a special “appearance” at “Young Lions Cup IV, Night 3”

Icarus thought that when Saget appeared on the screen at the ECW Arena, he was going to be there for him, just like he was when Michelle fell off a horse. He thought Saget was going to come to the rescue on his behalf. Instead, he was a red coat and offered Jigsaw the Hair vs. Mask match he wanted. He now feels uneasy whenever he watches reruns of “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” His hatred of Saget will never subside

Wiggly then introduces us to this exclusive match.

Extreme Ultimate Royal Four-Corner Three-Rope Scramble Elimination Survival Battle…of Honor
“Bread and Buddha” – Collegeville, PA – 3.25.2007

This is basically a 20 man Royal Rumble. Participants enter the match in 30 second intervals. You eliminate people by throwing them over the top rope and having both of their feet touch the floor. Jon Barber is the ring announcer.

Order of Entry

1. Chris Hero {KOW}
2. Retail Dragon
3. Gran Akuma {F}
4. Shane Storm
5. Hallowicked {I}
6. Worker Ant {C}
7. UltraMantis Black {ONT}
8. Lince Dorado
9. Claudio Castagnoli
10. Equinox
11. Mike Quackenbush
12. Eddie Kingston {BO}
13. Icarus {F}
14. Cloudy
15. Fire Ant {C}
16. Larry Sweeney
17. Hydra {ONT}
18. Jigsaw
19. Crossbones {ONT}
20. Cheech

Order of Elimination

1. Retail Dragon is eliminated first when he goes for the Rollback Driver on Hero and Hero counters by tossing him to the floor.
2. UltraMantis Black is tossed to the floor as soon as Claudio comes in.
3. Worker Ant is tossed by Claudio shortly after.
4. Shane Storm is thrown out of the ring and onto Mantis and Worker Ant by Claudio in a Razor’s Edge.
5. Gran Akuma is eliminated when he goes for a springboard dropkick and is instead palm struck to the floor by Quackenbush.
6. Hallowicked is thrown out by Kingston as soon as Kingston comes in.
7. Equinox gets tossed by Kingston right after Hallowicked.
8. Chris Hero is sent out by his three sworn enemies: Quackenbush, Claudio, and Kingston. Earlier, Claudio chased Hero around the building hoping to catch him. He finally got his hands on him back in the ring.
9. Lince Dorado is tossed when Claudio catches his crossbody attempt and throws him to the floor.
10. Fire Ant comes in a house of fire. Everyone agrees to team up and toss him moments after his flurry of offense.
11. Eddie Kingston is dumped by Icarus right after Fire Ant is sent packing.
12. Cloudy is tossed out by Quackenbush. He hits the ropes and caught got. Quackenbush decided to toss him out instead of giving him a backdrop.
13. Hydra is eliminated by Icarus. Jigsaw threw Hydra through the middle ropes, not resulting in an elimination. Icarus invited him back into the ring only to toss him out moments later.
14. Crossbones is eliminated by Cheech. They tried doing the drop the top rope spot but it went awry. Cheech just tosses him out for the sake of ease, even if there size difference makes it slightly unrealistic.
15. Larry Sweeney is clotheslined to the floor by Cheech after he gave Jigsaw a bionic elbow.
16. Jigsaw is sent out by Cheech when Cheech ducks his charge and backdrops him to the floor.
17. Cheech is eliminated via roaring uppercut by Claudio.
18. Icarus is eliminated when Quackenbush kicks him off the top rope and to the floor.
19. Claudio wins the Battle Royal by tossing Mike Quackenbush to the floor out of the Alpamare Water Slide position at 21:10.

There’s not much to elaborate on, but it was a really fun watch with a lot of good action. They kept rivals together (Hero vs. Claudio/Quackenbush, Kingston vs. Hallowicked) and recovered quickly after a minor flub here and there. Good stuff. ***

Leonard F. Chikarason announces that Chuck Taylor is the first man entered into the Young Lions Cup V tournament.

Moment #1 – Shane Storm defeats Icarus in the “Young Lions Cup III” tournament finals

Storm says that night was a defining moment for him, and it was the admiration of the fans that gave him the strength to put away Icarus that night. I’d like to point out that three of the top five moments on this list are all ones with Icarus getting the short end of the stick. Some things never change.


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