IWA East Coast: All Out Assault

South Charleston, WV – 4.11.2007

Eddie Kingston vs. Ian Rotten

Kingston stalls due to a racist chant from the crowd. Rotten eggs on the fans to continue, disguising his encouragement as a pep talk to Kingston. Rotten takes Kingston down and mounts him. Rotten slaps him in the face until Kingston grabs the ropes. Rotten snapmares Kingston into an upper body stretch. Kingston escapes and asks for a handshake. Rotten doesn’t fall for it and kicks Kingston in the stomach. He pitches Kingston the floor. Rotten throws a chair at his shoulder. They head towards the bleachers where Rotten pummels Kingston with a fan’s crutch. Rotten suplexes Kingston on the bleachers. Rotten nails him in the groin with a water bottle. Kingston responds with a low blow. Rotten chops him in the face. Rotten and Kingston fight down the bleacher steps. Kingston rams his head into the wall. Rotten does the same to him. They get back in the ring but Kingston quickly pitches him right back to the floor. A strike exchange occurs, ending when Rotten tosses Kingston back into the crowd. Rotten throws a trashcan on him. Kingston suplexes Rotten onto the can. Rotten bites Kingston and strikes him in the ear. Rotten senselessly beats him some more. Kingston slams him into a guardrail. Back in the ring they exchange punches. Kingston headbutts Rotten in the corner. Rotten blocks a yakuza kick with a boot of his own. Rotten peppers him with more punches on the mat. More punches are thrown as they get to their feet. They both hit the referee at the same time accidentally. The referee calls for the bell at 16:15, ruling the bout a No Contest. This was like a typical Necro Butcher brawl on really boring. Aside from random comments and actions from Kingston, this was completely devoid of excitement. That stupid finish was the icing on the cake of this mess of a match. ¼*


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