FIP: First Annual Eddie Graham Memorial Battle of the Belts


Crystal River, FL – 3.10.2007

Eddie Graham Memorial Tournament Quarter-Final Round Match
Larry Sweeney vs. Jay Briscoe

Sweeney defeated Colt Cabana to qualify for entry in the tournament, while Jay was automatically entered due to being one-half of the FIP tag team champions. Sweeney backs Jay to the corner, slaps him in the face, and then retreats to the ring apron. Jay backs him to the corner and gives him a punch. Sweeney claims it was a closed fist. Jay blocks a hip toss and delivers one of his own. He snaps off an armdrag and slams Sweeney. Jay punches him to the floor. He forearms Sweeney as he comes back into the ring. Jay gets two with a snap suplex. He dropkicks Sweeney to the floor. Sweeney catches him coming back in with a double axe handle. Jay misses a shoulder tackle in the corner. Sweeney gets two with a butterfly suplex. Same goes for a fist drop. He snaps the top rope into Jay’s eyes. Jay gets whipped to the corner, but comes off the second rope with a Blockbuster. He catches Sweeney with a big boot. He hits a Death Valley Driver for two. Sweeney comes back with a Gourd Buster. Jay kicks out. He clubs Jay’s back before climbing the ropes. Jay crotches Sweeney before he can come down. Sweeney punches Jay to the mat anyways and tries using the ropes for a pin. The referee catches it. He argues with the referee, then turns into the Jay Driller giving Jay the win at 10:11. Fairly non-descript, but there was much less stalling than most of Sweeney’s FIP bouts. **


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