AIW: The Oncoming Storm


Youngstown, OH – 4.28.2007

Larry Sweeney vs. CJ Sensation

Agent Kirby Dennis is in Sweeney’s corner. At least I think that’s his name. Sensation applies an overhead wristlock. Sweeney throws him to the mat and claims that his tights were pulled. He pulls Sensation to the mat by his hair to break a side headlock. Sweeney slaps him in the face, causing Sensation to go crazy and throw Sweeney to the mat by his hair three times. He takes a break on the floor. He remains standing when Sensation tries multiple shoulder blocks. Sweeney gets tripped when he goes for one of his own. He rakes Sensation’s eyes and chops him in the corner. He gets two with a butterfly suplex. He drops an elbow and applies a rear chinlock. After blocking Sensation’s crossbody he delivers the Garvin Stomp. Sensation elbows his way out of a headlock. He goes for a sunset flip pulling down Sweeney’s tights. They remain down as Sweeney puts on a bearhug. Sensation escapes, kicks Sweeney in the side of the head, and delivers a clothesline for two. After some backbreakers he gives him the Shellshock for two. He delivers a Shiranui when John McChesney runs out, giving Sensation the DQ win at 9:06. They weren’t exactly lighting the world on fire before the DQ finish, but it was decent enough. *¼


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