ROH: Good Times, Great Memories


Chicago Ridge, IL – 4.28.2007

Mike Quackenbush vs. Jigsaw vs. Hallowicked vs. Delirious vs. Gran Akuma vs. Pelle Primeau

Delirious freaks out at the bell. Akuma kicks away at Primeau. Primeau comes back with a Frankensteiner and a pair of armdrags. Akuma kicks him to reverse a wristlock. He deliver a fallaway kick to his face. Quackenbush tags Akuma’s bald head. Delirious is bouncing on the ropes whilst quacking. Quackenbush easily escapes Primeau’s wristlock and puts him in the Cerebral Lock. Primeau armdrags him away and slides to the floor. Quackenbush Mexican catapults into a sunset flip on Hallowicked. He takes him down with a neck-tie headscissors and a few armdrag variations. Hallowicked armdrags Quackenbush out of a courting hold. After some Lucha rolls Quackenbush toreadors Hallowicked to the ropes. Jigsaw also gets in some armdrags on Hallowicked. Akuma catches Jigsaw, uses him to kick Hallowicked, then gets headscissored for his troubles. Delirious blind tags in. He slams Akuma onto his stomach and sentons onto his back. Jigsaw tries a crossbody but gets caught by a headbutt. Delirious and Hallowicked make a truce and double hip toss Akuma. They back elbow Jigsaw and back drop Primeau. Akuma fights them off. Quackenbush backdrops him to the floor. He Mexican catapults Hallowicked to the apron and Jigsaw dropkicks him onto Akuma’s shoulders. Quackenbush suicide dives onto both of them. Primeau comes in with a seated Thesz Press to Jigsaw. He stomps his chest. Delirious breaks the pin. He drop toe holds Primeau for the Panic Attack. Shadows Over Hell follows but Quackenbush breaks the pin. He drives his knees into Delirious’ chest. He gets two on Primeau with the Black Tornado Slam. Jigsaw enzuigiri’s Quackenbush to the floor. Akuma hits the Snapmare Driver on Jigsaw for two. Jigsaw comes back with a brainbuster. Hallowicked yakuza kicks him and hits the Graveyard Smash for two. Jigsaw blocks Go 2 Sleepy Hollow and delivers a superkick. Primeau DDT’s Jigsaw. Quackenbush gives him a tombstone piledriver. Akuma powerslams Quackenbush. Delirious drops Akuma with Chemical Imbalance II for the pin at 10:29. That could have gone a few extra minutes given how abrupt the finish felt and how much the crowd was into the action. This match also reiterated that ROH really should have pulled the trigger on utilizing Incoherence. Everybody was on their game and proved over the weekend that they could successfully breathe new life into ROH if given the chance. ***¼


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