Time Will Prove Everything


Hellertown, PA – 3.24.2007

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush, Bryce Remsburg, Chuck Taylor, Leonard F. Chikarason, and Chris Hero.

Billy Roc vs. Chuck Taylor {KOW}

Roc mares Taylor into a crucifix pin early on. Taylor has a snap bracelet for reasons unknown. He knocks Roc down with a shoulder block. Roc ducks a leapfrog and shakes Taylor’s hand. Taylor kicks him in the stomach. Roc blocks an eye poke and maneuvers him into another handshake. He snaps off a few impressive types of armdrags, sending Taylor to the floor. Roc dives after him. Pack in the ring he key locks Taylor’s legs and rams him into the canvas multiple times. He gets two with a Gedo clutch. Taylor misses an overhand chop. Roc shakes his hand, but baits himself right into the Sole Food. Taylor chokes him. He pulls off his beautiful dropkick. Roc forearms him to the corner. Taylor sends him to the apron. Roc comes back in with a slingshot but gets double stomped. Taylor then hits a basement dropkick for two. Roc slips out of a powerbomb and nails an enzuigiri. He rocks Taylor with some more forearms before hitting a spinwheel kick. He tornado’s Taylor into a small package for two. He slingshots his way into a basement dropkick, following with a slingshot plancha for two. Taylor blocks a standing Shiranui. He Finlay rolls Roc. He misses a moonsault, landing on his feet. Taylor claims he’s hurt. The polite Roc goes to check on him. Taylor rolls him up for a brainbuster. Roc blocks and delivers a sensational tornado DDT for two. Taylor gets in a few boots and puts Roc away with the Awful Waffle at 10:17. Roc is simply a great wrestler. I’d put him up there with guys like Quackenbush and Cabana in terms of his proficiency on the mat. Taylor being an ultra heel and Roc being an ultra nice guy made for an awesome dynamic and a fun wrestling match. ***

Equinox vs. Brodie Lee

This is Lee’s CHIKARA debut. At this time he was wrestling in basketball shorts, wore tassles, and came out to New Kids on the Block. No, seriously. He knees Equinox in the stomach and forearms his back. He knocks him down with a back elbow. Equinox dropkicks him to the floor and feigns a dive. Lee shoulder blocks him from the apron. Equinox Koppu kicks him back to the floor and follows with a tope con hilo. Lee dropkicks him back in the ring. He gives Equinox a pendulum backbreaker for two. He also gets two with an overhead suplex. He teases something big put simply applies a side headlock. Equinox snaps off a Frankensteiner. He walks the second rope. Lee counters an armdrag with Hangin’ Tough (a slingshot Falcon Arrow) for two. Equinox tries another Frankensteiner. Lee blocks it, but Equinox small packages him for the win at 4:45. It’s a good thing Lee dropped this gimmick quickly because it does not fit him at all. He’s a good wrestler but the character just did not suit him like the Trucker one does. **1/4

Crossbones reminds us that UltraMantis Black and Hydra aren’t here tonight. He thinks it’s sad that Create-A-Wrestler depends on the CHIKARMY to decide his character. He says that Wrestler has a lot in common with the Undertaker because he’s a dead man. Icarus comes in and tells Crossbones “good job with Captain America.” I laughed.

Create-A-Wrestler vs. Crossbones {ONT}

Wrestler is hesitant to start. He tries a single arm DDT. Crossbones does not budge and kicks Wrestler in the back a couple of times. He comes back with some elbow drops. He applies a Camel Clutch. Crossbones escapes. Wrestler back elbows him in the corner. Crossbones blocks a whip with a short-arm lariat. He throws more kicks to Wrestler’s back. He gets two with a belly-to-belly suplex. Wrestler goes for a quesadora. Crossbones turns it into a backbreaker across his shoulders. Wrestler’s offense only manages to stagger Crossbones. He hits a flipping neckbreaker to take him off of his feet. He’s too weak for a Death Valley Driver. Crossbones kicks him in the head and hits the Friggin’ Sweet Driver for the pin at 4:05. This was mostly an extended squash for Crossbones which I am totally fine with. *1/2

The Colony are standing by with Hallowicked. Worker Ant forgives Hallowicked for defeating them in King of Trios last night. They say defeating BLK Out will be a picnic. They put their hands together for a cheer, while Soldier Ant puts his whole head in whilst saluting.

