FIP: International Impact 2007


Inverness, FL – 4.20.2007

Jigsaw vs. Delirious

Dave Prazak and Mr. Milo Beasley are in Delirious’ corner. This is apparently to decide who the best masked wrestler in FIP is. The bottom rope is very loose thanks to some antics in the six man tag that opened the show. Delirious freaks out at the bell. Jigsaw gives him an armdrag. Delirious goes for his mask so Jigsaw pulls away. Jigsaw gives him a series of armdrags causing Delirious to retreat to the floor. When he comes back in he holds his arm behind his back to avoid more armdrags. Jigsaw gives them to him anyways and puts him in a swinging pendulum. Delirious dropkicks him to the corner and hits the Panic Attack for two. He drops Jigsaw onto his stomach before sentoning onto his back. Jigsaw goes for a desperation roll up but Delirious kicks out. He kicks Jigsaw in the back and digs his hands into his face. Jigsaw sends Delirious to the floor and tope con hilo’s onto him and Prazak. Jigsaw leg lariats him back in the ring. He huracanrana’s him for two. After a bulldog he connects with a crossbody, also for two. Delirious uses the ropes to deliver a neckbreaker. He goes for Shadows Over Hell. Jigsaw blocks it and rolls him up for two. He then hits a tornado DDT and gets two again. As he sets up for the superkick, Prazak trips him. Delirious gives him the Chemical Imbalance II for the pin at 12:38. That was fun and the finish was all to set up to tomorrow night, so I’m not complaining. Perhaps they will bring out the big guns there. **¾

Larry Sweeney vs. Sean Waltman

Sweeney’s ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship is not on the line. After a little stalling, Waltman gives Sweeney a hip toss. He claims hair pulling. Waltman slingshots him back in and gets two with a legdrop. He delivers a spin kick in the corner. Sweeney gets his boot up to block the Bronco Buster. Sweeney chokes him on the bottom rope. He gives Waltman a spinebuster. Waltman comes back with some chops and a spin kick. Sweeney bails to the floor and Waltman pescados after him. In the ring Waltman lands a crossbody for two. He successfully pulls of the Bronco Buster. The X-Factor follows, and Waltman humps Sweeney in the face while pinning him at 7:12. Well that turned out to be self-gratifying for Waltman, as Sweeney just got walloped. *½

Crystal River, FL – 4.21.2007

Larry Sweeney vs. Seth Delay

Sweeney brings Delay to the mat in a side headlock. Delay puts on a headscissors, but Sweeney rolls back into his headlock. Delay escapes with an overhead wristlock. Sweeney claims hair pulling as he grabs the ropes. He knocks Delay down with a shoulder block. Delay controls Sweeney by his arm and rolls him around the mat. He gets the ropes and slaps Delay in the face. He bails to the floor before retaliation occurs. Delay pulls Sweeney to the apron by his hair. He slaps him and slingshots him back in. Delay monkey flips him across the ring. Sweeney uses an atomic drop to stop ten punches in the corner. He hot shots Delay on the top rope. He follows with the Garvin Stomp. Another Hot Shot gets him two. Delay throws some punches after being choked on the middle rope. Sweeney applies a sleeper. The YRR (Claudio Castagnoli, Sal Rinauro, Kenny King & Chasyn Rance) are now ringside. Sweeney and Delay’s heads collide as they come off the ropes. Delay hits him with a flying forearm. He Cactus clotheslines them to the floor. Rinauro talks some trash to Delay as they get back in the ring. He uppercuts Sweeney who tries to attack from behind. Sweeney thrusts him in the ropes and jackknife pins him with his feet on the ropes for the pin at 9:12. Matches like this are so easy when Sweeney is so hated and Delay is so beloved. All the gaga took away from the steam they had built up though, so the match ended up being fairly ho-hum. **

Jigsaw makes his way out. Last night Delirious beat him in a match to proved who the best masked wrestler in all of FIP was, but Jigsaw claims it was only because of interference from DP Associates. He asks for a rematch. Delirious accepts but says the result will be no different.

Jigsaw vs. Delirious

Dave Prazak and Mr. Milo Beasley are in Delirious’ corner. Delirious spends some time on the floor. He’s all tied up in black and green streamers as Jigsaw armdrags him. He untangles himself back on the floor. When Delirious comes back into the ring he headbutts Jigsaw in the stomach. His leap frog falls a bit short, causing him to hurt his leg and again roll to the floor. Jigsaw armdrags him into a dropkick, then clotheslines him out. He fakes a dive. He chases Delirious around ringside. Delirious goes under the ring. Jigsaw pulls out Milo Beasley in a Delirious mask. He runs around, but when Jigsaw takes off his mask, his legs suddenly don’t work again. The real Delirious attacks Jigsaw from behind. He sentons onto Jigsaw’s back for two. Prazak and Beasley get in some shots behind referee Paul Turner’s back to help Delirious keep control. Just like the previous night Delirious goes after Jigsaw’s mask. He gives him a hammerlock belly-to-back suplex for two. Turner catches Prazak choking Jigsaw on the middle rope. Nigel McGuinness comes out to even the score. Jigsaw rolls Delirious up for two. Delirious gets his own two count from a back elbow. He misses Shadows Over Hell. Jigsaw DDT’s him. He hits a flying forearm, a back elbow, and a leg lariat. A twisting elbow drop gets him two. Prazak holds Jigsaw’s arms until McGuinness advances. Jigsaw sends Delirious out and follows with a dive. He goes for a crossbody in the ring. Delirious blocks it with a headbutt. He hits the Bizarro Driver for two. He goes for the Cobra Stretch. Jigsaw rams Delirious into the corner. After a few punches he delivers a top rope leg drop for two. Delirious goes for Chemical Imbalance II. Jigsaw rolls through it. He superkicks Delirious for two. Prazak jumps up to the apron. Jigsaw ends up O’Conner Rolling Delirious for two. In a turn of events, McGuinness gives Jigsaw an uppercut! He snaps the ropes into his eyes. Delirious puts him in the Cobra Stretch and Jigsaw passes out at 16:20. This was exactly as good as their match the night before. Although the action was probably slightly better, just like last night, it was all for naught. It might even be worse here because it advanced a story that had nothing to do with either competitor. **¾


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