AIW: Forged In Flames


Mentor, OH – 3.9.2007

Worker Ant vs. Hydra vs. Dios Salvador vs. CJ Sensation

Good ol’ Bryce Remsburg is the official for this match. I will never not love Hydra coming out to Brock Lesnar’s theme and doing the Brock jog. Worker Ant coming out to “Parents Just Don’t Understand” also rules. He uses the most random music and I love it. Salvador ducks his clothesline and gets in a few punches. He and Worker Ant each snap off an armdrag. They evade each others’ offense and stand off. Sensation and Hydra tag in. Despite Hydra’s “muscles”, Sensation easily wins a test of strength. He sweeps his legs and misses a splash. Sensation gets in a pair of armdrags and a scoop slam. Hydra responds with a hip toss and an armdrag. He can’t pick up Sensation for a pin. Hydra drops the top rope which sends Sensation to the floor. Worker Ant suicide dives after him. Hydra goes to the top rope. He thinks better of it and tries a crossbody from the apron. Worker Ant and Sensation catch him and Salvador tope con hilo’s onto everybody. He encourages Byrce Remsburg to do a pescado onto everybody! The CHIKARA guys end up in the ring while Sensation and Salvador continue to fight on the floor. Hydra puts on the Hydralock. When Worker Ant tries to escape, Hydra throws him to the mat by his antennae. Worker Ant blocks a chokeslam and hits a Tiger Driver. Sensation breaks the pin. He drops Worker Ant with a Rydeen Bomb. Salvador breaks that pin. He back suplexes Sensation but misses a moonsault. He blocks Sensation’s Shiranui and drops him with the Stroke for the pin at 7:03. Outside of Bryce’s pescado there was nothing special about this. The work was solid but had some very contrived spots. *1/4


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