Hallowicked {I}, Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C} & Worker Ant {C} vs. Eddie Kingston {BO}, Ruckus {BO}, Sabian {BO} & Joker {BO}

BLK Out attack and the fight spills to the floor. Sabian and Soldier Ant are the only ones in the ring. They engage in a Lucha sequence, ending with Soldier Ant sending Sabian to the floor with an armdrag. He follows with a suicide dive. Joker snapmares Fire Ant into a face rake with his boots. Joker pops him up, but Fire Ant dropkicks him out. Ruckus dropkicks Fire Ant out and side steps Hallowicked’s dropkick. Ruckus cartwheels into a backflip headscissors. He leg lariats Hallowicked in mid-air. He enzuigiri’s Hallowicked off the apron and follows him out with a moonsault. Worker Ant huracanrana’s Kingston for two. Kingston slides to the floor to avoid an Octopus stretch. Fire Ant gets Antapulted onto Kingston and Ruckus. Sabian drops Soldier Ant with a Complete Shot. He gets two with a slingshot senton. Soldier Ant becomes isolated in the BLK Out corner. They embarrass him too by dribbling water in his face ala Gamma of Dragon Gate. They darn near kill him with four simultaneous dropkicks. Sabian misses a twisting senton off the top rope. Fire Ant comes in when Soldier Ant slides to the floor. He knocks down everyone, including a fireman’s carry to Kingston. Fire Ant gets attacked in the corner. Sabian misses and then gets attacked the Colony. Hallowicked misses a splash, leading to the BLK Out attacking him. He rolls to the floor after Joker’s cannonball. Soldier Ant and Worker Ant give Sabian the Ants marching neckbreaker. With Fire Ant they pull off the Ant Hill. Ruckus breaks up the pin. Soldier Ant gives him a TKO. Joker gives him the Last Ride. Worker Ant sends him out with a Flying DDT. Sabian drops him with a hammerlock DDT and hits a back senton off the top. Fire Ant fireman’s carry’s Sabian off the top rope. He drops him right on his head with a Burning Hammer. Kingston backfists Fire Ant into a uranage suplex. Hallowicked tries a step-up Frankensteiner. Kingston shoves him off, but Hallowicked schoolboys him for the pin at 14:47. That was nearly fifteen minutes of awesome. The BLK Out were totally ruthless while The Colony and Hallowicked were agile and able to match them most of the way. It’s no wonder why these eight man were intertwined for the rest of the year – they work so well together. ***3/4

Right after the pin, Kingston yakuza kicks Hallowicked and leaves in a huff. The rest of the BLK Out stick around to shake the Colony’s hands.

Chris Hero calls himself the only true superstar of CHIKARA, as evidenced by his recent tour of Pro Wrestling NOAH. 2006 left a sour taste in his mouth, so he plans to dominate in 2007. Last night he decimated Hallowicked and tonight he faces Ricochet. No amount of flips will save him; Hero plans to make him just another name on his list of defeated opponents.

