Fight Sports Midwest: Chapter 1


Portage, IN – 3.17.2007

Hydra vs. Jeff King

Jeff King talks and acts like an old time wrestler even though he looks like he is maybe 22. King throws Hydra down out of a few lock-ups. Hydra becomes frustrated and asks for a test of strength. King easily wins the battle. Hydra ducks a bear hug and puts on a Kona Clutch. King gives him multiple forearms to the neck. He drops some knees into Hydra’s mid-section. Hydra ducks a knee and rolls King up for two. Hydra blocks the Bear Hug. He dropkicks King to the corner. King hits out of a Vader Bomb. Hydra slams King for two. King misses a crossbody and hits the ropes. Hydra puts on the Hydralock. King backs him to the corner and drives his buttocks into Hydra’s mid-section multiple times. He misses a doubl axe handle and gets rolled up by Hydra for the pin at 5:25. I love the Jeff King character. What happened to him? As expected this wasn’t much of a match but it was fun. *

ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship
Larry Sweeney (Champion) vs. Bryan Alvarez

Larry Sweeney brings out his own referee, Buddy Lee Brooks. He’s a licensed referee for the Tex-Arkana region, or something. He will be keeping an eye out on the floor. Sweeney stalls at the beginning. Alvarez gets on a headscissors. Sweeney turns it into a side headlock. Alvarez shoots him off but gets knocked down with a shoulder block. Sweeney talks some smack, so Alvarez slaps him in the face. He chops Sweeney around ringside and sends him into the guardrails. Sweeney catches Alvarez coming back into the ring with a right hand. Brooks trips Alvarez as he comes off the ropes. He rakes Alvarez’s back and applies a chin lock. He gets two with a butterfly suplex. Brooks stomps on Alvarez on the floor behind referee Bryce Remsburg’s back. Sweeney delivers the Garvin Stomp when Alvarez comes back in. Alvarez pulls down Sweeney’s tights going for a sunset flip. He slams Sweeney but then gets trapped in a bear hug. Alvarez fights his way free. He delivers a flying back elbow and a dropkick. Sweeney delivers a diving forearm to his neck. They go to the top rope. Alvarez shoves Sweeney down. Sweeney knocks Bryce down with a back elbow as he falls. Alvarez hits a Swanton Bomb. Brooks comes in and purposefully slow counts Alvarez. Sweeney swings with the Tex-Arkana title and misses. Alvarez German suplexes Sweeney. Bryce counts Alvarez’s shoulders down just as Brooks counts Sweeney’s shoulders, resulting in a No Contest at 12:43. Sweeney grabs his money and bails with the referee. That was a fun match, especially since a lot of Alvarez’s fans traveled to the show for support and were pretty vocal. For a guy who had been retired for a number of years he did a terrific job. I look forward to the rematch. **1/2

Eddie Kingston vs. Samoa Joe

Kingston jumps Joe during the ring introductions. He chops him in a few different corners and delivers a yakuza kick. Joe blocks a second kick with the STJoe. He snapmares Kingston into the Combination. He enzuigiri’s Kingston in the corner and gives him the facewash kick. Joe puts on a Dragon sleeper. Kingston escapes so Joe drives his elbow into his head. Joe ducks the Backfist. Kingston catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex for one. Joe throws multiple chops and jabs. Kingston throws him down by his hair. He stomps on Joe’s stomach for two. He gets two with a suplex. Kingston fights for a Saito suplex which also gets him two. He hits the Backfist to the Future. He goes for it a second time. Joe ducks, gives him an inverted an atomic drop and a senton for two. Joe throws some Kawada kicks. He swiftly kicks Kingston in the side of the head for two. Both men exchange slaps. Joe ducks a Backfist and hits an enzuigiri. He delivers the Backdrop Driver. Kingston pulls himself up by the ropes. He kicks out of a powerslam. Joe puts on the Coquina Clutch. Kingston taps out at 8:29. That was a lot shorter than I was hoping for, but just as hard hitting as I wanted. Joe’s selling coming and going was pretty annoying, but not annoying enough to deter a large chunk of my personal enjoyment. ***


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