King of Europe Cup 2007


Liverpool, England – 4.29.2007

King of Europe Cup Opening Round
Claudio Castagnoli vs. Chris Hero

This match is being reviewed because Claudio represented CHIKARA in the tournament. He earned this distinction by defeating Mike Quackenbush at “Time Will Prove Everything” last month. Hero is representing CZW. Hero controls Claudio by his wrist and armdrags him to the ropes. Claudio digs his knee into Hero’s back. Hero nips up and whips him to the corner in a double knuckle lock. Claudio takes Hero down in an overhand wristlock. Hero turns it into an STF. Claudio grabs the ropes to escape. They play to the crowd a little bit. Claudio snapmares him into a front facelock. A Lucha sequence sees Hero armdrag Claudio to the floor. He dropkicks him through the ropes. Back in the ring he gets one with a senton splash. Claudio uppercuts Hero to the floor and follows with a suicide dive. He hits a slingshot elbow in the ring for two. He applies a Japanese Strangle Hold/Camel Clutch combo. Hero manuevers it into a sunset flip for two. Claudio shoulder blocks Hero in his stomach for two. He lands a senton. He pounds on Hero’s stomach while applying a modified abdominal stretch. Hero kicks him in the side of the head and delivers a twisting neckbreaker. He tilt-a-whirls into a neckmare. A rolling elbow follows. Hero suplexes Claudio so hard that the ring apron caves in. Claudio delivers an uppercut from the second rope for two. He hits the Alpamare Water Slide for two as well. He throws some uppercuts before giving Hero a straight jacket German suplex. Hero kicks out. They fight on the ropes. Hero double stomps Claudio in a tree of woe position. Hero stomps Claudio into the mat again for the pin at 14:18. This borrowed a few spots from their “Rey de Voladores” match. It lacked the drama that match had, but it was still quite good, especially when you consider they had to compensate for the ring giving way suddenly. ***


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