Ricochet vs. Chris Hero {KOW}

Hero shows off during a wristlock exchange. He slaps Ricochet in the face. Ricochet reapplies the wristlock and dropkicks Hero away. Hero does some show more showboating. Ricochet dropkicks him and brings him down in another wristlock. Hero avoids a dive on the floor. Ricochet shoulder blocks him off the apron. He goes for a suicide dive but gets caught with a boot in the crown. Hero rolls back into a senton for two. He pulls Ricochet off the mat in an overhead wristlock and slams him. He places his boot on Ricochet’s neck while stretching out his arms. He gets two with a back senton. Ricochet gets in some strikes. Hero nails a rolling elbow and cradle suplexes him for two. He locks Ricochet’s arms around his legs and leans back onto his neck. He turns that into sunset pin for two. Hero bends Ricochet’s back out. Ricochet flips out and gets chopped right back down. Ricochet hits a tornado kick when he makes it back up. He dropkicks Hero to the floor and tope con hilo’s after him. In the ring, Ricochet hops onto Hero’s shoulders. Hero shoots him up and drops him face first. He’s surprised when Ricochet kicks out. He hits the Hero’s Welcome: Championship Edition also for two. Ricochet dodges a corner attack and comes off the top with a huracanrana. He gets two with a swinging DDT. He manages to get two with a sunset flip. Hero puts him in a Lion Tamer, turning it into a kneeling press for two. Hero flips Ricochet so that he lands on his back. It gets him a two count. Ricochet back elbows Hero off the ropes. Hero avoids a moonsault. They trade forearms. Hero throws Ricochet down by his hair. He puts him away with the Hero’s Welcome at 16:54. For whatever reason, this felt like it didn’t do much good for Ricochet even though he was able to stay with the top heel for a long time. At least Hero working over the neck went somewhere, but something about these two together didn’t totally work out. **3/4

Jimmy Olsen admits things haven’t been so good for him and Colin lately. He says Cheech and Cloudy cheated to beat them back in November. They call MIYAWAKI and Yago cheaters too (for beating them at Night 2 of King of Trios), though Jimmy is worried that his comment will get back to them. Colin becomes concerned when he learns they didn’t use foreign objects in their match, but just their fists. They know Jigsaw and Shane Storm cashed in their three points and lost last night, so tonight they plan to chew them up and spit them out like a Great White shark.

Jigsaw & Shane Storm vs. Colin Olsen {OT} & Jimmy Olsen {OT}

Jimmy flexes after bringing Storm to the corner. Storm monkey flips him across the ring. Storm rolls through an Irish whip. He gets two with a flying schoolboy. Jimmy evades That Japanese Move. Colin and Jigsaw tag in. After some headlocks Jigsaw rolls him in a parachute stretch. He drives Colin’s head into the bottom turnbuckle a few times. They criss-cross the ropes until Storm puts up the STOP sign for Colin. He allows Jigsaw to strut in front of him. Jigsaw and Storm play with their phones. Storm puts his sign down. Both Olsens charge and get sent to the floor. Jigsaw and Storm suicide dive out together. Back in the ring, Colin grabs Storm’s legs while Jimmy gives him a Northern lariat. They knock Jigsaw off the apron so they can beat down Storm in their half of the ring. Storm ends up slipping out of a suplex from Jimmy. Jigsaw punches him from the apron, then comes in with a flying clothesline. He sends Colin out and leg lariats Jimmy for two. He backdrops Colin back to the floor. Two knee attacks on Jimmy yield another two count thanks to Colin breaking it up. He enzuigiri’s Jigsaw to the floor. Storm hits him with That Japanese Move. Jimmy German suplexes him for two. Jimmy boots Storm onto Colin’s knees and delivers a diving headbutt. Jigsaw breaks the pin. He ducks Jimmy’s clothesline, then gives Colin a Leap of Faith that sends him into Jimmy. Storm splashes onto both of them for two. Jigsaw blocks a crossbody and gives Colin the Jig N’ Tonic for the pin at 13:22. Fun but disjointed. It was tough to keep track of what was going on at times and the result kept both teams in a holding pattern. **1/2

Claudio Castagnoli says he thought about his history with Mike Quackenbush. Quackenbush beat him in wXw, CZW, and CHIKARA over a year ago. In the past year, they wrestled in CHIKARA, IWA-MS twice, ACW, and UWA Hardcore and Claudio won all those matches. He wants to know what makes Quackenbush think he can win tonight. He’s not going to give up the chance to wrestle Chris Hero, and says tonight will just be another instance of him defeating Quackenbush.

Mike Quackenbush vs. Claudio Castagnoli

The winner of the match will represent CHIKARA next month in the “King of Europe Cup.” Not only that, but they will get a singles match with Chris Hero next month at “Rey de Voladores.” Quackenbush immediately kicks out Claudio’s legs. He goes for an Achilles Lock. Claudio blocks it and holds onto Quackenbush’s arm. He locks Claudio’s legs and applies pressure to his knees. Claudio tries headbutting his way free but Quackenbush keeps shoving him back down. He does escape and knees Quackenbush twice in the chest. He goes for a Ricola Bomb which Quackenbush armdrags his way out of. He trips Claudio and key locks his legs. Claudio forearms him in the eyes. Quackenbush gives him a spinning toe hold. He puts on a modified cloverleaf until Claudio gets the ropes. Quackenbush rolls up his shoulders into a satellite headscissors that sends Claudio to the floor. He tries a tope con hilo. Claudio ends up catching Quackenbush and powerbombing him back into the ring! That earns him a two count. He puts on a side headlock. Quackenbush breaks it and sunset flips him for two. Claudio gives him an uppercut. He knee lifts Quackenbush and clubs him in the back. He gets two with a Northern Lights suplex. Quackenbush sweeps out his legs. Claudio kicks him away and delivers an uppercut. He lifts Quackenbush into a gut wrench suplex for two. He responds with repeated punches to Claudio’s back and double knees to the chest. He gets popped up into a high speed huracanrana for two. Claudio tries a delayed vertical suplex. Quackenbush knees him in the head and counters into a brainbuster for two. He puts on the Lightning Lock Omega. Claudio gets the ropes. He picks up Claudio, and on the way up Claudio gives him the Alpamare Waterslide. He does it again for a two count. He delivers an uppercut from the second rope. A rolling uppercut has the same result. Quackenbush bulldogs Claudio off the second rope. A Swanton Bomb and a big splash only get him two. Claudio ducks a palm strike and hits Swiss Chin Music. Quackenbush gets up and hits the palm strike. Claudio accidentally knocks Bryce Remsburg down. Quackenbush hits the Quackendriver III. He tries to revive Bryce. Claudio recovers in the mean time. Another Swiss Chin Music and an uppercut lead to a backslide with a bridge, giving Caudio the win at 17:01. Another great match between these two. The ref bump was unnecessary but added a little drama. These two did an amazing job fighting to show just how important a win was to the both of them. It’s a shame this was left off the CHIKARA Best of 2007 compilation. ***1/2

Lince Dorado & Sicodelico Jr. vs. Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F}

Just like last night, F.I.S.T. attack before the bell. They whip the Luchadores into each other and dropkick Sicodelico to the floor. Dorado ducks a double clothesline and huracanrana’s them both. He quesadora armdrags Akuma. Akuma shoves him down, but Dorado catapults into a sunset flip for two. He moonsaults into an armdrag which sends Akuma to the floor. Sicodelico hip tosses Icarus and kicks him in the back of the head. Dorado gives him a back senton. He tries a Lynxsault but Akuma kicks him in the face. Icarus clotheslines Sicodelico to the floor, leaving Dorado to be bullied in the F.I.S.T. corner. Dorado blocks Akuma’s Octopus hold and armdrags him to the corner. Akuma shuts him down with a clothesline. Dorado knocks him with a twisting forearm. Sicodelico slams Icarus and chops Akuma. He and Dorado double hip toss Akuma. Sicodelico drops Dorado onto him and Icarus breaks the pin. Sicodelico blocks Icarus’ Shiranui. It was awkward because Dorado was in the way, then casually moved. Dorado does a 450 splash off of Sicodelico’s shoulders. He victory rolls Akuma for two. Akuma blocks a quesadora with a wheelbarrow facebuster. Dorado hurcanrana’s him off of the top rope. He misses a corkscrew moonsault. Akuma tries capitalizing but Sicodelico breaks his pin. Icarus low blows Sicodelico. He gives him a lung blower into an awkward slow Yoshi Tonic from Akuma for the pin at 9:45. Between that ugly finish and Dorado casually walking away so Icarus could hit a Shiranui, a lot of wind was taken out my sails. There was good action throughout but both of those moments did a lot of damage, especially considering it was the main event. They should have swapped this and the Quackenbush/Claudio match for sure. **


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